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Team Beachbody Coach- Who should not be a coach

As many of you have seen during this past year things in my life have taken a HUGE turn for the good.  At times I lay in bed with my wife and talk about the future we have and what lies ahead in 2012 as a Team Beachbody Coach.  Every time we talk about this I am in utter disbelief.  April 11th, 2011.  This day will forever be remembered as the day the life of my family was completely changed.  This is the day that I became a Team Beachbody Coach.  This is 11 months after I pushed play on P90X for the very first time. (Another date not to be forgotten, May 20th 2010.)

I spent about 8 months contemplating becoming a Team Beachbody coach, which to tell you the honest truth was 11 months too long.  I was inspired by Lindsay Matway’s success with P90X but most importantly with her Success as a Team Beachbody coach.  I was invited by her to be a coach and I blew it off because I was concerned about paying $15 a month to help others.  I decided that I could help people for free.

After awhile my passion for helping others grew.  I continued helping people and “facebook stalking” top coaches in Beachbody and was AMAZED to see that there were some coaches making six figure incomes doing something that I was doing for free.  They were also going on amazing cruises, trips to France, Mexico, Tahiti, and many other exotic places.




At this moment I DECIDED.

I wanted to COMMIT.

but……….I also wanted to SUCCEED.

So I set out “interviewing” and talking to top coaches and new coaches alike about the business and how they felt doing it.  Every single one of them had passion and energy.

There was someone different that stood out.  Lindsay Matway.  She did not make me promises of making tons of money.  She did NOT tell me it was going to be easy.  She did not promise me I could be a diamond coach in 90 days.  (These were all things I wanted to hear.)    She told me plain and simple that it is an amazing opportunity and that my INCOME would be a direct reflection of the number of lives that I touched and helped change.  This is what Beachbody is all about.  It is not about making a ton of money in the Health and Fitness Industry.  It is about personal development, changing your own life, then being able to PAY IT FORWARD to your family, friends, and anyone else that life brings into your path.  It is about helping others live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.


I took this advice to heart and signed up as a coach on April 11th 2011 becoming a Diamond coach in 93 days.  We have a fitness group of close to 600 people that are striving every day to live healthier lifestyle and to pay it forward.  My current income with Beachbody is currently $200-300 more per month than my current full-time job and projected to easily be a 6 figure income by Summer of 2012.  I have been in Success Club 10 all nine months that I have been a coach.   We have an amazing fit club that is free to anyone in our town that wants to come.  I have won several “prizes” such as Beachbody and P90X T-shirts,  a conference call with  Carl Daikeler the CEO of Beachbody, $150 Maui Sunglasses, a 4th Generation 32 Gig I-Pod Touch, 2 tickets to Coach Summit 2012 in Las Vegas, a signed copy of P90X2 by Tony Horton, a set of Personal Development books from Carl Daikeler, $500 spending cash, and a $3500 trip for 2 to stay in the REEF at Atlantis in the Bahamas for 4 nights.  These are all material gains but what is most important to me is that I have made friendships and built relations that will last a life time.  I am seeing LIFE come back into friends and family that have felt lost and hopeless.  I receive daily emails that are thanking me for giving them hope, future, and happiness.   THIS IS WHAT BEING A TEAM BEACHBODY COACH IS ALL ABOUT!

*Coaching is NOT easy. It is a lot of work for a little bit of pay in the beginning.  People do not want to be sold or recruited.  You should NOT be a Team Beachbody coach if your main concern is making money.  It is not a get rich quick scheme.  It will not happen if this is your focus.  If you can’t commit to your workouts and treat coaching like a business then you will go nowhere.  You will be wasting your time.  If you continually place blame for your failures on others and continually make excuses unfortunately you will not find success as a coach unless you personally CHANGE.

If you decide you want to CHANGE your life and want to pay it forward then it will take commitment and dedication.

People genuinely want someone that cares about them enough to help them take the first steps to changing their lives.  This is where YOU come into play.  It will take showing up to your workouts every single day.  It will take drinking your Shakeology and becoming a product of the product.  It will take reading at least 10 pages of personal development everyday, when you do this your philosophies change and your attitude becomes one of positivity, which will in turn draw people to you.  It will take plugging into your Team daily.  It will take listening to team calls and national coach calls weekly. It will take exploring your coach office and learning new things every day. It will take time management and scheduling.  It will take observing and modeling a mentor to learn how to be efficient.  You will need to be CONFIDENT.  It will take YOU, getting uncomfortable and sharing your story with everyone!  People will tell you no, take this as a “no, not right now”.  People will tell you that you will fail (its human nature)  let this drive you.  You will need to be passionate!

The small actions you do every single day will compound overtime and you will be able to build a great business and change thousands of lives.  It is not easy but it is so worth it!  My favorite quote of all time is

“Struggle is much less painful than regret”

Find out your WHY and let that be your driving force.  Your WHY is the thing that makes you do the small disciplines every single day no matter how small or insignificant they seem at the moment.