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Change your Brain

Just one month ago Gabby and I were in the UK visiting Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, Stonehenge, and London and for the first time we saw what is called a Black Taxi or Black Cab. This message will teach you how you can change your brain and the way you think.

Although we never rode in one, we did have the opportunity to be driven around the city by Karl (you are about to be complimented on the enormous size of your HIPPOCAMPA) 😂 This made me think about a concept that I have been working on in my own success and happiness. A decision to change the direction of my life and an open invitation to YOU should you desire more happiness in your own life. 🙏🏻

change your brain, black cab, black taxi

There is something interesting about Cab drivers specifically working in London. Scientist have found something unimaginable while studying the brains of these specific drivers. ( can you really change your brain though?)

The brains of the drivers in London had a significantly LARGER Hippocampi than the normal human. (The brain structure devoted to spatial memory)

So it got me thinking.
WHY would this happen to them?

It turns out that after speaking with a London Cab driver it was explained that the streets of London are not designed and based on a grid system like we see in NYC. Because the city is NOT designed on a easy to navigate grid system, navigating London is like navigating a overly complex maze and THIS requires that the Cab driver has an expansive internal Spatial Map.

So you may be thinking, who cares. How does that APPLY to me?

So many people believe including myself at times that we are “WIRED” a certain way and that we can not change.😱

We believe that our GENES have made us the way that we are and we we are unlucky. That we are depressed. That we are sad. That we are not good enough. That we have poor discipline. ( The list can go on and on)

After hearing this story about Cabbies in London we would have to argue:

One of my favorite Authors, Shawn Anchor shares with us this argument.

OPTION 1: Some people’s genes from birth, develop a larger hippocampa because they know that they will one day grow up to be taxi drivers in LONDON


OPTION 2: The Hippocamp can expand and increase in size as a RESULT of many hours of practice driving a taxi cab in maze like surroundings.

It’s only obvious what answer is. You can change and re-wire your brain with practice.

Today I want YOU to think about something you want to CHANGE about yourself. Write it down. Set a goal. Then work daily on expanding your knowledge and understanding about that area of your life that you want to change.

What you focus on will grow and expand in your life