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Be Happy- Advice on Finding Happiness

Be Happy


I think it’s important that you take the 2 minutes to read this entire message that I feel compelled to share with you today
What did you do GOOD or RIGHT today? I want you to take a moment and think how often you keep track of every little thing that you did wrong. I misplaced my keys, I was late for work, I skipped my workout, I forgot the phone call, I made him angry, I forgot to take out the trash and so on. We can blame ourselves for these small things all day long and for the most part we do. Now, I want you to think about how often you give yourself CREDIT for doing something right? If you are like most people, this is very rare.

I have something for you. If you want to be HAPPIER. Stop being so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes, nobody is perfect. Heck, I slept through TWO alarms without hearing them and woke up TWO hours late yesterday and Sunday I got really upset and snapped at Mila while on our family vacation to the cabin. One of the most important things that I have learned in the past 4 years with my journey as a Team Beachbody Coach is to love myself and realize that life is about becoming a little better every single day. I don’t think most people understand the price that they are paying for extensive focus on the negative. This focus brings negativity, worry, stress, and an uptight, self-defeating, and rigid experience in life. Remember this saying, ” Men are that they might have JOY”! Focusing on the negative brings exact opposite feelings into your life.

I challenge you to embrace the fat that life is full of mistakes. There is simply too much to do and attend to avoid mistakes and do everything perfectly. I want you to GIVE YOURSELF a break and allow for imperfections. Honestly if everything was perfect about us wouldn’t that be BORING?

Remember that negative focus will definitely generate negative energy in your life and I fully believe that negative energy feeds negative behaviors. You will always get what you focus on in life so ask yourself, Do I want to attract GOOD or NEGATIVE into my life today.

When you focus on how Bad Ass you are for being an imperfect human, it brings the focus back to the good in yourself. Focusing on what you do right and good in this life will make LIFE more fun. It makes you less serious and rigid and will help you feel alot less pressured as if somebody is recording or judging your efforts. What I want you to do today is something that I do every morning. My #1 positive affirmation that I say to myself every morning before I start my day is “I AM AN AMAZING PERSON” Do the best you can in all aspects and areas of your life and then let go of it. No matter how hard you try, you will still make mistakes. Put more attention on your strengths than on your weaknesses and you will start having MORE FUN than you ever thought possible with this journey called life !

become a beachbody coach

How I have discovered Happiness in my life

““Success is not a rank nor your income. Success is knowing your purpose, growing daily, planting seeds of growth in others, believing in yourself, and finding joy and fulfillment in your daily activity.” – Scottie Hobbs Elite Top 10 Quote