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2019 Beachbody Challenge Winner Chris Pandolfo |

I learned an important life lesson last night and I want to share it with you. It’s been hard to come up with words because it’s almost indescribable. 

All through life we work hard and fight to accomplish things. We work hard in school. In sports we train to WIN. We fight our way up the Corporate ladder to get to the top. They are all good things.

But the FEELING last night when I heard the name Christopher Pandolfo in the stadium of 22,000 people brought me a feeling that I have never experienced at that level before. 

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It’s not the 3X champion, the arrival at CEO, the highest rank in your company, or the Superbowl win that makes the most positive emotional impact. 

It’s when people come together. 

Helping others; it’s a fundamental part of humanity, bonding together and helping a fellow man or woman. In times of tragedy, the stories of those who help others are inspiring, such as helping the nation recover from national disasters and terrorist attacks.

That is what this team Dynasty Strong and our entire company at Team Beachbody have done for Chris. 

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Dynasty Strong TEAM celebrating WIN!

I believe that’s what has caused this overwhelming joy in my SOUL. We took a Tragedy and we came together and helped another human being in a time of need. 

My friend reading this post. The number one need that most want in life is to feel like what they are doing matters and makes a difference. We have a mission to end the trend of obesity and to help others live a healthier more fulfulling life and this is an invitation to YOU to join our community. 

One decision my friend. 

2019 beachbody challenge winner, beachbody challenge 2019

It’s not about YOU but what YOU can do for others that will give you the FIRE in your soul. Send me message OR comment with “I’m IN” and we’ll talk about your goals. Then, when the timing is right for YOU. I’ll teach you everything I know.

2019 beachbody challenge, beachbody challenge 2019, beachbody challenge winner
beachbody challenge, beachbody challenge winner, beachbody challenge 2019


Hayley Pandolfo Scottie, I’m struggling to know how to thank you and Gabby for all you’ve done for our family. 

When Chris first contacted you I thought he had found a new ‘thing’ that would cost us money and time but ultimately come to nothing.

How completely wrong I was!

You’re part of our lives now. You helped Chris through health, emotional and even spiritual struggles to where he is today. Your friendship, time, love and support has saved this family. 

I could send my thanks to you both privately but I wanted people to know how thankful I am to you, and how a quick email, sent in desperation for help (like Chris sent to you) could transform their life. And then through them, continue to transform others.

Chris did find a ‘thing’ when he found you. But it turned out to be the best, most important, thing in his life. Beachbody is amazing!!!!😁😁😁😆😆😆

Shaelee Allen Phillips What an amazing feeling it is being apart of this community with you all! We all cried when he won this award! We were all cheering him on and going through this journey together. There are so many people in this world, but sometimes it can feel so lonely. I love knowing we don’t have to go through our struggles alone! 💗💗

Lewis Turner Congrats again Chris. I’m so happy for you. 

It’s so cool being on a winning team but the truth is we all get wins everyday. I’m learning to recognize them and appreciate them. Chris had thousands of small wins that got him to the final goal. 

Thank you Chris for igniting a fire in me to help empower others to overcome their self limiting beliefs. 

Stop saying, “I’m just and start saying I AM!”

Yolanda Mayo Being a Member of this Team has been incredibly life changing for Me. I knew I had to be in the audience for that moment. Seeing the name Christopher Pandolfo light up on that stage was also Fuel for My Soul. I literally was cheering for my Brother because that’s what this community makes us feel like. Family. Dynasty Strong ❤️

Erin Shue So so proud of Chris! 

This company not just changed my life but saved my life. I went from a mom who was having chest pains getting up from a table to being able to play soccer with my kids without stopping to catch my breath! 

The community, support and friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime! 💙

Alison April I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw Chris’s name, seeing him work for this and it come to fruition was amazing. Anytime I see someone progressing on their journey it brings me joy. This is what coaching is about. Offering people a chance to change their lives is the most fulfilling opportunity and I’m so grateful to be a part of and witness to it💖

Brian Bartlett I’m over joyed and so proud of my friend Chris. His story is what inspired me to reach out to Scottie and begin my very own journey. Seeing Chris win was a win for every one on this team because we are a family. We weren’t able to attend this year for personal reason but I was streaming the ceremony, watching the post that were shared. Even thought we weren’t there I wanted to support in any way I could. That is what this team has done for me! It’s not just a transformation on the outside that we are all going through together, it’s a transformation of the inside. We are all becoming the people we were meant to be heart body mind and soul. I truly love this team!

Michael M. Robinette I thought that i would never feel as successful as when I lost my weight during my own transformation. HOWEVER, I was wrong … it doesn’t hold a light to the feeling of helping someone else attain that same success! 

Well done Scottie Hobbs for having his back. i can tell having been through it myself, the encouragement and accountability are key.

Brynne Scott Angelle This is what it’s all about!! We are all just every day people coming together and rallying for one another so that each of us can understand our worth/ our value/ our gifts so that we can soar and truly feel and experience what it means to live our best life! There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible this community is and what it’s like to help others achieve success. I’ve known both Scottie and Chris for a short time but they have both left an imprint on my heart for which I am eternally grateful for… family/everything. Dynasty Strong 💪

Kim Idol I just wanted to say again, how proud I am of everything I experienced at Summit. It made everything REAL!  Christopher Pandolfo was simply amazing and was an example to all of how to relentlessly pursue and achieve a goal, how to have a clear WHY and absolutely crush out a win of a lifetime!  Scottie Hobbs, you are my hero brother! Every breath you take releases life into others, and it is that quality that I most want to emulate! This TEAM that showed up for us in INDY—there is not one selfish soul among them—and I’m telling you, I can’t imagine a greater thrill than what I experienced in each and every person I met. I went to Summit with zero expectations or presuppositions. I went to simply absorb and experience everything I possibly could, and I found it overwhelmingly wonderful! To simply watch and experience all that unfold in real time…Dude, I cried with joy for Chris’s win and his speech. I’ve felt many of the same things he expressed publicly. When we shared our stories with each other on Opening Night in the hotel lobby, I felt what each person was saying…and what I realized was this: what we do, we do because of our love for mankind—love for our neighbors. We are here to serve, to lift up, to encourage, and to expand God’s loving reach into the world. God bless each and every person, now it is to each of us to go out and change the world!  #familyovereverything#dynastystrong