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Being a Dad is the BEST!

Well if you are not friends with us or following us on Facebook then you might not yet know the big news in the Hobbs family!  We are expecting child number 5 in Mid-August and couldn’t be more excited about the blessings that God is bringing into our lives.  Being a stay-at-home-Dad has been the best experience I have had in life and can’t believe that I will be able to be fully present in my new child’s life from the day he/she is born.  I have been in Papi’s life 100% and he is growing into such a loving and caring young boy.  Many of you may be struggling with not seeing your children enough and if this is you, I want you to know that I have a better way for you.  A way for you to grow as a person and truly make a difference in the life of others.


People hurry about their daily lives staying busy with a million things and many times it’s easy to overlook that which matters the most. Love is the human purpose. Certainly we must all work to pay our bills and study to pas our exams. All of these things we are doing in order to survive, but love is what we truly survive for.
Here are some important questions to ask yourself each day or on a weekly basis to make sure that you are staying on course:
1.What’s important to you?
2.What matters most?
3.How are you spending your ONE short life?
4. When your time is done, who do you want to remember you?
5. How do you want to be remembered?
6. If your life were over tomorrow, what would be left undone? Unsaid?
7 What is life really all about?