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My Why For Becoming a Beachbody Coach!|


Why join Beachbody?  Why not?!  I am a family man that works hard to provide for my family.  My beautiful wife and I were married five years ago and had our first daughter about 4-1/2 years ago.  We bought a brand new home when our first daughter was just 4 months old.  We are smart with our money and have a goal to pay off our home by the time that our oldest graduates from high school.  We spoil ourselves once a year and go on a 7 night cruise without the kiddos.  We spend the weekends camping and hanging out with friends.  In order for us to do this, we have had to sacrifice.  I have worked 11-12 hours a day from 5am -5pm for the past 4 years. There was one year I worked just about every Saturday!  My wife works 4-5 nights per week at the Hilton to provide the extra money that goes to our mortgage to pay off our home faster.

I can’t say that I love my 7-4 job, but I don’t mind it.  Ever since I started P90X and Insanity and became involved in the Beachbody Community I have had this passion and desire to help others.  I love fitness and nutrition.  We have talked about me going back to school to be a personal trainer and study nutrition (you should find a job that you truly love if you want to be happy in life!). We came to realize that the career would not cover the expenses that we have!
I first contacted Lindsay Matway about  4-5 months ago about being a coach and kind of  backed away from the idea. I was blown away by her Youtube video but I was scared to commit.  When I want something, I am the kind of person that will excel. It’s in my nature.  I started my fitness group called Staying Fit Family and it blew up!  I realized that I was an amazing coach!  I sat down with my wife and talked about the investments involved to start my own business as a Beachbody Coach.  It was practically free!  I made Lindsay Matway my coach because she was in this for the same reason that I was.  To change peoples lives and pay it forward.  I saw through her example that if you show true concern and love for your customers and friends, the income will come as a bonus.  I could not have found a leader with more passion and love for her job.
I am no professional at fitness and nutrition, nor need you be one to be a coach.  With the right motivation and drive for success I now KNOW that I will be able to pay off our home in 5-8 years with my wife at home.  I have currently cut my working hours with my job back to 8 hours a day and my wife is working only 1-2 nights a week just as a break from the kids and to be out with adults. This is because I made the choice to become a coach with Team Dynasty.  This is WHY I love being part of Team Dynasty!  We, as a family, will be able to spend more time together which is what life is really about.  I love to hear my 2 year old ask me with a smile before bed on Friday night, “Daddy not working tommoyo!!?!???”
I want to change peoples lives one at a time. I know that if I help people become more healthy and give them the desire to help others, I will  really NEVER know how many peoples’ lives will have been changed in the long run.  I post motivational things and I MAY never know how many people are reading them and making changes in their lives.  Nothing brings me more joy then to see the attitude change of somebody that is transforming their lives, their bodies, their attitude, and helping others.  I am with Team Dynasty because I love to surround myself with people who have a great positive attitude about life.  I tell my customers you don’t need an amazing transformation to be a coach.  All you must have is a desire and drive to succeed which comes from showing true love and concern for others. This is my why!  What is your why?