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A Different Before/After Photo to inspire you on your journey.

A Different Before/After Photo

Here’s a before/after photo that is different than you are probably used to seeing. The left photo is my BEFORE photo about a year and a half ago when I was 185 lbs. The picture on the right was me about 10 minutes ago at 155 lbs.

Fathers…. imagine not being able to lift your daughter up and give her a hug.

Imagine walking into your daughters school to see her presentation and you have to walk past EVERYONE holding NOTHING while your wife carries an oversized laundry basket of materials


Imagine being in the hallway at church with a screaming baby on the floor throwing a fit and you can’t pick or even lift them to their feet.

That is me right now.

You see with social media these days and even television of the past, we see only the highlight reel of somebody’s life. We see what’s happening on stage but not really what is happening behind the stage.

I’m writing these feeling not so that you feel bad for me or for yourself but that you realize that we are all human. About 1-1/2 years ago I got a small tear in my right bicep tendon that was never able to heal because I was always carrying around my baby Malik. Because it progressively got worse, I overcompensated in using my left arm and the same thing happened to that arm. I developed what is called Tendinopathy which is a “Disease of the tendon” in both my arms.

I can no longer lift my children
I can’t pour a gallon of milk into my child’s cereal bowl
I can’t put my baby into a car seat
I can’t really massage my wife’s feet
I can’t work out
I can’t help my wife throw things into the truck while she is organizing
The list goes on.

I’m limited right now to lifting no more than a dinner plate and the past two weeks it was no more than a toothbrush.

I have realized I am indeed an “emotional eater” which I never realized. I have eaten treats everyday since my procedure called PRP just over 2 -1/2 weeks ago.

I am putting this out there as accountability and to let you know you are not alone. I feel blessed that this is our only health issue in the family as there are FAR WORSE things that could be going on. I am declaring that I will FIND the way to heal properly and with the time needed but that I will also overcome my desire to cope with eating treats daily.

I look forward to the day I can lift my daughters up and dance in the living room again.