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Is 80 Day Obsession for Men?

80 day obsession for me, 80 day obsession men, 80 day obsession males

Is 80 Day Obsession for Men?  It’s a question I have been getting many times over the past month as we got ready to launch the hottest new program on Beachbody on Demand. If your not on BOD yet, what’s up bro!?!?!?  It’s the best thing out there for top of the line trainers and the best meal plans.  I didn’t really have a concrete and solid answer for is 80 Day Obsession for men until this past week when I actually went all in with the test group led by Autumn Calabrese herself.  I mean, “sliders”, “bands”, a female trainer?  How am I going to get ripped doing that?  So if you have been feeling that, know that you are not alone. To be honest with you, I have been a little stubborn over the past 7 years of doing Beachbody programs in the sense that I have never 100% followed a meal plan.  I crush my workouts, challenge myself, and eat “pretty clean”.  This time around I know that I need a challenge in my life so I am taking this one as the CHALLENGE.

80 day obsession meal plan, meal plan 80 day obsession

After using the calculator in the meal plan that you access through your BOD, I discovered that I am on Plan B.  I downloaded the food list and the meal plan.  I messed up a few times the first week but feel a real solid grasp on this whole timed-nutrition plan.  Do you want to know what happened to me in the first 7 days of following these workouts 100%?  I went from 168 lbs to 161 lbs.  I just messaged Autumn to ask her what I should do so that I don’t drop below 160 and so that I can get up to around 170 and super lean and muscular.

80 day obsession meal plan, meal plan 80 day obsession, male 80 day obsession, 80 day obsession men

80 day obsession meal plan, meal plan 80 day obsession

As far as the workouts I have gotten used to the idea of 25-30 minute workouts for the past 5 years since 21 Day Fix came out and so it took a mental shift of being ready for and willing to face the challenge of longer workouts.  The first 7 days workouts were Total Body Core, Booty, Cardio, AAA, Legs, Cardio Flow, and then Flow and Release ( MUCH needed). For the most part the workouts were right at the 60 minute mark but because each workout is unique and new to me, I felt that they went much faster.  One thing that I am doing to help you understand if this will be a program that will work for you is a daily VLOG of my thoughts, shortcomings, failures, successes, and experiences to help inspire you to push forward to get a little more obsessed about positive changes in your life.