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Hoyt Spyder Bow- Master Anything with Consistency

Hoyt Spyder Bow

Okay… What does this have to do with Team Beachbody?


So I have been thinking all night about this topic and I believe it can relate to SO MANY areas of our life. In order for you to understand I will start by sharing that I am an outdoorsman. I have been camping, hunting, and fishing since probably before I could walk. I remember shooting my first Bow and Arrow and had shot for MANY years with no sights and no finger release (just fingers) I was pretty good at it because I had done it for so long. (Catniss from Hunger Games can relate..)
Anyhow I have been told countless times that I should TRY SIGHTS, TRY A RELEASE that you are more accurate with them. I was COMFORTABLE with what I knew and had done for SO LONG that I always just said, “I’m pretty good without it” ” I’m used to this way” ” I don’t want to throw off my game” so on and so forth.
Anyhow… fast forward to about a month ago our friend Dave invited us to shoot our bows at a 3d target range and we went. I hadn’t shot my bow in about 10 years. I LOVED it. The thing is, I saw guys there shooting AMAZING. I was like DANG, I want to shoot like that. Hmmmmm then I notice they are all using newer bows, sights, AND releases.
My friend Dave Lemons let me shoot his Hoyt Spyder Bow with sights and a release. Honestly…. I accidentally hit the trigger and the arrow flew WAY off and away. I FAILED horribly. It’s okay… I tried again one more time. I took a close shot and didn’t use the peep sight to line up with the glowing sights near my arrow tip and put it right into the ground in front of the target. Some may say , man I suck at this. I’m a failure. But when I want something I will try again and again and again and again until I get it.

We left that day and Dave ended up selling me his bow.  You may have noticed some pictures I have posted over the past two weeks of my shots which were getting a little better over the days. Then, finally 3 days ago I bought a new release ( I had been shooting with fingers still…. YES… willing to try the sights but stuck on using just my fingers) With the release I have shot over 100 times in the past three days. Doing the repetitive SAME shot over and over and over and over and over again. WHY? I want to get good and I realize that getting good takes practice. It’s not an OVERNIGHT thing. So tonight I made a little video to show you what can happen when you practice, practice, and practice some more. ( Even in the FIERCE IDAHO WIND!)

RELATE this to your journey as a coach? Maybe its time to TRY something new. See somebody doing more or better than you are? What are they doing? Have you HONESTLY and WHOLE HEARTEDLY gone out and emulated what they are doing?