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80 Day Obsession for Men- Stronger, Leaner, and Healthier at age 36

80 Day Obsession for Men?

This week as I enter into phase 2 of the 80 Day Obsession I have been asked a couple questions so I want to address them with you and share my thoughts of this 4th week of the program.  I will also share with you my before/after progress photos from weeks 1-4 ( the first phase) as well as the measurements. I also have some of our test group challengers who are willing to share their progress as well! The first question I got was, “Is 80 Day Obsession for Men?” and the second question was, “Can I do this program if I don’t have much time due to family and work?” I love both of these questions and for that reason I will share with you my thoughts.  I want to also help you understand which workouts you will do in this week of the program by sharing the 80 Day Obsession Calendar for Phase 2 with you.


A little update from some of our challengers in our current test group!

PHASE 1 PROGRESS ( one month) 

Kassandra Nolasco says, “Before I was against this program. I don’t know why I guess the results looked too good to be true. I Thank God for my husband, he says I pushed him but in reality, he pushed me. In September 2017 I was going to the gym and in December 2017 I decided to use shakeology and 21-day fix. I’ve lost a total of 17lbs. I can’t wait for my results in 80-day obsession. Before/ after photos are coming soon. Scottie, Thank you so much!”

80 day obsession phase 1 results

80 day obsession test group results , 80 day obsession, timed nutrition

Marc Roy Lost 12 Lbs in phase 1. I seriously considered NOT doing this program. It looked like a girls peogram more than anything.

However, I’m loving this program. I feel great. I’m excited. I’m feeding my body all day long..

I’m feeling great mentally as well.. not just physically. I am so happy I said YES to this program

80 day obsession for men, 80 day obsession, males challenge group, men challenge group

Melodie Ryan I was not 100% excited for this program but decided to give it a shot. In the 1st phase I lost 10 inches and 2 pounds) I was shocked to see 2.5 inches off my waist gone!! This is the 1st time I have been 100% with nutrition in any program. I love all the choices for food and love the daily challenge.

80 day obsession, 80 day program, timed nutrition

80 day obsession, autumn calabrese 80 day, 80 day , timed nutrition

Anne Hall I wasn’t sure what to expect but was excited about the program and decided to go for it 100% as I LOVE a challenge. In Phase 1 I have lost around 2 inches off my waist and a total of 8 inches elsewhere and around 8 lbs in weight. I LOVE that I’m pushing myself and seeing great results from my efforts. I’m EXCITED to see my results after Phase 2

80 day obsession, 80 day program, timed nutrition,

Krystle Lester with her phase 1 results!80 day obsession, timed nutrition, beachbody challenge group

Nicole Stephenson is ROCKING her results and shows up every day in our challenge group!

80 day obsession, timed nutrition


Phase 2 Week 1

This week you will have the experience of putting the strength you learned in the first few weeks and put them into compound movements.  Wednesday and Friday were the hardest days for me and I felt like I was in the first week of a new program.  What does this mean? This means that we are being challenged by this program which will help you avoid plateaus and cause you to continue growing in your strength and endurance.  What you can expect in Phase 2 and Week 1 or Day 27-31 are workouts on Monday through Saturday with a Self-care/Rest day on Sunday.

80 day obsession phase 2 calendar, phase 2 80 day obsession

Monday- Day 27: Booty

Tuesday- Day 28: Cardio Core

Wednesday- Day 29: Total Body Core

Thursday- Day 30: Legs

Friday- Day 31: AAA

Saturday- Day 32: Cardio Flow

On Sunday you will have a REST/SELF CARE day so make sure that you take note of that and if you are counting the days like I am, there is not a day counted for the rest and self care days.

Also take note that you will have your first RE-FEED DAY on Wednesday Day 35 of the program.  If you check your meal plan you will see options for your refeed ideas.  Also since I am a part of the 80 Day Obsession Test group run by Autumn Calabrese herself, she has shared an updated REFEED DAY menu that I will share with you below.

80 day obsession refer meals, refeed meal ideas, refeed meals 80 day obsession

On Thursday I went in as per Autumn’s advice to have a 90 minute sports medicine/deep tissue massage and had some very tight muscles.  If you go to get a massage make sure that you drink plenty of water to help your muscles heal and repair but also to flush the toxins that are released through massage therapy.  I found myself getting a little tired this past week so for my “self love” I ended up taking a nap almost every single day of this week to help me recover.  Each day of the week, right after my workout, I shared some thoughts about each day on my Facebook or Instagram Live and then uploaded them to Youtube with a time-lapse of the moves from the day to give you an idea of what these programs look like.

Question 1; Is 80 Day Obsession for Men?  Let me be honest with you, prior to the launch of this program, I earned an 80 Day Obsession tank top as a Coach for Team Beachbody.  I got the email saying I earned the reward and I was like, “dude, I am not going to do that girly program.”  So I gave them my wife’s size and got the shirt for her.  As the program was nearing the launch and I was given the opportunity to be in the 80 Day Obsession Test group as a coach for the company and to have the one on one accountability. and coaching of Autumn Calabrese, I couldn’t resist jumping in.  Within one week I was SOLD that this program would change the way that I looked at food, nutrition, and challenging my body in every single way.  I have lost 8 lbs, built strength, lost inches on waist, gained inches in chest, arms, and legs and we are only 30 days into the 80 day program.  So is 80 Day Obsession for men?  Absolutely.  I actually DARE you to try the program with me if you think you are fit and strong already.  APPLY FOR NEXT GROUP

Question 2:  I have had a lot of concerns about 80 Day Obsession not being a 25-30 minute program like many of the others such as 21 Day Fix, T25, and so forth.  The majority of these workouts on this program range from 45-60 minutes with non of them going beyond 60 minutes.  I get it, I felt the same way.  I don’t have time.  Then I thought back to when I started P90X back in 2010 while working a 12 hour day, having three little girls to watch on my own while my wife worked nights, and trying to build a side business on top of that helping people with health and fitness.  Somehow, because I wanted it bad enough, I found time to do those 60-90 minute long workouts.  If you say you don’t have time it’s an EXCUSE.  For me in 2018, it meant I had to rid myself of that excuse and make the decision to get up an hour and fifteen minutes earlier EVERY single day.  Guess what, it’s made me a better and more patient dad and husband getting that workout DONE before waking the kids for school.  It’s a WIN WIN.  Here’s another thought for you.  If you are looking at time as a problem…. If you have a problem that can be solved with an action, you don’t have a problem. 

My Current Progress after Phase 1 of the 80 Day Obsession

80 day obsession for men, males 80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results

80 day obession for men results after phase 1, 80 day obsession results males, men 80 day obsession results

80 day obsession for men, 80 day obsession males, males 80 day obsession

We are starting our second test group and I am looking for YOU, but here’s the catch.  You MUST be ready to start your journey and do your BEST.  If staying healthy has been a problem for you in the past or having the ability to stay committed to something remember that there is a solution. If you have a problem that can be solved with an action, you don’t have a problem.  

It’s TIME to ACT now.