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Become a Star Diamond Coach- Star Diamond Training

Become a Star Diamond Coach

If you want to build a solid income and foundation with Team Beachbody you will need to become a Star Diamond Coach.  If you are not sure yet what a Star Diamond Coach is yet you can check out all the details in my COACH RANK post.  For those of you that are ready to start learning from some of the best Team Beachbody Coaches in the network, I want to share with you an 8 week training that you can use to help you understand what it will take to become a Star Diamond Coach.  In a business like Team Beachbody or any other network marketing company for that instance, your success will be dependent upon what belief and efforts you put into it yourself.  This call series will help you have the right mindset and tools to help you achieve the goals that you want in your life whether they are making a little side income, bringing a spouse home from work, or making this your full-time business.  I want you to become a star diamond coach and truly find your purpose in life all while you are working on your own health and fitness transformation.  I will also provide below 13 videos that can completely change your business if you have been stuck.

Become a Star Diamond Coach – STAR DIAMOND TRAINING

Week 1 Part 1: Star diamond in 60 days Welcome/kick off webinar

Week 1 Part 2 -by Scottie Hobbs over finding your purpose and managing your time.

Week 2 Part 1-by Meg Wiczynski-Building relationships and Expanding your network

Week 2 Part 2- Hosted by Mindy Wender- Starting new coaches off right

Meg W with Facebook Posting For Beachbody Business

Week 3 Part 2- Scottie Hobbs- Pareto’s Law- Feed Your Cows

Week 4 Part 1- Hosted by Mindy Wender & Melanie Mitro over challenge groups

Week 4 Part 2 -Hosted By Shiva Latifi on Challenge Packs

Week 5 Part 1 – Grooming your Customers into Coaches

Week 5 Part 2 – Jenelle Summers over growing a 6 figure business

Week 6 Part 1- Hosted by Jon Goodman over SHARING SHAKEOLOGY

Week 6 Part 2 – Brigitte Linford  Leading a Team and holding Coaches accountable

Week 7 Part 1-Guest Speaker Trina Gray on LEADERSHIP!

Week 7 Part 2: Lindsay Matway – Big Picture

Week 8 part 1-Brandi Botts – Growing and building a big business

Week 8 part 2- Jason “Puckhead” Diebold over MAXIMIZING THE COMP PLAN




Scottie Hobbs – Elite Top 10 Team Beachbody Coach -The power in beliving in yourself 9.11
Why does my Beachbody Business pay me like a hobby?
Jenn Greenberg – 13:54
Get Started Right – GSR Team Beachbody Jenn Greenberg – 11:58
Living “my dream” Jenn Greenberg – 4:37
Challenge Pack Objection Training Mike Greenberg – 13:38
How to put your blog out on Social Media Scottie Hobbs – 5:47
Do you hear crickets when you post on Facebook? Scottie Hobbs – 31:38
8) GO PRO –
How to be PROFESSIONAL Lori Vella – 38:00
Scottie Hobbs and Personal Development 16:14
How to make a significant income with Beachbody Scottie Hobbs – 25:14
Objections Handling (Parts 1-5) Should be on a playlist Tommy Mygrant and Barbie Decker 1:11:40
TOP COACH – Treat Your Business Like a Business Lindsay Matway – 23:43

5 Steps to lay foundation for a 6 figure business- Brigitte Linford