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4 Lessons on Building a Business |

“I would be a coach but I don’t want to sale or recruit.” If you don’t want to sale something or recruit than honestly building a business as a coach might not be the best option for you. The idea of building any business can just go out the door. I’m going to share 4 Lessons on Building a Business with you.

In order to build a business you need people by your side on the mission. This really sunk in with me today when I received a text from one of my top 5 friends CJ Ward. He was passing through Idaho Falls on his way to Spokane to sale his product from a booth. I went to the gas station to give him a hug, say hi, and we snagged this picture.

He told me he recruited some local people from Spokane online through social media and referrals to sale with him and earn commissions. His company is projected to make $1,000 a day profit while out in Spokane.

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There’s a couple lessons here:

1.) In order to get his product which is incredible into the hands of the people he needs to talk to people and sale it. If he wants more product in the hands of people, he needs to recruit people to help him talk to others and you guessed it… SALE IT.

2.) He’s an example of great leadership. He could of shipped the materials out there and told them what to do. However he’s taking the 10+ hour drive out there to be in the trenches with them.

3.) If you have been around CJ he has great LOVE and enthusiasm for his product. Any time I am with him, he is chatting with a person in a gondola, at a cash register, or where ever about his product and he gives them a sample. Heck we were even playing Warzone together the other night and we had two random guys on our squad. They were from Washington and CJ let them know he would be out there selling his product to come out and say hi.

4. Last message is about relationships. Cj is also the husband of one of our top leaders and most faithful Beachbody coaches Kiera Elise Ward. If you want to build a solid business and a team, Relationships are the GLUE that hold a business together.

Lastly, I don’t shout this guy out enough and forgive me if I have the numbers wrong but this guy went and pitched his company to Walmart and he will be put in 3,000 stores across the USA. I’m proud of you brother.

If you want to join our team and help build this SUPERSTAR Team you can JOIN with this LINK and then I will text you once you have officially joined.

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