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Do Your Yoga!

Foutain of Youth

I know…….. the dreaded workout in the 12 disk set of that famous program called P90X.  We hate it…… but we love it.  Most of us encounter this day on Thursday during our workout routine.  Tony Horton says that “Plyo is the Mother of all P90X Workouts”.  I may have to battle him on that thought and say that YogaX beats out Plyometrics.

I remember the first day I put in the Yoga X  dvd thinking I would lay on the floor stretching, relaxing, and listening to the song birds chirp for an hour straight.  I thought I would be taking a break from the strenuous workouts during my first and very rough week of the “X”.   I had a rude awakening when I encountered Downward Dog after Downward Dog after Downward Dog. IT WAS HARD!  I felt that it was a REALLY good workout and actually felt really good afterward.

My only problem with this workout is that it is really long!  I take care of my three girls in the evenings and don’t like to take much more than 1 hour to complete my workout because it takes precious time away from my little ones.  I needed to find another option.

When people expressed concerns about the length and difficulty of Yoga X, Tony responded with the Fountain of Youth DVD in the “One-on-One” series. Why? Simply, because Tony believes that yoga is the single most beneficial exercise a person can do. If you struggle with Yoga X, check out the Fountain of Youth.


I have seen the importance of Yoga and how it has increased my flexibility, stamina, and strength.  I highly recommend that you do not swap out your Yoga workout with another option like Cardio X or KenpoX.  Stick to your Yoga.  If you find it too hard to find the time to complete the whole hour and a half,  consider picking up the first series in the “One on One” dvd’s which contains the Fountain of Youth Yoga.  This Yoga workout is only about 45 minutes long and still gives you a great workout. NAMASTE!