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I Self Sabotage- You do as well and it's keeping you from your goals

I Self Sabotage

Hannah Antoniades 

I self sabotage. Have you ever realized that almost every single one of us do this in some way or another.  In the message I will share below, my friend Hannah shares how she self sabotages.  One thing that I have learned with coaching people through their health and fitness as well as their financial goals is that we tend to self Sabotage when we leave our comfort zone. This could be in your health, relationships, and your business.  A great book that can help you is called “The Big Leap”.  With that being said, even though my friend Hannah wasn’t 100% “dialed in” she learned some valuable lessons and has some very real and visible results with her 80 Day Obsession results.

i self sabotage, self sabotage

“I wasn’t actually going to share my after results of 80 Day Obsession. I even procrastinated taking my pictures for 3 weeks (which in hind sight wasnt good as my nutrition hasn’t been great the past 3 weeks!). But, I want that “offing” free tee! I didn’t spend 80 days busting my butt for nothing.

Thing is. My nutrition I’d say was only on plan 60% of the time. Weekends = write off. I don’t know why I self sabotage, but at least I know I do it. I’m looking forward to the 2B Mindset helping me with that Mindset.

I’m still down 7lb from the beginning And I ate in maintainance calories throughout the program as I’m still breast feeding. My core is definitely leaner and I’m starting to get rid of my pancake butt.

This programme though has taught me several things:

1. I CAN commit to and complete a 3 month programme.

2. Self care – definitely didn’t do anywhere near enough of this before, especially since Lyla was born, so I’m on to a winner here.

3. I love variety – I really enjoyed doing 80 different workouts. I didn’t get bored once, which is what usually happens with me and repetitive programmes.

4. I wouldn’t have even got this far without the support of my amazing team and challengers. Being a coach really does help your accountability.

5. I can’t be upset with my results. I didn’t stick with the nutrition so what can I expect? Lol.

6. I must remember how far I’ve come and tell not beat myself up about it. I’m still working out this motherhood thing (I know I’m a slow learner 12 months in).