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Craig Holiday / 90 Days of Excellence / Relational Marketing

90 Days of Excellence / Relational Marketing


This call done by Craig Holiday is to show you 16 points why this business is the finest business in the country.   After listening to this call you will understand the power of what we do and that NOTHING can takes its place.  You will KNOW that you are in the finest business and the finest company in the country.

1.)  Network Marketing creates a level playing field –  You don’t have to show a resume or experience to get started in this business.  You just need to know what you want and when you want it.  Everybody starts at the same place.  We all start at ground zero.  It doesn’t matter when you get in or who you know.  Nobody gets a special deal.  All that matters is do you want to build a dream, do you want to build a business?  You can build as big a business and income that you want to build.  Most businesses out there you have to have the right product, the right location, and so many other things.  Not here.


90 Days to Diamond

2.)    Little investment to start –  9 out of 10 people want to start their own business but are afraid to start because they fear  failure and don’t have the money to start one.   What do they do?  They get sad, give up, turn around and go back to work for the next 30 years building someone else’s dream.  This is not a big  financial investment, it is an investment of your life, your time, and your dream.  I love when Craig uses the example of someone saying, “ I don’t have $39.95 to start this business.”  Craig tells him,  “If you’ve been working that job for 20 years and you don’t have $40 to start this business, then you BETTER GET STARTED!”  You can get a challenge pack for $160 that includes a workout, Shakeology, and your coach sign up fee is waived.

3.)    It depends on YOU –  You decide what you want.  I’m like Craig and decided the day that I joined that I’m going to build a multi-million dollar business.  I’m going out to find people just like me and it starts with ME sharing my dream with people.  You have to own your life and own your business.  You don’t work for Beachbody you are the CEO of your own company.  You decide how big you want to grow it.  A year from now if you look back, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your business by the decisions you have made

4.)    Mentor-ship program –   Whether or not you know this or not, your sponsor and up-line wants you to succeed more than anyone else in your life!  There are no competitors in this business only teammates.  You go to your sponsor or up-line coaches and say, “Tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.”  They are not going to give you false information and make you wander around like Moses for 40 years trying to figure it out.

5.)    Seniority means nothing –   There are people that sign up today as a coach that will beat a lot of leaders to 15 star diamond.  If you are a coach already and waiting for permission to succeed, You have it.  You have permission to succeed to whatever level you want.  You don’t have to wait for anyone.  Decide how big a piece of this pie do you want,  what do you want, and when do you want it.

6.)    You choose the level of success and income you desire-  There is no resume to fill out and no boss.  If you want a raise, then go get it.  There is no reason you can’t double your income in the next 90 days.

7.)    Part time, less risk – When you start a regular business, it is a full time job.   You invest money and  get loans.  In this business you don’t invest 100% of your time.  You invest quality time.  9 out of 10 people want to start their own companies but are afraid to fail and invest the money.  If you want to succeed in Beachbody all you need to do is bet on yourself. We have the best mission statement and we are in the best industry out there.  Ending the trend of obesity.

8.)    Residual Income –  In a normal job you trade time for money.  Not in this business.  You have residual income.  You invest time for freedom.  If you build your business to $50,000 in the first year you don’t start again at $0 the next year.  That income is established.  You are in a place that makes money while you sleep because you have people in your down line who are awake building their dream.  They are not doing it for you, they are doing it for themselves.  This business is built in the hearts and minds of people.  It is powerful.  You are creating a job you could literally walk away from if you wanted to and it would continue to grow.  We don’t though because this job to most of us is our passion, it’s our sweet spot.

9.)    Exponential Growth –  You put in 10 hours of work in a week and 10 other people in your down line put in 10 hours of work that week and all of a sudden there is 100 hours in your business.  That is what takes your business from 500 coaches in 1 year to 5,000 in 2 years.  If you want to add more hours into your business all you do is add another person with a dream and goals.

10.) Pick your Team –  You get to pick who you work with. Imagine if you got to pick your own team in the NBA, you pick Lebron, Coby, Jordan, or anyone you want.  This is how your business is, you pick who you want on your team.  You will turn people down because you know you can’t work with them or they may lack integrity to represent what Beachbody is about.  If you find 30 players with heart and a dream you WILL build yourself a multi-million dollar business.


11.) Building a Business for the Next Generation –  Most business owners would not like their children to carry on their business because it is too much work.  Our children are a part of THIS business.  We are building significance in our familys’ lives by being home with them.  In this business, if something were to happen to you, your business doesn’t stop.  It keeps growing.  In fact it will probably grow even more because your team wants to help you and your family out.

12.) Based on Effort –  You work and you are rewarded.  There is no politics in this business.  You don’t have to figure out who you need to get to know to move up.  It depends on you.  You set up a plan to move forward.  You need to believe in yourself and get out of the stands or off the sidelines and get in the game.

13.)   The Larger the Business gets the less effort you have to put in –  You are building something you could literally walk away from if you wanted to.  Most of us don’t though because this is our sweet spot in life.  In the beginning we work a lot for a little but with consistency we work a little for a lot.  I can attest to this.  I remember putting 2 hours a day into my business in the beginning without seeing any financial returns and now 10 months later I’m working just a few more hours per week and the income is currently at $55,000 a year and growing.  The bigger your business grows you begin to buy back life and freedom.

14.)   Economic-Proof Business –  Most businesses are struggling in our economy.  Beachbody is exploding because we have products and an opportunity that changes lives.  There is a significant group of passionate people who are out driving  to End the Trend of Obesity.   People are struggling, they are open to new opportunities.  We can sit here and talk to anyone and say “hey, my business grew 50% in the last 90 days.  Let me show it to you.”  Our current economy will build your business.

15.) Success and Significance Simultaneously –  A lot of people spend half their lives trying to build success then end up 50 years old and spend the rest of their lives trying to be significant.  We are in a business where we get to create significance and success simultaneously.  The more significant you become in life the more successful you will become. That is the power we hold. Ask yourself, “What have I done for the lives of others?” 

16.) We can’t fail –  We can never fail in this business.  “You give and you will receive.”  This is a truth that will never go away in this world and has existed for ages.  You will become involved in people’s lives; believing in them and encouraging them.  Sometimes you will be pushing them, sometimes pulling them , and sometimes carrying them.  The most successful people in Beachbody right now are the people who are the greatest servers and encouragers.  They give and they give and they give.  They don’t expect the money, but it comes.  If you become that kind of person YOU WILL NOT FAIL!


Decide how big of a piece  do you want.  Do you want to be a part of ending the trend in America?  Craig Holiday says, “I’m smart enough to know that everybody should be in this business, but I’m also smart enough to know that not everyone is going to.”  Live with Passion.  Every day when you get out of bed, drop your feet on the ground and decide how you will live your day. If you can own your life and own your attitude this is the most powerful thing you can have.

With Beachbody there are no sales quotas to meet, they give you FREE CUSTOMERS, they do hundreds of millions in branding and marketing.  They market to the customers that they give you.  They give you coach leads to build your team.  Bring in two coaches on your own and you will get bonuses and they will give you even more customers.  They provide you with professional websites.  They do 100% of the sales transactions.  There is no inventory to purchase.  They do all the shipping and returns.  They provide you with a back-office to track and monitor your business.  P90X is the #1 infomercial on T.V.  Insanity is the #2.   Our products are top of the line.  P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire,  Hip Hop Abs, The Asylum, P90X2, Les Milles Pump.  The list is endless.  We are going International soon.  We are in the best industry of health, fitness, and nutrition.  How big do you want to grow?