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Business Success Story | Top Beachbody Coaches |

“It’s crazy how one small change in your daily routine can completely alter the rest of your life.” Each week I bring an amazing business success story to our team training calls to tell their story and teach us best practices. This week we will learn from @natasha_nayduch . She shared with me, “6 years ago I was a struggling mom to a toddler, wife, and school counselor. Being healthy was laughable to me because I was honestly just trying to make it through the day without crying, screaming, or swearing, especially not all 3 at once.

I felt exhausted, I couldn’t keep up with my toddler, and life in general. I lacked self confidence and genuine happiness. I didn’t feel sexy for my husband and our relationship was mostly me complaining about how much I hated my career. I was burnt out after 10 years of school counseling, but felt stuck. I needed a change, but I didn’t know where to start. It took my high cholesterol results from my annual bloodwork to finally give me the kick in the ass I needed to change.

So I started an in-home fitness program that I was highly skeptical would get me any results and 6 years later my life has completely changed. The physical results led to emotional results that led me to this coaching business. This coaching business brought me the passion I was missing as a school counselor and it taught me to not settle in my career, in my relationships, or in any aspect of my life.

I am FREE to be myself, work for myself, and pay myself what I’m worth (instead of what a school district deemed I was). I am more confident than ever, I’m genuinely happy, my time is MINE and I never miss a moment in my now 8 year old daughter’s life. I’m surrounded daily by the best humans on earth.This business is not something I was searching for, but I’ll be forever thankful that it found me and that I took the chance to step into the life I deserved to live.”

Business Success Story 
become a coach

I want to share some Best Business practices and lessons that I have learned that I can pass on to YOU.

Who else is READY for a bad ass vacation?

It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

Often times in life we see somebody achieve something cool or awesome in life and then assume that they are lucky or have “connections”.  

I see it in my life of entrepreneurship as well as a simple example with this Flowrider on the Oasis of the Seas on a free company reward trip we earned with our friends. 

Hey n this particular day near the last day of the cruise, my friend @joshhult and I were hand picked to be in the “Best of the Best” contest where 8 guys were picked to compete in a show and judged by the audience.  

I heard things like “Man, you’re a natural!” “I wish I was that good” 

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Here’s the thing. Josh and I spent nearly every hour the rider was open to practice and get better. Each run took a 45 minute wait in a line for 30 seconds of riding. We asked the instructors how to do new things when we mastered the basics.  We fell a total of 100 times over 5 days. We never settled with just being able to stay up and balance.  

We watched people better than us and were inspired to try new tricks rather than to be jealous. 

This was one of our practice runs today and I can’t lie…. I’m a little sore. 

Practice, fail, practice, fall, adjust, try, practice, fail…. And try again. 

The expert at something was once a beginner.

If you’re working on building a business remember this philosophy and this mindset and be willing to put it in the practice. 

In a couple years from now people will look at you and start that same conversation “ you’re a natural” , “you’re so lucky”

You’ll then be able to look at them and show them the hard work that you put in and perhaps inspire them to do the same for their life.