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Best Beachbody Coaches in 2022 |

So what makes the best Beachbody coaches in 2022? It’s not who gets the most views, it’s not who’s going viral, it’s not who has the best SEO. All of those things can’t really be duplicated in a business on a massive scale. The Best Beachbody Coaches in 2022 are the ones who are truly in line with the mission of helping others live a healthier more fulfilling life and those that stay true to their word and can be counted on. I have been here for 12 years, still setting goals, still helping people, and Crystal has been here for 10 years. Being a Coach is much more than slinging shakes and workout plans. To be honest it’s REALLY hard to explain until somebody actually dives into the workouts, meal plans, community, and helping others.

This is my friend Crystal Smith who’s an LDS wife and mom of 4 who found the program Insanity and it really made a shift in her life.

“I remember 10 years ago I was 2 months postpartum and just had foot surgery.

I was use to moving my body but was stuck in a cast and couldn’t do much for 6 weeks.

I remember shortly after I slipped into postpartum depression. Adam was gone with school and working. I wasn’t taking care of myself like I was use to. I felt it and I felt it deep.

I remember spending most nights crying myself to sleep. I remember feeling like crap. None of my clothes fit. I felt alone, unhealthy all over and I struggled.

Adam suggested I do insanity. I thought he was crazy but I also liked the idea bc I NEEDED SOMETHING bc what I was doing was not working for me.

I started insanity and it was hard. I felt out of shape for weeks. But I noticed I mentally and emotionally started feeling better. I grasp onto that tightly! I needed more so I push MORE.


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I know having a plan, taking action and then sticking with your word can change your world for the better. I know this bc I’ve done it in my own life!”

I love this post that she shared the other day.

“Yesterday I was laying the hammock while Rome napped writing my talk for church on Sunday. I realized how much growth I’ve had within myself over the past 8 years.

I use to hate public speaking and would rather crawl in a hole. The crowd doesn’t really make me nervous anymore. But now I am just nervous to be speaking with Adam on the same day bc he’s such a good speaker.

I made it a goal years ago to force myself to speak. I would volunteer to speak at work events, work calls, church callings and when ever someone needed a person to speak in public. I soon began to enjoy it. I began to see the power it gave me in sharing my story with others. It built that confidence to not fear speaking to people in large groups. We have to do the steps in order to get the results.”

Our team mission is Empowering others to continually develop into their fullest potential and Crystal, it’s awesome to see the growth you have had as a part of this incredible team.

If you want to join our team and help build this SUPERSTAR Team you can JOIN with this LINK and then I will text you once you have officially joined.

If you have QUESTIONS first please APPLY with the FORM HERE and then I will reach out to you.