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Our team did not achieve the title of Elite 2018.

Today marks the day that ends the year for Elite Recognition inside of our company. If you have been following our journey or if you are a part of our journey and team, you know that we have been the Top Male Led Elite Beachbody team for 6 consecutive years including being ranked the #4 team in the entire company in 2014.

I want to be as honest with you as I can as I share these thoughts with you today.

Over the years I had become selfish and lost in my pursuit for recognition and admiration. I fell into poor habits and decisions over the years that nearly ripped my family apart.

My business was number 1 priority, my hobbies number 2, my family number 3, and God number 4.

Noah got drunk

Jacob Lied

Moses Murdered

Rehab was a prostitute

David had an affair

God still used them,

He can use you too

It was impossible to keep running in that manner and a quote from one of my favorite people rang out as I set goals for 2017.

“It’s impossible to stand upright when one plants his roots in shifting sands of popular opinion and approval.”

I wrote on my goal board at the top.

1. GOD

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I set the goal to read scriptures and pray daily with my wife and kids

I set a goal to read scripture and pray daily by myself

I set a goal to become worthy to enter the Lords house

I set a goal to stand up for what I believe in and speak up

I set a goal to pay a generous tithing

I set a goal to improve our marriage

I set a goal to create leaders and not followers

I set a goal to be an Elite Team

So as I reflect back on this past year I have not FAILED at all.

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🙏🏼For the first time EVER in my life I am truly worthy to enter the Lords house and the holy temples. ( This is where sacred ordinances are held that bind families for eternity) 🙏🏼

💡My relationship with Gabby is more REAL, HONEST, and GENUINE than it has ever been 👫 (This doesn’t mean it’s EASIER) 💡

🙏🏼I have learned to find TRUE inner peace by planting my roots in solid groud, becoming closer to Him, and meditation🙏🏼


The only goal on that list that was not met was to be an Elite team. We are not LISTED as Elite but I SEE THEM as Elite.

Falling short on the business goal this year at first was beginning to hurt my health and cause unneeded stress in my life. A good friend of mine said,

“You can’t win the Super Bowl EVERY YEAR”

It’s true. As we move into 2018 I want to assure you that we are going nowhere but forward. The only way to learn is to fail forward. I am reminded today that you can’t get BETTER if there are not seasons where you lose.

It’s in those seasons that you make the decision to improve and better yourself and those around you.

I’m asking you to join us as we march forward in 2018 with faith. We will be the best team as we work to help others live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

Let’s get a little obsessed in 2018 and as our team name states let’s WAKE UP AND STAND FOR SOMETHING

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