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How to Hit Success Club 5- Team Beachbody Success

How to Hit Success Club 5

Team Beachbody Coach Success Tips

If you are a part of the Team Beachbody Coach community or thinking about becoming a coach you are learning what Success Club is and that it is a vital part of growing a Successful Team Beachbody Business.  Maybe you started because you just want to help people, maybe its because you want to work from home, or maybe its because you can’t help but tell people what worked for you.  These are all reasons that I started as a coach but I specifically remember asking my coach and mentor as I began my journey, ” Tell me what to do and I will do it.”  She told me that I needed to hit Success Club.  That was the day that I decided that I would hit success club every month as a coach.  I didn’t know how it was going to happen with only 224 friends on Facebook and not many close acquaintances or friends in my life at that current time.  The one thing I knew is that I know how to put my head down and go to work without somebody watching over me.  So that is what I did and have now been in Success Club 10 for 45 months in a row.  That was my limit though, its what I set in my mind.  It wasn’t until over a year and a half of building this business that we have that I asked myself this question, ” If I can build this business, I could build my wife a business to a six-figure income as well”  That day I made a choice, and her business has also been in success club 5 for 19 months in a row and grown into a thriving organization of coaches.  In our team culture we have taken Success Club 5 and changed the name to the #3livesclub , this is to help us focus on the “points” of Success Club as LIVES CHANGED.  How many people will we give the tools ( A Beachbody Challenge Pack) to so that they may begin making the changes in their lives that they desire?



So many times it’s hard to relate with somebody who has had great success and much momentum over a long period of time and so what I want to share with you today is how to hit success club 5 and get into the habit of this goal as a monthly marker in your business.  Maybe you have hit it before and fallen into a funk, maybe you hare brand new and just starting, or perhaps you have been a coach for awhile now and have never hit this goal.  This post is for you.  I want to relate to you a story of one of my personally sponsored coaches named Jennifer Columbe.  She has been a coach for 7 months and had struggled to hit success club.  As a matter of fact she has never hit success club in those 7 months until NOW.  In the month of October she has helped 4 people get started on their journey with a Beachbody Challenge pack and is at Success Club 8 or as we would call it She has helped 4 lives!  Because this happened, I talked with her and said “Hey Jennifer, I know many coaches struggle that have never hit success club, will you tell them what changed in you and how you finally hit this goal?”  Instead of just writing a few comments in our team page, she took the time to make a video.   A video sharing what the secret on How to hit Success Club 5.


I want you to watch this video and then make a choice.  If what Jennifer has to say helped you today, please share this with somebody else so that they may discover what they need to do in order to hit their goals this month and for the rest of the year. 

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