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Craig Holiday - 90 Days of Excellence - Self Esteem

We all can make a choice to change our past.  We can draw a line today and decide to bless the next generation and not dwell on things that might be holding us back from our past.


One of the biggest tasks for a lot of us is ourselves.  We don’t believe we can accomplish certain things because of guilt or because of things in our past.    If we don’t face the struggles in our lives now we will end up with regrets later in our lives.

We all have different hand-me-downs and things of our past that we must get over.  This could be alcoholic parents, abuse, a rough childhood, or many different things.  Craig Holiday tells his life story of problems and uses an old chest as an example when giving talks to groups of people.  Sometimes we have to take that chest out of the attic and empty out the things that are bothering us and holding us back.  One of his for example was an old baseball mitt.  It reminds him of his father and how they used to play catch and then one day when he was 7 years old his father just walked out of his life.

Even if you have had a great life and great parents there is always little things that get passed down to us.  These may be big things or they may be small things and we don’t forget about them but what we need to do is learn to deal with them.

Now what does hand-me-downs have to do with our success with Beachbody?

It has to do with our Self Esteem.  It has to do with believing in yourself.

A lot of us end up with a person on each shoulder.  One of them is saying, “You are a masterpiece, you were meant to do incredible things” and the one on the other side says,  “Who are you kidding?  You have all of these things in your past, how are you supposed to impact others lives?”

A lot of us face that “struggle within”.  Can we really be successful?  Can we really stand on a stage and share our life with others and impact the lives of thousands with everything that has happened in our past?  The answer is YES, we can learn to overcome these obstacles.

All of us at birth are a masterpiece.  Craig Holiday calls it POEMA.  It’s a Greek word that means workmanship.  We are created to do mighty things with our lives.  As young children, we believe that there is nothing we can’t do.  We know how to dream.  Then as we grow older we start to doubt ourselves.  These dreams and ambitions end up in a trunk stored in the attic of our lives.

Hand-me-downs your dreams and passions, a MASTERPIECE.

“As children we have no limits, we are given the ability to dream endlessly.  There is nothing we cannot do.  The world seems large but it is our dreams that shrink it and make it available to us.  We have no boundries when it comes to seeing our future as exciting, wonderful, and full of chances.   As we grow up and begin to face the challenges of life we begin to shrink our dreams.  We begin to limit not only what we can accomplish, but who we are.  We no longer feel as if we are limitless, infallible, unable to be stopped.  The world becomes so large a place that we fear.  A place which seems to control us.  The fear stops us from dreaming any longer.  We accept our fate.  Average becomes acceptable.  We find ourselves in a large, dark forest with no way out.  Someone comes into our life, deep in that dark forest and reaches out a hand and gently walks beside us, pointing out the beauty of the forest.  You soon begin to understand this journey.  Darkness only exist when you are alone, without a vision, burdened by the past, unable to forgive those that have hurt you, and those who have stolen your dreams, and limited you and crushed the child in you.  But now, we are faced with a choice.  Do we stay in the darkness or do we choose the light?  The gentle hand guides you, comforts you, walks with you and you now believe again.  Like a child you are free from the past and dreams once again become easy, accomplishable.  Those dreams shelved in the attic of your life burdened with cob webs quietly awaiting your arrival are visited by you again.  You now know that your life is like a circular staircase, each turn forces a decision.  Move forward or retreat, there is no ability to remain where you are.   It’s those dreams that give us life, hope, vision, and without those dreams we perish.   Dreams give us freedom, freedom to see ourselves as a child again, unburdened by life, the masterpiece of creation.  It’s in this place where dreams transport us, that we are free.”

 -Craig Holiday-

There is nothing that kids believe that they can’t do.  Kids dream endlessly .  There is nothing that holds them back.  They believe they can be whatever they want when they grow up.   As they grow older,  life gets in the way and they begin to doubt themselves.  One of the biggest obstacles you will see in growing your Beachbody business is YOURSELF

Greatest Obstacle = YOURSELF

Until you see yourself where you want to be, you can’t get there.  We have mentors where we want to be and they are reaching their hand back to help you and help you believe in yourself.

I love the story that Craig tells about twin brothers.  One ended up in prison with a horrible life while the other had an amazing life and was a very influential person in the community.  When asked why their lives ended up the way they did, the brother in prison said he had a horrible childhood, he had no other choice.  The other brother used his past as a launching pad and realized that he could control his future, that the past didn’t matter.

“Tragedy is when the dream dies yet the dreamer lives.”

If we keep these things of our past in the trunk and don’t deal with them they keep us from hoping and from dreaming.  We all know that we can’t reach back into our past and change things.  We can’t get one minute back from our past.  The past is the past.  We have to draw a line and move forward.   We can’t let the past, which we have no control over to affect where we are and where we are going.


Someday, someway, I knew I was going to do something great with my life.  For a lot of us, this Beachbody coaching opportunity is just that.

What is amazing as a coach is that thousands of people were in that dark forest before they met you and you are that gentle hand reaching down into the forest to lead them out.  You are going into that forest, giving them your hand, and walking them out and into a life of light and happiness.  They may not believe in Beachbody yet, but they believe in you.  What you do is lift people up around you and love people unconditionally. 

In this business you can’t build it unless you put yourself 2nd and put other people 1st and before yourself.

They have to be more important and you HAVE to become significant in their lives.  When you listen to coaches tell their story it’s not always about a weight loss or health. A lot of times it’s about overcoming obstacles in their lives and being able to dream again and then being able to help others do the same thing.

Draw a line in the sand and embrace life.

There are things in the past you can’t change.  Let’s deal with them and move forward with life.  When we overcome the pain and the struggles in our own lives, we can then transform and change the lives of others.  If we can’t overcome that for ourselves, we will never have the blessing to help others do that.

You are created as a masterpiece, POEMA.  An amazing example is when Michelangelo chiseled out of rock the statue of David in France.  It is a true and beautiful masterpiece.   Michelangelo  said he saw that image in the rock before he even began.  He saw the perfect vision of David as he began to chisel away and that is how he created this masterpiece.

As a coach our goal and our vision is to help a new coach, friend, or family member understand what they can be and not what they are now.  Help them see the vision of what they will become.  There is a complete coorelation of success with changing your life in this Beachbody Coaching business. 

You must see yourself as that statue of David and chisel away at your life, always having that perfect vision of you will be.

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