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Is Shakeology a Scam? What is Shakeology?

Is Shakeology a scam?

Is Shakeology a scam?  I have seen this question asked many times so I decided I would share with you my thoughts about Shakeology along with the reasons I love it so much.  I started using Shakeology to replace one meal a day as I began my journey and to be honest I was hesitant about the cost in the beginning due to our tight budget and having never used a meal replacement shake before.  I decided I would give it a shot because it has a 30 Day Bottom of the Bag Guarentee and because my coach Lindsay Matway recommended it to me and I believed in her and was impressed with her results.  I decided that if I was going to do P90X I would commit 100% so that I could get Infomercial-like results.

I absolutely LOVE the taste of the Chocolate and the new Tropical Vegan is even better. I have been using it daily ever since I started and my results were beyond what I thought possible. My energy levels and health are better better and higher then they have ever been in my life. My whole family and most of my friends are all using Shakeology to replace one meal per day.

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What I love is I actually ended saving money by replacing my breakfast with Shakeology instead of going to the convenient store.  Is Shakeology a scam?  Absolutely not!  If you are a current client of mine doing a Beachbody workout or even just drinking Shakeology to replace a meal a day to increase your health situation please make sure to read below and see how you can save money on your continued orders. 


I appreciate your continuous order on Shakeology and it leads me to believe that you love it such as much as I do.  You also know the answer to “Is Shakeology a scam?”  I’d like to extend an opportunity for you to receive it at a 25% discount.  How is that possible?  By signing up as a Coach!  Once you sign up as a Beachbody Coach, you can purchase Shakeology and all other products at a 25% discount immediately. 

There are some fees associated with being a Beachbody Coach, but it quickly pays for itself.  It is $39.95 the first month, and then it is $15.95 a month thereafter (this covers your Business Starter kit, a subscription to Success Magazine on demand, as well as the expenses to maintain your 2 websites) while still saving you money.  ($120 w/25% discount = $90 + $15.95 = $106 total) One of the biggest advantages to being a Beachbody Coach is that you not only get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products, but you can earn some extra income by recommending and sharing  Shakeology, Beachbody Fitness programs, and nutritional products with your friends and family. 

It is inevitable that as your friends, family, and coworkers see you drinking that strange “green” smoothie or enjoying that yummy, creamy chocolate shake they will ask questions and want to know what it is.  That is then, your chance to tell them about it and your experience with it and sharing with them how it has helped you. It is really as simple as that, and it’s a great way to earn some extra income.  There is even the option of being a Coach just for the discount without pursuing the business end.  Thank you again and feel free to contact me about becoming a coach with the option of having the $39.95 fee waived.

Buy a Challenge Pack and have your coach signup fee waived. 

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