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National Wakeup Call Archive- Recordings


Listen on the playback line: Dial 1 (832) 225-5065 anytime during the week from your phone


Every Monday at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

There’s just no better way to kick off your week. This call will supercharge your battery—as you’ll hear stories, tips, and breakthrough discoveries from your fellow Coaches. We’ve got featured speakers every week, a pre-call Twitter® contest, and occasionally we even open up the floor for LIVE Q&A.

Whatever you do, don’t miss this bad boy.

To join us, dial 1 (832) 225-5055 / Password: 90405# five minutes to the hour every Monday morning at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET. Rain, shine, holiday… This call is ALWAYS on! If the first line’s full or you can’t get through, try our spillover line at (712)432-7620

Canadian callers dial 1 (416) 915-9063 / Password: 12234#

February 22, 2016 NWC REPLAY: Jenelle Summers: Presenting The Coach Business Opportunity

When presented with an opportunity to combine her degree in business and her passion for fitness, Superstar Diamond III Coach Jenelle Summers jumped on it. Join us on this call where Jenelle will share her proven methods for presenting the Coach business opportunity that has led to over 465 personally sponsored Coaches.

February 15, 2016 NWC REPLAY: Jenn Richardson: Leveraging The Power Of Instagram

When 2015 Elite Coach Jenn Richardson first started coaching, she was discouraged by lack of potential customers on Facebook. Instead of giving up, she turned to Instagram. Join us on this call where Jenn will share her Instagram success secrets including: when and how often to post, tips for creating engaging content, and smart ways to grow your customer base on social.

February 8, 2016 NWC REPLAY: David Atkins: Taking Ownership Of Your Business

After hitting Success Club for two years but never advancing past Diamond Coach, 2015 Elite Coach, David Atkins, realized he wasn’t taking ownership of his business. Tune into this call where David will share how he turned things around by taking charge, implementing daily personal development, and creating healthy habits. Don’t miss it!

February 1, 2016  NWC REPLAY: Brittany LeGette Shumard: Staying Resilient

Have you ever missed a goal? You aren’t alone. Join us on this call where Superstar Diamond Coach and 2015 #11 Elite Coach, Brittany LeGette Shumard, will share advice on how to move forward after missing milestones, why self esteem should come from work ethic, and how the journey is more rewarding than the prize. See you there!

January 25, 2016 NWC REPLAY: Amy Silverman: Reinventing Yourself

How do you remain relevant in an industry that is constantly evolving and growing? Number two Elite Coach, Amy Silverman, always challenges herself with this question. Tune into Monday’s call where Amy will share how she’s constantly reevaluating her personal brand, why it’s important to refresh it several times a year, and how she became top recruiter of the year!

January 18, 2016 NWC REPLAY: Bonnie Engle: Recruiting With Confidence

Don’t let fear stop you from making a difference in the lives of others. Tune into Monday’s National Wake Up Call where 2015 Top 10 Elite Coach, Bonnie Engle, will share how she turned destructive overanalyzing into confidence. Plus, she’ll be sharing great tips for building your personal brand through social media ‘sneak peaks’, and discussing why sharing the Coaching opportunity isn’t a burden, it’s a gift.

January 11, 2016  NWC REPLAY: Melanie Mitro: Advice From Our Top Coach Of The Year

What does it takes to be a two-time Top Coach of the Year? Let’s ask Melanie Mitro. On Monday’s National Wake Up Call, she’ll be sharing how she finds success in challenging situations, which daily activities helped her achieve this huge milestone, and how she stays motivated every day to stay on top. Don’t miss it!

Monday, January 4, 2016  NWC REPLAY: Carl Daikeler: Today We Start 2016– It’s On

We are celebrating a year of unparalleled growth with over 400,000 Coaches and more people helped than ever before. But Beachbody CEO and Co-Founder Carl Daikeler is just getting started. On Monday’s call, Carl will share his vision for Beachbody in 2016, his commitment to himself, to our Coaches and how, together, we can be stronger every day. Be there!

Monday, December 28th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Michael Neimand and Jeff Hill: A Year In Review

Tune in to Monday’s National Wake Up Call when EVP’s, Michael Neimand and Jeff Hill will share what worked well in 2015 and how we can make Team Beachbody grow from good to great in 2016. You won’t want to miss it!

MONDAY DECEMBER 21ST  NWC REPLAY: Alli Upham: Getting Real

Ready to stop making excuses and ready to fight for the life you deserve? On Monday’s call Superstar Diamond Coach, Alli Upham, is getting real–and holding nothing back! She’ll be telling it like it is, and sharing great tips to show you how being diligent today can lead to a thriving business a year from now. Don’t miss it!

MONDAY December 14th NWC REPLAY: Raina O’Dell: Recruiting With Social Media

Superstar Diamond Coach, Raina O’Dell, will be joining us to share her top social media tips-including how to create great content, attract quality Coaches, and will explain why being yourself is the best form of advertisement. Don’t miss it!


10 Star Diamond Coach, Katy Ursta, knows all to well how easy it is to get overwhelmed and feel like giving up. On Monday’s call, she’ll share how smaller actionable goals are key to keeping you on track—and why persistence is the difference between failure and success. Don’t miss it!

NOVEMBER 30TH  NWC REPLAY: Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev: Inside The Master’s Hammer & Chisel

Don’t miss the National Wake Up Call when Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler chats with the co-creators of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev. They spilled their secrets on what it was like working together on the first Beachbody program to feature two trainers. And they discussed why this great new program is unlike any other workout. Check it out!

NOVEMBER 23RD  NWC REPLAY: Missy Reber: Building Strong Connectionsstrong>

On Monday’s call, 8 Star Diamond Coach, Missy Reber, will be sharing tips for creating solid connections, and discussing how one question can unlock unlimited potential for your business. Be there!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH  NWC REPLAY: Miguel Carrasco: Creating A Successful Mindset

9 Star Diamond Coach Miguel Carrasco hasn’t always been the perfect picture of health. Excessive travel, poor diet, and health problems left Miguel at a crossroads. Tune in to Monday’s call to find out how he turned his life around by not letting his past define his future. He’ll also be sharing proven tips for helping others find similar success—don’t miss it!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH  NWC REPLAY: Scottie Hobbs: Overcoming Fear

We’ve all been there- afraid to try, afraid to fail, afraid of the unknown. Even 9 Star Diamond Coach, Scottie Hobbs, has been there. Tune in to Monday’s call to hear him share tips on overcoming insecurities, combating doubt, and how to let your fears help drive your business forward.

Monday, November 2nd #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC REPLAY: Vito La Fata: Climbing The Confidence Ladder

Fitness studio owner turned Superstar Diamond Coach, Vito La Fata, built his business on confidence, purpose and consistent training. Tune in to Monday’s call to hear how he turned his self-doubt into self-confidence.

Monday, October 26th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Saudi Almonte: Finish Stronger Than You Started

Overweight and living beyond her means, Saudi Almonte initially became a Coach to improve her family’s financial situation. After attending Summit her finances AND her fitness skyrocketed. But she didn’t stop there. She discovered exponentially more success came from motivating and re-invigorating her Team post-Summit. Tune in to Monday’s call when Saudi will share her tips for reviving Team goals and rocking your business through the end of the year and beyond!

Monday, October 19th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Danielle Natoni: Being A Product Of The Product

Knee-deep in credit card bills and payday loans, 3-time Elite Coach Danielle Natoni, didn’t come to Beachbody for a physical transformation, she was searching for a financial one. But she didn’t find the business success she was hoping for right away. Why? Although she worked out daily, she didn’t drink Shakeology® and had never completed a Beachbody fitness program. Tune in to hear how becoming a true product of the product turned her business around.

Monday, October 12th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Tarah Carr: Prosper Where You Are Planted

With debt piling up and her husband deployed in the military, Superstar Diamond Coach, Tarah Carr, knew the Beachbody opportunity could turn her family’s life around. But first she had to learn the difference between visualizing her goals and actually achieving them. Tune in to the replay where Tarah will share why it’s important to set your intentions, and work towards achieving your goals in the midst of negativity and setbacks.

Monday, October 5th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Carl Daikeler: Planting The Seeds For 2016 Success

Some Coaches may think the end of the year is the time to relax in your business—quite the contrary! No Coach can afford to miss Monday’s call with Beachbody Co-Founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler. He’ll be sharing insightful advice for planting the seeds for next year, describing steps you can take to stay engaged, and he’ll also hit hard on why the 4th quarter of 2015 is crucial for maximizing 2016. Don’t take your eyes off the finish line, WATCH Carl’s replay video on his Facebook page!

Monday, September 28th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Becky Brossett: Creating Discipline and Accountability

Becky Brossett fell in love with Beachbody products, became a Coach, and fired her boss—all within 5 years. But even 15 Star Diamond Coaches hit rough patches along the way. Tune in to Monday’s call to hear Becky share how she struggled with focus and consistency. And how she overcame it. Don’t miss this one!

 Monday, September 21st #WAKEUPCALL Replay NWC: Shane Fryer: Developing Top Performing Emeralds

Shane Fryer hoped becoming a Beachbody Coach would ease her financial stress. She was working full-time, juggling credit card debt, and paying for childcare. But her success wasn’t immediate because while her Coaches were achieving rank, they weren’t sustaining it. Her solution? A laser focused system to help lay a solid foundation for her new Coaches. And everything changed. Tune in to the replay to hear all about it.

Monday, September 14th #WAKEUPCALL Replay NWC: Stephanie Chico: Creating Your “Power Hour”

Stephanie Chico had her hands full as a Mom to three small children, but after attending her first Beachbody event, she was inspired make her Coach business a priority. Tune in to the replay to hear her discuss how scheduling a ‘power hour’, creating daily tasks to keep your business on track, and being intentional with your time can lead to great business success. See you there!

Monday, September 7th #WAKEUPCALL Replay NWC: Elizabeth Hartke: Building A Relationship Business

Elizabeth Hartke was stuck in a job she hated, and realized she was settling-instead of creating the life she deserved. So, she began developing ‘Team Building’ Coaches by focusing on building relationships rather than income. Tune in to Monday’s call where she’ll share a turning point, and how she qualified for Leadership at the last minute by focusing on building more meaningful relationships. Be there!

Monday, August 31st #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Kristina Sullins: Inspiring Your Team Into Action\

From unemployment and credit card debt to becoming a member of our Millionaire Club, Superstar Diamond Coach Kristina Sullins knows a thing or two about jumping into action. After leaving the corporate world, Kristina focused on growing her Beachbody business and developing her Team by creating specific training systems complete with action steps and an accountability module plus making time for the Coaches who are in it to learn. Check out the replay!

Monday, August 24th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Megan Ewoldsen: Sharing The Beachbody Opportunity 

Why not me? That’s what 15 Star Diamond Coach Megan Ewoldsen, said to herself when she made the decision to turn her Beachbody hobby into a career. Since then, Megan has grown her business into a powerhouse. How? By presenting the Coaching opportunity in a simplified and highly enticing way. Check out the replay to hear how Megan invites and trains prospective Coaches using her 5-step Sneak Peak system.

Monday, August 17th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Darin Olien: The Healthiest Meal Of The Day Just Got A Boost

Co-Formulator of Shakeology, Darin Olien, is taking Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition and giving it a Boost. On Monday’s call, Darin will be diving deep into what our incredible new Shakeology Boosts are, how and why they were developed, and what they mean for your business. Tune in for all the answers to your questions about Focused Energy, Digestive Fiber and Power Greens!

Monday, August 10th #WAKEUPCALL Replay   NWC: Dr. Nima Alamdari: Beachbody Performance For Next Level Training

What combination of Beachbody Performance should you use if you want to slim down? Build muscle? Or maximize training for a marathon? Harvard-trained scientist and Director of Scientific Affairs at Beachbody, Dr. Nima Alamdari, has the answers to these questions. On Monday’s call he’ll share all the information and tools you need to sell our new Beachbody Performance line and help your customers get maximum results. Tune in Monday to get all the details!

Monday, August 3rd #WAKEUPCALL Replay  NWC: Sommer Tucker: Creating an Ownership Mentality

Drowning in debt and living paycheck to paycheck, stressed out military wife, Sommer Tucker, realized that if she wanted something different she needed to change. She found success once she dismissed her original fears of appearing “too salesy” and went all-in during the Team Beachbody Cup. On Monday’s call, Sommer will discuss taking ownership in your business and how small victories and goals can add up to big successes! With the Team Cup kicking off on August 1st, you won’t want to miss it!

Monday, July 27th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Shaun T: Time To CIZE It Up

Beachbody Celebrity Trainer, Shaun T, was back and live on this weeks National Wake Up Call! He is known for his intense, action packed workouts, and his newest creation, CIZE, is no different—but this time he’ll have you’ll dancing like a pro. You’ve probably seen the sneak peak already, but on Monday’s call, Shaun T went in-depth with details about Cize, and shared how this incredible new program is different from anything he’s ever done. The end of exercise is here—tune in to find out more!

Monday, July 20th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Carl Daikeler: Post Summit Recap

Fresh from Coach Summit 2015, Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, was on the call to discuss the newest workout, CIZE, Challenge Pack additions and all things Summit! You don’t want to miss it!

Monday, July 13th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Brigitte Linford: Getting The Most From Your Summit Experience

After the birth of her third child, Brigitte Linford knew she wanted to be an example and inspiration for her children, and those around her. Jumping head first into Coach life, Brigitte attended Summit and soaked up as much as she could from the workshops, the inspirational keynote speakers, and fellow Coaches. On Monday’s call, Brigitte discussed the importance of attending live events, how to maximize your Summit experience, and critically, how to put all your key learnings into practice. Listen Now!

Monday, July 6th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Emilie Robidas: Igniting Team Spirit

After the birth of her son, Emilie Robidas knew she wanted to control her schedule rather than be controlled by it. By building her business with the help of the Team Beachbody Cup, Emilie became a stay-at-home mom AND a 3-time Team Cup Winning Captain! On Monday’s call, she discussed how she creates dynamite Cup Teams and contagious Team motivation. Plus, Carl Daikeler was LIVE on the call to get you and your new Coaches pumped for Summit 2015 and beyond. Listen now!

Monday, June 29th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Meg Wiczynski: Building A Social Business

From overweight and insecure to 3-time Elite Coach, Meg Wiczynski turned her Coaching ‘hobby’ into a booming business. How? By starting small on social media and sharing her raw and real story. On Monday’s call she’ll explain how you can use a variety of social platforms to branch out of your confortable community and build a successful business. Be there!

Monday, June 22nd #WAKEUPCALL Replay  MICHAEL NEIMAND AND JEFF HILL: Climb the Leadership Ladder

The countdown to Summit is on. Which means one thing: it’s time to start thinking about goal setting. What’s your next step as a Team Beachbody Coach? Catch the replay as our very own Executive Vice Presidents, Michael Neimand and Jeff Hill, introduce the Leadership Ladder and detail how this personalized business development system can help you create the growth and success you’re looking for.

Monday, June 15tH #WAKEUPCALL Replay  KARRI LEGAULT: Building a Successful Fitness Community

Before she became an inspiring 11 Star Diamond Coach leader, Karri LeGault was a skeptical, stressed Mom of two. Now she’s created a powerful Team of fitness and health enthusiasts and on yesterday’s call she explained why building a community of like-minded people is key for business growth. As we count down to Summit, you won’t want to miss the replay on how you too can strengthen and grow your Team, and reach your goals together.

Monday, June 8th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  KRISTINA DELGADO: Learning From Your Mistakes

From attorney at a big Miami law firm, to Superstar Diamond Coach, Kristina Delgado, is no stranger to success. But she knows it takes a certain amount to failure to achieve your goals. Catch the replay as she shares three mistakes you can avoid as a new Coach, and how to turn any mishaps into triumphs.

Monday, June 1st #WAKEUPCALL Replay  AUTUMN CALABRESE: Get Your FIX: Big Announcement

The portion-control Queen is back with a huge announcement. Catch the replay as Celebrity Trainer, Autumn Calabrese announces another game-changing product to help you blast past your fitness and nutrition goals. Plus, find out how you can be the first to get your hands on Autumn’s latest creation.

Monday, May 25th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  LORI STUART: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

9 star Diamond, Lori Stuart, became a Coach for the discount and stayed for the inspiration and motivation she brought to others. But she didn’t go from overweight and overwhelmed to Top 10 Elite Coach overnight. First she had to learn to leap outside of her comfort zone. Catch the replay as Lori teaches you how taking risks and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable leads to long-term success.

Monday, May 18th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  STEPHANIE DAVIES: Create Consistent Success

From government assistance to 2014 Elite Coach, Stephanie Davies, discovered she needed Beachbody but Team Beachbody also needed a strong leader like Stephanie. Catch the replay as she shares why consistency is critical for building a thriving business, with lots of insider tips on how to build a solid system for growth.

Monday, May 11th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  CARL DAIKELER: A Salute to 300,000 Coaches

Team Beachbody just hit another mega milestone: 300,000 Coaches strong! We’ve got 24,000+ Coaches headed to Summit 2015 where we’ll be launching ground-breaking new products. And we’re still growing. Catch the replay as Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, congratulates you on all your hard work and shares Beachbody’s plans to make your road to success smoother and how, together, we can be stronger.

Monday, May 4th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  SAGI KALEV: Beast Up Your Business

The Beast himself, Sagi Kalev – creator of the most advanced muscle-defining, resistance-training program, Body Beast – was featured on the latest National Wakeup Call. Catch the replay as he discusses why and how Body Beast is an amazing program for men AND women, and offers great advice on how you can share Beast’s mind-blowing transformations with your customers.

Monday, April 27th #WAKEUPCALL Replay NIKI WHITING: Reaching Emerald and Beyond

9 Star Diamond Coach, Niki Whiting, was overweight, anxious and full of self-doubt until she found her calling as a Team Beachbody Coach. Catch the replay as Niki shares why it’s so important to build a strong foundation for your personal and business development, and how to get new Coaches on their way to Emerald.

Monday, April 20th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Dave Ward: Finding Your Inner Leader

Dave Ward – a founding Team Beachbody Coach – started his Coaching career a skeptic. But after helping his first weight loss customer, he knew he wanted to become Team Beachbody’s next leader. Catch the replay as Dave shares how he got out of his “own way,” transformed his life and discovered his voice to find his inner leader.

Monday, April 13th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Andrea Crowder: Master Your Mindset

2014 Elite Coach, Andrea Crowder, paid off six figures of debt and retired from her corporate job – thanks to Team Beachbody and a lot of hard work. But her triumphs weren’t immediate. Catch the replay as Andrea will share how her business hit a plateau, and why changing her mindset and fine-tuning her strategies were essential for creating lasting success.

Monday, April 6th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Micah Folsom: Why Personal Development Really Matters

Superstar Diamond Coach, Micah Folsom, knew she found her passion when she saw first-hand how Coaching could change peoples’ lives. But her own life and success didn’t change for the better until she started focusing on personal development. Catch the replay as Micah shares why she thinks personal development is a key component of the 3 Vital Behaviors, and how to make a mental transformation that can affect all aspects of your life and business.

Monday, March 30th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Lindsay Matway: Fighting Fear, Dispelling Doubt

Top 10 Elite Coach, Lindsay Matway, wasn’t always a Superstar Diamond II. That level of success took confidence, courage, and a passion for leadership. Catch the replay as Lindsay teaches you how to lead by example, turn your trials into triumphs, and become your most courageous self.

Monday, March 23rd #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Alyssa Schomaker: Fuel Motivation, Create Change

Superstar Diamond and Top 10 Elite Coach, Alyssa Schomaker’s outstanding achievements come down to one thing – her passion for helping people. She loves it, she’s good at it, and as a Coach she knows it’s the foundation for success. On the replay, Alyssa shares her personal Coaching insights and teaches you how to keep your Challenge groups thriving so you can make a lasting impact on your customers’ lives. Catch the replay now!

Monday, March 16th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Seay Stanford: Create Opportunity, Build Loyalty

Seay Stanford went from Shakeology customer to Superstar Diamond Coach in just a few years. Her secret? Creating loyal and lasting Shakeology customers. On the replay, in honor of Shakeology’s 6th birthday, Seay shared her secret recipes for creating a steady stream of customers and her strategies for keeping them healthy, happy and drinking Shakeology daily.

Monday, March 9th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Anita Miron: Valuing Quality Over Quantity

From declined debit cards and empty gas tanks to Top 10 Elite Coach, 10 Star Diamond Coach, Anita Miron knows how to make dreams happen. How did she turn her life around? She started treating Coaching like a business, not a hobby. On the call, Anita shared her hugely inspirational story and explained why and how focusing on building a high quality business can lead to an extraordinary life. Catch the replay now!

Monday, March 2nd | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Jimmy Hays Nelson: Focus on the Opportunity

11 Star Diamond Coach, Jimmy Hays Nelson, started his Team Beachbody Coach journey more than 7 years ago – way before Shakeology and Challenge Packs. Over the years, he’s seen lots of changes in the Network and has used these opportunities to create long-lasting business success. On the call, Jimmy shares why leading with focus and vision in times of change will create personal and business growth. Catch the replay

Monday, February 23rd | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Michelle Myers: Create Heart, Hustle and Muscle

11 Star Diamond Coach, Michelle Myers, credits her success to helping just one person. Every. Single. Day. How does she do it? On the call she’ll share secrets from her Coaching ‘playbook.’ Her strategies for creating personal relationships, maintaining consistency and perfecting teamwork, will help you finish the month and the Cup strong. Catch the replay now!

 Monday, February 16th / NATIONAL WAKEUP CALL |- Brittany LeGette Shumard: Why Success Club Matters

Before becoming a Top 10 Elite Coach, 10 Star Diamond, Brittany LeGette Shumard, was a stressed, full-time nurse, with no time to spare for her military husband. What changed? She found Beachbody and, most importantly, Success Club. On Monday’s Call she’ll explain how Success Club is the foundation for all her exceptional personal, team and business growth. Listen in and soon you’ll be sharing her proven system for creating confidence, commission and credibility.

Monday, February 9th #WAKEUPCALL Replay    Carly Del Carlo: Empower Your Challengers

In 2013, Carly Del Carlo took a leap of faith and joined a Challenge Group. Smart move. Now she’s a 2014 Elite and 5 Star Diamond Coach who’s found her passion leading groups of her own. On the National Wakeup Call replay, she reveals how she creates value with Challenge Packs and gets people amazing results. Carly’s advice comes just in time to help you reach your Team Beachbody Cup goals. Catch the replay now!

 Monday, February 2nd #WAKEUPCALL Replay   Carl Daikeler: Get focused on February

CEO Carl Daikeler gives us a slingshot of motivation as he kicks off the Team Beachbody® Cup and talks shop about the launch of 21 Day Fix EXTREME. He’s providing everything you need to help you make the most out of February. Catch the replay now!

Monday, January 26th #WAKEUPCALL Replay   Autumn Calabrese: Get Your EXTREME Fix

Creator of the smash-hit 21 Day Fix®, Autumn Calabrese, is back with an ab-sculpting sequel—21 Day Fix®EXTREME—launching on February 2nd, 2015. On the call, she be shares everything you need to know about this game-changing program, and why this is a launch your muscles—and your business—won’t want to miss. Catch the replay now!

Monday, January 19th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Amy Silverman: Team up for Success

Three-time Elite Coach and two-time Top 10 Elite Coach, Amy Silverman knows what success looks like. How did she do it? By aiming high and consistently beating her personal records. Plus, for her, the Team Beachbody Cup was key. On the call, she shared why you can’t afford to miss out on the Cup and why pushing your Team to reach their potential will accelerate your business – and theirs – in the long run. Catch the replay!

Monday, January 12th #WAKEUPCALL Replay   Melanie Mitro: My Top Coach Journey

From busy stay-at-home Mom to newly-crowned 2014 Top Coach, Superstar Diamond Coach, Melanie Mitro, knows how to turn big dreams into reality. And on the National Wake-up Call, she shared her strategies, powerful tools, and daily activities that you too can leverage to hit your ambitious 2015 Coaching goals. New Coaches and top Coaches alike can learn from the setbacks and successes Melanie encountered on her way to the top—catch the replay now!

Monday, January 5th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Kicking 2015 into High Gear

2015 will be full of amazing opportunities. Make sure you start the year right and tune into the National Wake-Up Call Replay where Executive Vice Presidents, Jeff Hill and Michael Neimand, will share how to focus and grow your business in 2015. Hint: it starts with Surge, Super Saturday and setting goals and ends with kicking butt and taking names!

Monday, December 29th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Creating Personal Connections feat. Christine Dwyer

For the past 6 years Superstar Diamond II Coach, Christine Dwyer, focused on building one of the largest Beachbody Teams. But lately, she realized her business had become too systematic and dynamic personal connections were missing. Catch the replay as Christine shares her most personal struggles and show why genuine connections should be at the heart of your business.

Monday, December 22nd #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Believing in the Business feat. Chris and Kodi Reed

Chris and Kodi Reed, weren’t always an Elite coaching power couple. After Chris got hooked on P90X and became a Coach, Kodi was skeptical. But through determination and dedication, Chris soon showed Kodi coaching was more than just a hobby. On the call they share how to win over the naysayers and why two heads are better than one.

Monday, December 15th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Winners Work Now feat. CEO Carl Daikeler

After leading Beachbody to a record-breaking 2014, Co-Founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler, has the strategies you need to get YOUR business poised and ready for a blockbuster 2015. So get ready, because on the call he dishes some mega-inspiration and shares why putting in the work now leads to future wins.

Monday, December 8th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Make the Holidays Count

A few years ago Superstar Diamond Coach, Alli Upham, was homeless for the holidays, living in the spare bedrooms of friends houses. Now, she’s spending the festive season happily helping a lot of people get fit and healthy. On the call, she shares her biggest success secret: accountability groups—and tells you who needs them and why they’re critical for a booming business this holiday season. Jingle all the way there!

Monday, December 1st #WAKEUPCALL Replay   AX Out with MAX:30

World-famous celebrity trainer, Shaun T launches his latest fat-blasting program INSANITY MAX:30 on Tuesday, December 2nd. On the call, Shaun T explains why he calls MAX:30 his hardest workout yet—yet anyone can do it. Tune in to get the insider scoop on this game-changing workout.

Monday, November 24th #WAKEUPCALL Replay  Make Every Coach Count

As a mother of four with severe debt and extra pounds to lose, 7 Star Diamond Coach, Lori Stuart, didn’t know where to turn. Then she found a fellow inspirational Coach on Facebook, started treating Coaching like a real business – and her world turned around. Catch the replay as she shares why treating everyone like they’re your next rockstar Coach or loyal customer is a surefire way to create tremendous success and growth.

Monday, November 17th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Minimizing time, maximizing success

From severe debt to 9 Star Diamond Coach, Danielle Katz transformed her emotional and financial life. How? With systems that work. Catch the replay as she talks about apps, calendars, personal development, and specific strategies to make your day-to-day easier – and your business operations smoother.

Rediscovering Your ‘Why’

Monday, November 10th #WAKEUPCALL Replay

Superstar Diamond Coach, Vito La Fata, found his passion when he went from Wall Street to wall sits. He now finds joy and huge success Coaching folks to fitness glory. On this call he shared how discovering your ‘Why’ will help your business, your Coaches and your customers.

Powering Ahead With PiYo®
Monday, November 3rd #WAKEUPCALL Replay

Celebrity trainer and creator of PiYo, Chalene Johnson, was LIVE on Monday’s call talking all things PiYo – from the ideal customer to why she created the program. She shared secrets on how PiYo and the Kickstart Challenge Pack will give you and your business the mojo you need to power through the holiday season. Listen now!

Deliver on Your Dreams
Monday, October 27th #WAKEUPCALL Replay

Superstar Diamond, Elite Coach, and Millionaire Club member, Trina Gray, knows it’s one thing to set a goal, and another to reach the finish line. She’ll teach you how to narrow your focus, develop the right mindset, and create a game-plan to reach and exceed your goals. Want to finish the Fall Classic and 2014 strong? Catch the replay now!

  • Monday, October 20th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Obliterating Objections

Top 10 Elite Coach, Melanie Mitro, doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. It’s the fourth week of the Fall Classic, and on the call, Melanie shared her social plan, detailing how she overcomes objections and follows up to close the sale. Before you know it customers will be flocking your way. Catch the replay now!

  • Monday, October 13th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Creating Challenge Pack Power

Top 10 Elite Coach, Brandi Botts, is ready to help you rock the third week of the Fall Classic. She knows how to create Challenge Groups that will keep folks coming back for more, and keep your Coach business booming. Catch the replay as Brandi shares specific tactics to help you make Challenge Groups and Challenge Packs the key to your success.

Inviting with Purpose

Monday, October 6th #WAKEUPCALL Replay

It’s the second week of the Fall Classic, and there’s no better person than Superstar Diamond II (almost III) Coach, Jenelle Summers, to help you reach your goals. How does she continue setting Team Beachbody records? By inviting. Inviting. Then inviting some more. Catch the replay as she shares social media strategies and recruiting systems that you can use immediately to reach more people.

Succeeding Together

Monday, September 29th #WAKEUPCALL Replay

Ready. Set. Go! This week we kicked off the inaugural Fall Classic. And what better way to launch it with gusto than with the dynamic duo, 9 Star Diamond Coach, Michelle Myers, and Superstar Diamond Coach, Mindy Lawhorne? On the call, they shared strategies for teamwork that makes their dreams work. From holding each other accountable, to sharing one another’s accomplishments, these two know the importance and power of a Success Partner.

Monday, September 22nd | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Turning Failure into Success

6 Star Diamond Coach, Chelsea Pearson, was a depressed college dropout but turned her life around when she found Team Beachbody. Catch the NWC replay as Chelsea shares how to use your struggles to genuinely connect with your Team and customers. Plus, hear from the one and only Tony Horton – he’ll be talking P90!

 Monday, September 15th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | The Power of a Success Partner

We are called TEAM Beachbody for a reason. No one succeeds alone. 9 Star Diamond Coach, Julie Voris teaches you how teaming up with a success partner is the strategic move your business needs. Plus, learn about the first ever Fall Classic – a new Success Club competition featuring teams of two. So grab a Success Partner, listen in, and find out more!

 Monday, September 8th | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Get on your bike and ride

What do bike rides, 100-dollar bills and Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler have in common? Catch the replay to hear from Carl and SVP, Global Sales, Jeff Hill as they share personal anecdotes from the Top 10 trip to Italy that will leave you inspired, fearless and ready to become a Top 100 Success Club earner in September. Catch the replay!

Monday, September 1st | NATIONAL “WAKEUP” CALL | Creating Future Coaches

Top 10 Elite Coach, Heather Foltz used to be a money-focused rookie. Then she realized her Team, personal growth, and happiness would only improve if she started investing in others. On Monday’s call, Heather will share how genuine connections with customers build committed, successful Coaches.


Brittany LeGette Shumard started her Beachbody journey with P90X®, and now she’s a 10 Star Diamond Coach who has just paid off $12,000 in debt. How did she do it? By consistently following up. On the call, Brittany shares specific strategies for turning a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’.


In one year, Emma Whaley shot from Ruby to 5 Star Diamond Coach. Now, a 6 Star Diamond Coach, she’s on the call to share how building your Coaches’ confidence will create a stronger business, and more successful Team. If you’re hosting or participating in a group in the Coach Basics Blitz, this is one call you don’t want to miss! Catch the replay now!


6 Star Diamond Coach, Ashley Mahaffey, was frustrated. She didn’t have a strong, reliable system to train and motivate new Coaches. Along came Coach Basics and everything changed. Now, she swears by this award-winning program, and on the call she kicked off the Coach Basics Blitz. Catch the replay!


7 Star Diamond Coach, Raina O’Dell, used to struggle with eating disorders and an unhealthy relationship. Then she found Beachbody, and now she’s building the body, business and life of her dreams. On the call, Raina shares how applying consistency to all aspects of your life will launch you on the path to success. Catch the replay!


Superstar Diamond Coach Tarah Carr brought her husband home from war, 12 years early. All thanks to her incredible ability to not accept defeat. On the call Tarah shared how many ‘no’s it takes to get a ‘yes,’ and how you too can power through failure to find the success you deserve. Catch the replay now!


Superstar Diamond Coach Melissa McAllister could barely afford happy meals for her kids, and now she’s a member of the Team Beachbody Millionaire Club. How did she do it? She focused on people, not sales. On Monday’s call Melissa will share how to build real relationships and create committed customers. Don’t miss it!


6 Star Diamond Coach, Stephanie Chico, got social and now her husband’s retired and they’re building their dream home. How? She used Instagram to create genuine, lasting relationships. On Monday’s call, she’ll be talking social strategies that will help you grow your business and your Team – minus the sales-y jargon. See you there!


Ready to have your most successful Team Beachbody Cup month yet? 8 Star Diamond Coach, Anita Miron has a system that will skyrocket your success. On Monday’s call Anita will highlight how proper planning and consistency will accelerate your business, Team and success! Don’t miss it!


Superstar Diamond Coach and CEO Award recipient at Summit, Trina Gray, has a long list of accolades. But this crazy success doesn’t happen over night. Trina’s secret? Running supercharged Challenge Groups. On Monday’s call she’ll be kicking off the Team Beachbody Cup with tips for creating awesome 3-Day Refresh™ Challenge Groups, and discussing her own experience with this game-changing product. Don’t miss it!


By Monday the incredible Summit 2014 event may be over, but the Summer fun is just beginning! On Monday’s call, 2013 Elite Coaches and sisters, Becky Brossett and Kristina Delgado, will be sharing their post-Summit momentum strategies, and getting everyone pumped up for this weekend’s Super Saturday. Plus, they’ll also fill you in on why NOW is the time to start planning your Summit 2015 trip to Nashville. See you there!


It’s almost game time. Are. You. Ready? Summit 2014 is THIS WEEK. And 5 Star Coach, Anna Gray has the strategies you need to make the most of the number one, life-changing, Coach event of the year. From note-taking tips to relationship building strategies, Anna’s game plan will keep you motivated through Summit and beyond. Be there!


Ready. Set. Rapid fire! On Monday’s call, three Coach leaders will be sharing strategies for helping new Coaches stay motivated, reach their goals, and become seasoned pros. These calls are fun, fast and full of vital business-building tips. You won’t want to miss it!


5 Star Diamond Coach, Marc Canella, is a Vegas Summit pro. He works at the MGM Grand all year round after all! On Monday’s call he’ll share how life-changing and energizing Summit can be. Trust us, his passion is contagious and he’ll have you convinced Summit 2014 is the best investment, you can make in your life – and your business. See ya there!


6 Star Diamond Coach, Sarah Try, was feeling stuck climbing the corporate ladder. Then she attended a Super Saturday and realized Coaching is the job of her dreams. How does she make it work? Sarah recruits star players. On Monday’s call she’ll share her top tips for creating genuine relationships and solid Coaches.


From waiting tables to becoming financially free, 7 Star Diamond Coach, Jessica Nelson, has come a long way. She’s dreaming big again and on Monday’s call, she’ll share how recognition and celebration are the keys to personal and Team productivity. Be there!


She’s the creator of three best-selling fitness programs, personal development guru, Mom of two, shoe aficionado and social media expert. What doesn’t Chalene Johnson do? On Monday’s call this Beachbody celebrity trainer sensation will be sharing details on her newest program, PiYo (launching at Summit 2014) and the tips and tricks you need to pitch the TurboFire® May Challenge pack promotion! Be there!


It’s fair to say Superstar Diamond Coach, Traci Morrow, is a Beachbody pro. Featured most recently in P90X3®, this 6-time Summit attendee certainly knows the ins-and-outs of Team Beachbody’s world. On Monday’s call she’ll share invaluable tips she’s gathered since the beginning – and most importantly, she’ll share why Coaches at every level need to be at Summit. Don’t miss it!


From being a VP at Citibank to a 2013 Elite Coach, Micki Fernandez knows what happens when you take your business seriously. You get amazing results. On Monday’s call she has specific strategies to help you turn your Coaching hobby into a booming business. See ya there!


After battling an eating disorder, 7 Star Diamond Coach Megan Ewoldsen found a happy life balance with the help of P90X® and her Coaching business. Now she’s perfected the art of selling her story on social media, and on Monday’s call she’ll teach you how to create valuable business-building content to share with your community. Don’t miss it!

 Monday,  April 14, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The Power of Your Story

What does it mean to never give up? Elite 10 Coach, Lauren Duke knows. Lauren rocketed from new Coach to Top 10 in a year and a half. On Monday’s call, Lauren shows how your business can explode when you make commitments, set goals and believe in your story. Be there!

Monday April 7, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Slimdown For Summer With Shaun T

When Shaun T speaks, YOUR abs get stronger. Almost. Don’t miss Monday’s call when the man, the myth, the legend, that is Shaun T will be explaining why FOCUS T25® can help you and your customers slim down for Summer. Plus, Shaun has a challenge for YOU, with prizes you’ve only dreamed of. Listen in to find out how you can win!

March 31, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Building An Accountable Team

Elite Coach, Brigitte Linford, came a long way from the overweight, depressed and broke person she was two years ago. Her journey started when she attended Summit just 8 weeks after becoming a Coach and discovered her life’s passion. On Monday’s call she’ll be teaching you how to maximize accountability groups and why the three vital behaviors are fundamental for a fruitful business. Don’t miss it!

March 24, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | How to Turn Challengers into Coaches

Life was crazy for Micah Folsom: juggling two kids, her photography business and a husband in vet school. Then she got focused – on her health and Coach business, and created strategies that have her life and her Challenge Groups kicking butt. On Monday’s call, Micah will share her secrets about how to turn your Challenge Groups participants into empowered Coaches. See ya there!

March 17, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Building a Referral Network

As Director of Finance at a major University, 6 Star Diamond Coach, Lindsey Catarino, didn’t need to quit her day job. But, after building her Beachbody business, her successes as a Coach meant she could retire debt-free before her 35th birthday, AND retire her husband. On Monday’s call she’ll share how growing her Team via word of mouth helped her walk away from her desk job!

March 10, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Push Play on Your Business

From an obese stay-at-home Mom, to a fit, healthy and empowered Elite Coach, it’s fair to say Leslie Kortes turned her life and around. Want to hear her business success strategies? Tune into Monday’s Call. She’ll be sharing easy tips for turning short-term customers into long-term Challenge Group rock stars. Be there!

March 3, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Essential Tools for a Solid Business

5-time Elite Coach, Monica Ward knows how to get the most out of Team Beachbody’s programs, tools and training opportunities. On Monday’s call she’ll teach you how everything is easier when the right tools are used effectively – from inviting to creating Challenge Groups to joining Coach Basics. Don’t miss it!

February 24, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Give It All You’ve Go

Depressed, divorced and close to 300 lbs, Amber Scott had lost hope. Then she discovered Turbo Jam, Shakeology and a passion for Coaching. But her success wasn’t immediate. It took persistence and lots of trial and error. On Monday’s call she’ll share follow-up strategies and teach you how to stay determined to reach your big goals. Be there!

February 17, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | How to Seal the Deal

You hear it all the time: Invite. Invite. Invite. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Not anymore. It’s time to learn from the masters. On Monday’s call, Tommy Mygrant and Mike Ryan are sharing detailed play-by-plays that’ll have you filling up Challenge Groups and Coach Basics Groups in no time. Don’t miss it!

February 10, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Rapid Fire: Grow Your Business With the Cup

Third time’s the charm for these three winning Team Cup Captains. In their third Cup they placed 1st, 3rd and 4th, and in doing so achieved everything from rank advancement, to increased pay checks, to inspire their team members to start their own Cup Teams. Tune into Monday’s call to hear their winning strategies to help you grow your business and go for gold!

February 3, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | New Products, New Business

From a chubby kid to a fit and fearless Team Beachbody leader, 11 Star Diamond Coach, Jimmy Hays Nelson knows how to chase dreams and inspire personal growth. On Monday’s call he’ll teach you how to leverage new products like the 21 Day Fix to achieve your goals, boost your business, and increase your health and fitness expertise. Don’t miss it!

January 27, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Autumn Introduces 21 Day Fix

She’s a mom, national bikini competitor and master of all things fitness and nutrition. On Monday’s call, we are proud to introduce: Autumn Calabrese – creator and celebrity trainer behind the NEW 21 Day Fixprogram. Autumn Calabrese will be LIVE to discuss how she developed this revolutionary program, and how those rainbow plastic containers are the key to you and your customers’ success. Be there!

January 20, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Focus with Shaun T

He has a six-pack that won’t quit, five best-selling home fitness programs, and an entourage named after him. Yes, THE Shaun T will be LIVE on Monday’s National Wakeup Call talking resolutions, goal setting and how his newest hit program, Focus T25, can help your Coach business. Get ready. Get focused. Don’t miss it!

 January 13, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Top Tips from a Top Coach

Big congratulations to our newly-crowned 2013 Top Coach, Lindsay Matway! From broke and feeling hopeless to Team Beachbody’s #1 Coach, she’s proven she knows what it really takes to get to the top. On Monday’s call she’ll be talking about what makes a successful Coach, and persistence you need to become one of Beachbody’s best. Don’t miss it!

January 6, 2014 | National “Wake-Up” Call | 2014: Ignite Your Business

If there’s one person who knows how to set goals then blast past them, it’s Beachbody Co-Founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler. On Monday’s call, Carl will be kicking off 2014 with expert advice on how to make this year the best one yet—with an important call-to-action for every Coach. Plus, this week’s National Wakeup Call doubles as an exciting intro to our LIVE January Surge event from 9am–5pm PST immediately following. Don’t miss it!

December 30, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Start 2014 Strong

This is it. The final stretch and the starting gate for 2014. All in one. It’s time to finish the year with a bang and use that momentum to blast into the New Year. On Monday’s call SVP, Network Marketing, Michael Neimand, and SVP, Global Sales, Jeff Hill, will be celebrating the successes of 2013, and giving you the boost you need for 2014. Start right, start strong and be there!

December 23, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Find Your Passion to Find Success

5 Star Diamond Coach Amy Silverman knows successful Coaching is more than selling Challenge Packs and posting selfies. It’s about inner passion and discovering what inspires you to help others. On Monday’s call Amy will share her secrets to help you and your Team discover the passion that’ll drive your Coach business forward and get you fired up. Tune in!

December 16, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Build More Than a Challenge Group

Earlier this year, 7 Star Diamond Coach, Kati Heifner, struggled with running Challenge Groups. Now they are her favorite part of being a Beachbody Coach. What changed? Listen to Monday’s call to learn how Kati reconnected with her business and made Challenge Groups central to her success. Don’t miss it!

December 9, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Tony Talks P90X3

He inspired millions to get healthy by igniting a fitness revolution. And he’ll be live on Monday’s call to talk directly to YOU. On Monday’s call, Tony Horton, the world renowned creator of P90X®, P90X2®, P90X3, will be chatting exclusively about the December 10th debut of P90X3, and discussing how this workout will change the game. Don’t miss the opportunity to get advice straight from this fitness legend.

December 2, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Success Starts With Coach Basics

13 Star Diamond Coach, Trina Gray, was stuck. She had a big Team, but didn’t know how to mentor or train her Coaches. Then she found Coach Basics. She turned her weakness into strength, and propelled her business forward. Hear Trina interview two of her Coaches about their experiences with the program and learn why it works. Game-changing program. Game-changing call. Don’t miss it!

November 25, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Making the Right Connections

She was homeless, living in friends’ spare rooms, and $100,000 in debt. Now Superstar Diamond Coach, Alli Upham is far from rock bottom. On Monday’s call she shares the plan of action that boosted her business when she had nowhere else to turn. Her strategy starts with meeting people and ends with genuine relationships and a booming Coach business. Tune in and take notes!

November 18, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Inviting: Real Talk, Real Results

You’ve heard it before. Invite, invite, invite. But, how? 7 Star Diamond Coach, Scottie Hobbs, has the answers. On Monday’s call Scottie and one of his top Coaches will reenact the invitation process, play-by-play. This breakdown is the script you need to succeed. Don’t miss it!

November 11, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Sharing Is Selling

She can sell anything because she shares everything. 7 Star Diamond Coach, Michelle Meyers, built her business by sharing her story, opportunities and Shakeology. On Monday’s call she’ll share storytelling strategies that will help you sell with confidence, nobility and purpose. Listen in.

November 4, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Starting New Coaches Strong

Once upon a time she was working two jobs to make ends meet. Now she’s leading four Team Beachbody business centers, and has 42 Lifetime Diamonds. It’s safe to say, 15 Star Diamond II, Jenelle Summers knows how to build a rock solid business. On Monday’s call she’ll share how to get your new Coaches started on the right foot, and she’ll get you fired up to kick November off with a bang!

October 28, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Lessons in Leadership

From Mom to mogul, 12 Star Diamond Coach, Melanie Mitro, understands good leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. On Monday’s call she explains why being proactive and passionate are essential for dynamite leadership. With less than a week left in the Team Beachbody Cup, you can’t afford to miss her tips on productivity and perseverance!

October 21, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The Power of Accountability

Her first paychecks from Team Beachbody barely covered groceries. Now, 15 Star Diamond Coach, Mindy Wender, is a fulltime Coach, with 24 personally sponsored lifetime Diamonds. What does she credit her success and the strength of her Team to? One thing: accountability. On Monday’s call she explains why measuring progress and teamwork is what your Team needs to clinch the Team Beachbody Cup!

October 14, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Motivating the Masses

15 Star Diamond Coach, Mindy Lawhorne, went from jobless to the Millionaire’s Club and along the way, learned that motivation comes from within. Listen to Monday’s call where she teaches you how high to set the bar — and ensure you and your Team reach it. These tips could be the spark your Team needs to win the Team Beachbody Cup!

October 7, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Creating a Winning Team

They rocked the Team Beachbody Cup in July, and now winning Team Captain, Melanie Cumoletti, and fellow Team member, Clarissa Lupton, will explain why getting up, showing up and never giving up will get you to the top. Listen to the replay of Monday’s call so you can start the Cup strong!

September 30, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Cup Kick Off Call

Hear Carl Daikeler’s powerful message to get out there and make connections, start conversations, be prepared for the Surge of weight loss customers in January, and be positioned to earn over $900 for the holidays.

September 30, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Leading the Charge

15 Star Diamond Coach II, Christine Dwyer inspired thousands on this week’s National #WakeupCall. Listen to the replay to hear her no-fail strategies for kicking off the TBB Cup strong and to hear CEO Carl Daikeler’s motivation for bringing your ‘A’ game this fall!

September 23, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Leadership Retreat Roundup

4 Star Diamond Canadian Coach, Miguel Carrasco, rocked this week’s National #WakeupCall. Listen to the replay to hear Miguel discuss the hot new announcements from the 2013 Leadership Retreat and how he’s planning to leverage them to lead his Team forward.

September 16, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Stepping Up to Lead

7 Star Diamond Coach, Missy Hacker, rallied the troops on this week’s National #WakeupCall. Listen to the replay to hear how you can step up to lead your Team each and every day!

September 9, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Simple Steps for Success

7 Star Diamond Coach, Kelly Nieforth rocked this week’s National #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to the replay to learn how to simplify Coaching, and how real results are always within your reach. Don’t miss it!

September 2, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Coaching with Heart

7 Star Diamond Coach, Sommer Tucker brought heart and soul to this week’s National #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to the replay to to hear why she thinks sincerity and Coaching with your heart make the biggest difference of all. Don’t miss it!


August 26, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Crafting Powerful Invitations

8 Star Diamond Coach, Brandi Botts fired up this week’s National #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to the replay to learn how Brandi builds a committed team with her solid invitation strategies. Don’t miss it!

August 19, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Setting Standards for Success

5 Star Diamond Coach, Coby Linder proved what it means to be a rockstar on this week’s National #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to the replay to hear Coby’s take on personal development, the importance of a support system, and why you need to set the bar high. Don’t miss it!

August 12, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | New Ways to Create Challenge Groups

5 Star Diamond Coach, Kristina Delgado rocked this week’s National #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to the replay to hear the new ways Kristina creates Challenge Groups and learn how she pairs creativity and purpose to juggle multiple groups. Don’t miss it!

August 5, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Mobilizing the Masses

If you missed the SPECIAL EDITION Wakeup Call, call into the replay to find out what CEO Carl Daikeler sees as the future of this business and how to mobilize your Team to get out there, INVITE and end the trend of obesity once and for all. Don’t miss it!

July 29, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Perfecting Your Pitch

5 Star Diamond Coach Amber Scott turned up the heat on this week’s Wakeup Call! Tune it to hear how Amber reels in a multitude of Challenge Pack customers and the surprising places she finds them.

July 22, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Growing a Dream Team

11 Star Diamond Coach Barbie Decker fired up this week’s Wakeup Call! Tune it to hear Barbie’s simple steps to help you create a rock-solid downline and a paycheck to match.

July 15, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Inspiring Greatness

Rock star Coaches Danielle Hinson, Scottie Hobbs and Lindsay Stroschein lit up this week’s Rapid Fire call! Tune in to learn how to find new Coaches and turn them into the Diamonds of tomorrow.

July 8, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Pitching Healthy Habits

Seay Stanford rocked this week’s #WakeupCall! Jump on the replay to learn Seay’s Shakeology sales secrets — including her no-fail invitation strategies.

July 1, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Turning Real Talk into Real Results

Becky Brossett fired up this week’s #WakeupCall! Tune in to find out how Becky builds relationships from real conversations and uses smart strategies to yield incredible results.

 June 24, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Vanilla Shakeology® Revealed

Deep in the heart of Madagascar, the Ingredient Hunter Darin Olien, finally found the perfect source for our NEW Vanilla Shakeology®! Listen to the replay to hear how he discovered the purest, most sustainable Vanilla bean and how you can get your order—fast.

June 17, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Coaching on All Cylinders

Nicole L. Jones rocked this week’s #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to hear how she’s planning to leverage Summit 2013 to fuel her business and her big dreams!

June 10, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Mentoring in the Moment

Kristina Sullins understands the importance of timing—she met her future husband on the school bus! After losing her job in 2009, she took time into her own hands by becoming a full time Team Beachbody Coach and by 2011 she was running a six-figure Beachbody business. Tune in to hear how this busy new-mom uses “time-tactics” to mentor her new Coaches and keep her business (and sanity) in check!

June 3, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | In It to Win It

2 Star Diamond Coach, Claudia Lopez took the #WAKEUPCALL to new heights. Listen to the playback to hear how her TBB Cup Team developed their leadership skills, grew their business and hear their secrets to winning big!

May 27, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Raising a Mommy Coach Network

5 Star Diamond Coach, Melanie Mitro rocked this week’s #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to hear how this Super Mom has risen to Elite Coach status and watched her business empire boom in less than two years!

May 20, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The Art of Story Sharing

5 Star Diamond Coach, Jimmy Hays Nelson amped up this week’s #WAKEUPCALL! Tune in to discover how using the 3 Vital Behaviors and the “Art of Sharing,” helped him ascend to 5 Star Diamond status!

May 13, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Lessons from Legends

Superstar Coaches Traci Morrow, Christine Dwyer and Josh Spencer took the #WAKEUP Rapid Fire call to a whole new level this week! Tune in to the playback for never-heard before insight they gathered on the way to the top, the lessons they’ve learned, and the phenomenal advice they would give to their new Coach selves.

May 6, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Baby Steps to ‘BOSS’ Lady

Heather Foltz rocked this week’s #WAKEUP call. Tune in to the playback to hear how stepping out of your comfort zone can take your business to the top.

April 29, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Your Future in Focus

Trina Gray rocked this week’s #WAKEUP call with her tips on how to balance a busy lifestyle, and keep your eye on your most important goals. Tune in to the playback to hear Trina’s top tips for prioritizing your day, and find out how she has made her business highly productive—in even less time.

April 22, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Achieving Ironclad Results

Kristi Curtis is an Ironman athlete who works her business and her training routine with the same tactics in mind—hard work, consistency, and results. For Kristi, firing her boss fired her up to focus her coaching efforts on perfecting the Invitation Process. On Monday’s call, you’re invited to hear exactly how she does it!

April 15, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The Road to Emerald

David Ingram showed everyone why making the jump to Emerald is a major milestone in any Coach’s career on this week’s #WAKEUP call. Tune in to the playback to hear why hitting Emerald status is so important—and what key steps you need to take to get there.

April 8, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The Business Workout

Lauren Knight helped everyone get their business into shape on this week’s #WAKEUP call. Tune in to the playback to get great tips on how to keep your business ‘fit’ all year round.

April 1, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Putting Skin in the Game

Tarah Carr proved that distance is no obstacle on this week’s #WAKEUP call. Tune in to the playback to get great tips on keeping your team motivated and connected, regardless of circumstance—or location!


March 25th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Beyond the Cup

Mike Ryan hit a homer on this week’s #WAKEUP call, breaking down the most effective ways to use the 3 Vital Behaviors—and gave great advice on how to keep your Team productive long after Cup is over.

March 18th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Lights, Camera Accountability

Lindsay lit up this week’s #WAKEUP call with her insider scoop on how she used the Team Beachbody Cup to DOUBLE her business! Listen to the playback and pick up some tips on how to use her “accountability technique.”

March 11th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The Art of Inviting

Melissa revved up this week’s #WAKEUP call with the ultimate tips on inviting. Be sure to listen to the playback to get the lowdown on her invite secrets on everything from social media to Shakeology®.

March 4th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Turing Objections into Opportunities

Tommy Mygrant took the #WAKEUPCALL by storm this week with a no holds barred look at overcoming objections. His advice is a real, honest look into how you can get the answer you want each and every day. Listen to the replay—then pass it on!

February 25th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The 2-Minute Value Pitch

We shook up the #WAKEUPCALL this week with a new Rapid Fire concept—and heard from 4 Elite Coaches, who each had 2 minutes to hit us with their best Challenge Pack value pitch. That means you’ll learn FOUR unique ways to sell Challenge Packs. Boom!

February 18th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

In just 14 months, Meghan took her business from stalled to #11 on the Elite leader boards, became a Success Club 10 All-Star, and sold a staggering 247 Challenge Packs. Here, you’ll find out how she did it—and learn how to turn your BIG goals into S.M.A.R.T. Goals. A must-listen!

February 11th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The Road to Buenos Aires

Where do YOU want to be a year from now? Our Elite 10 Coaches asked themselves that same question last year—and today, they’re living a life they’d only ever dreamed about. Find out how they earned a trip to Buenos Aires, and what a HUGE difference one year can make.

February 4th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | How to Supercharge Your Teams

If you want to take your business to the top in 2013, you need to hear this #WAKEUPCALL. Superstar leader Hillary Kelly shared her insider secrets for keeping her Coaches engaged, motivated, and in Success Club—every month. You can’t pay for Personal Development like this!

January 28th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | How to Convert Customers to Coaches

It’s no secret: The best Coaches start with a Success Story of their own! And on this #WAKEUPCALL, Danielle Hinson shows you how to identify these types of customers, when to introduce the coaching Opportunity, and ultimately, how to INVITE them to be the next leader on your Team.

January 21st, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | The X Factor

In less than 16 months, Irene Estrada transformed her health, became a Coach, and took her business from brand new to number two on the Elite leader board. Find out how she’s using Success Stories, Fit Clubs, and Shakeology parties to make the impossible, possible.

January 14th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Fast Track to Financial Freedom

Average Coaches get started. Elite Coaches get started right. Nobody knows this better than Superstar Coach Jenelle Summers—who walks every Coach she signs up through her coveted “PUSH” program. Find out how it works, and why so many of her Coaches are on the fast track to financial freedom.

January 7th, 2013 | National “Wake-Up” Call | Dream BIG in 2013

On our first-ever National “Wake-Up” Call ever, you’ll hear from Carl at his most candid, as he shares his vision for the future of Team Beachbody—and inspires you to dream bigger in 2013 than you ever have before.


December 31st, 2012 | On the Eve of Significance

We are on the brink of a revolution. And on the last Nat’l Coach Call ever (now Nat’l “Wake-Up” Call), Brett Blake, Michael Neimand, and Jeff Hill revealed some of our biggest plans for 2013—and beyond.

December 24th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | 3 Gifts that Make a Difference

This Christmas Eve, founding Coach Doug Fitzgerald got back to the heart of what Team Beachbody is all about: People helping people. Start your holiday with a message of hope—and learn about the three gifts that never stop giving.

December 17th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | A Gift from Shakeology®

Bottoms up! There’s a delicious new Chocolate Shakeology formula in the house. Find out what’s changed, why it’s better, and how to take advantage of this massive end-of-year opportunity from the man himself—Carl Daikeler.

December 10th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Tackling the Obesity Crisis

Paul Zane Pilzer is a revolutionary. He’s written 9 best-selling books, advised two U.S. presidents, and appeared in over 100 magazines. PUSH PLAY for a preview of his Success Club Conference speech—and find out why Team Beachbody is in the best position on Earth to end the trend of obesity.

December 3rd, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Introducing… Club Snugology!

Successful people NEVER stop moving! Here, Superstar Diamond Coach Monica Gray shows you how to keep focused and moving through holidays, and introduces you to the coziest club in town—Club Snugology!

November 26th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Eye of the Tiger

David Ingram is on. A. Tear. He’s using a simple method to conquer ridiculous feats—like get 10 people into a Challenge in less than 24 hours, extend over 1,500 INVITES, and hit Success Club for 22 months straight. Here, he shows you exactly how he’s getting it done. Push play!

November 19th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Success Club Swagger

On this emotional Coach Call, Chris Balmert explains his rise from unranked to 9 Star Diamond Coach, what being a Coach has done for him and family, and why, every month, he’ll do whatever it takes to be part of the “Club”.

November 12th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | The Art of the Comeback

Coach Lisa Koehler was bankrupt. Beachbody Prez/Co-Founder Jon Congdon is recovering from a major knee operation. On this tear-jerking call, hear how these two fighters are making comebacks that would give even Rocky Balboa a run for his money.

November 5th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | The Power of Influence

This call will light your fire! Chris Widener is a renowned motivational speaker and New York Times Best-Selling author, and will be giving the keynote address at our 2013 Success Club Conference. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of his brilliant speech—plus tips from two 15 Star Diamond Coaches: Hillary Kelly and Christine Dwyer.

October 29th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Challenge it Forward

We don’t call her Priscilla, Queen of the Challenge Groups, for nothin’. Hear how this newly-crowned 5 Star Diamond Coach is creating an empire of success—and what you can do, right now, to follow suit.

October 22nd, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Rocktober Rally (feat. Chilli)

Don’t go chasing Challenge Groups just yet. Listen to this call first—and find out how Chilli (of TLC) fell in love with Beachbody, why she became a Coach, and what she’s doing to turn Atlanta into Challenge Group city. Inspiration and motivation for a strong Rocktober finish!

October 15th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | The Revolution of Tennessee

When Richard Neal first committed one year of his life to losing 200 pounds, he never could’ve imagined the chain of events that would follow. He lost over 240 pounds with P90X and Shakeology, won $100,000 in the Beachbody Challenge contest, and is now on a mission to #EndTheTrend of obesity in Tennessee. Don’t miss this one!

October 8th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Enter The ASYLUM, Vol. 2

Are. You. Ready? Enter ASYLUM II for the first time EVER—with the man behind the abs, Shaun T! He takes you behind the scenes of ASYLUM II (which launches Thursday, October 11th), answers your questions, and teaches you what it means to be elite. Also featuring cast member/5 Star Diamond Coach, Danielle Hinson.

October 1st, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | 4th Quarter Rally

Tommy Mygrant brought lightning in a bottle to this call and made sure everybody got some. He. Is. Pumped. Hit “replay” below to hear how Team Beachbody changed his life, why YOU are so important, and tips for leveraging all the new 4th quarter promotions.

September 24th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Unleash Your Inner Leader

“This is YOUR business! Get fierce. You need to have the fire in your belly.” That’s coming from Trina Gray, a 7 Star Diamond Coach, wife, mom, leader, dreamer, and doer. She’s squeezing every last drop out of life and shows you how to do the same on this call. Plus, you’ll get to hear from our CEO and meet the new Beachbody Challenge host.

September 17th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Build Your DREAM Team

“Never dream alone,” says 15 Star Diamond Coach Jessica Campos—who is a lawyer by trade, but a LEADER by example. Her story will pull at your heartstrings. Her courage will lift you up. And her method for building the perfect “tribe” will help you open doors you never knew existed. This is a must-listen!

September 10th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Failing Forward

Get ready for a double-shot of awesome. First, Superstar Coach Mike Ryan delivers an electrifying speech on going “all in”, being “Coachable”, and failing forward. Then, Carl Daikeler brings down the house with a passionate reminder and a new Challenge. Enjoy!

September 3rd, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | A Leap of Faith

Back in 2009, Alli Vaughn was juggling multiple dead-end jobs, working 80+ hours/week, and living out of her car. Hear how Team Beachbody and a “leap of faith” helped her turn it all around—and find out what 3 things you can do right now to change YOUR fortune.


August 27th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Life After the Cup

On this #TBBCup grand finale, 15 Star Diamond Coach Robert Hudgens shows you how to turn your summer success into fall fortune. Diamond Coach Susan Hobbs makes a surprise cameo—with a goal-getting story that’ll have you moving mountains this autumn. Push play!

August 20th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Essential Leadership Skills

What skills do you need to perfect in order to become an effective leader? Listen to this call and learn how Jeffrey Armbruster and Mike Ryan hone their leadership skills daily and what you can do to sharpen your own leadership skills and build you business.

August 13th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Rallying Your New Coaches

How do you rally your New Coaches into a rockstar frenzy in four easy steps? Listen to this call and learn how Chris Balmert and Lindsay Matway incorporate easy to replicate techniques to engage their new Coaches and help them to build their business fast!

August 6th, 2012 | Team Beachbody Cup Training #5 | Create Your 10-Hour Workweek

How’d you like to be faster and more efficient than say…Superman? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And on this week’s training call, Scottie Hobbs and David Ingram show you how to cram 40 hours of work into just 10—using lists, reminders, schedulers, video, and more.

July 30th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | How to Handle ANY Objection

How many times have you heard your prospects say, “It costs too much.” or “I have no time.” or “This is a pyramid scheme, isn’t it?” On this piping hot training call, Bob Lucido and Lauren Knight show you how to handle these objections and more by using specific real-life examples. Enjoy!

July 23rd, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | The 2-Minute Elevator Pitch

Every time you step into an elevator (or get in line at the market, etc.), you have about two minutes to turn total strangers into new friends. On this superb call, Melissa McAllister & Danielle Hinson share about a bazillion creative ways to make the best of those two minutes—every time!

July 16th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | 6 Effective Ways to INVITE

From the doc’s office to your Facebook® Wall, there’s always an INVITE opportunity with your name on it. On this call, you’ll learn how to recognize those opportunities, conquer your fears, and use creative conversation starters to break the ice and build relationships.

July 9th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | The 5 Laws of Attraction

Take everything you ever heard about Attraction Marketing and throw it out the window! In just 30 minutes, Coaches Jenelle Summers (15 Star) and Kristina Sullins (9 Star) lay down the 6 laws—from branding yourself to being a service center to getting the very most out of social media.

July 2nd, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | Your Inner Beast

On this beastly Team Beachbody® Cup kickoff call, Sagi “The Body Beast™” Kalev shares his extremely inspiring journey from skinny kid to Israeli solider to bodybuilding extraordinaire. Carl Daikeler closes things out with an explosion of energy like only he can. If this call doesn’t get you jacked up and ready to take on anything for the next 9 weeks, nothing will.

June 25th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | “COMMIT to Lead”

Still soaring on the Summit high, Coach Monica Ward brought the best of Summit 2012 back from Las Vegas—and unleashed it on the Nat’l Coach Call. Elvis (I mean Carl Daikeler) wrapped things up with an emotional reminder of who we are, what we do, and why we must commit to lead.

June 18th, 2012 | Weekly National Coach Call | “The Big Bang”

With Summit 2012 just days away, this week’s Coach Call felt like an explosion of energy, emotion, and ideas. 12 Star Coach Traci Morrow and her teammate, 2 Star Coach Kit Caldicott, shared their pre-, during-, and post-Summit game plan—and Carl Daikeler introduced Operation: Health Blitz. It’s on!