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Create a Life By Design- Christmas Memories

 Create a Life By Design


I’m coming to realize throughout this year that I have always had a fear of money. Always worried about the future, how to retire, how to pay for weddings, how to pay for school, 401K, creating a savings. It always seemed that when we got a few hundred dollars in savings our car would break down or the house would flood. There was always something that continued to fuel the fear of money…. or lack thereof. Can anybody relate to this? I remember that I always had a shoe box with about $200 extra dollars in my closet in case I had an emergency. This was a blessing and a curse in many ways.

A blessing in the fact that it forced Gabby and I to budget really well to pay the bills and survive and stay ahead by at least 1-2 weeks on our bills. We would take out $40 from every two week pay check throughout the year so that we could have close to $1000 by the end of the year to provide a Christmas. One big gift for the family ( like a couch, new washer, new dryer, ect.) and then some gifts for the kids.

Fast forward to 2011 moving forward when I made a decision to be the CEO of my own life and to build a business helping people with products that I love. Each year our income has continued to grow to the place where we were able to pay off our home, retire my Mom from her job, and go on some pretty fun trips with our company to be around and connect with our team and people across the country. Being afraid of money FORCED me to put it all into our home which is how we were able to pay it off.

I am currently reading The Legacy Journey by Dave Ramsey and learning so many things that are helping me realize that I don’t own any of this income or wealth that has been created. I am just anointed as a manager of it in this life time and I am becoming more aware about what is going on and okay with it continuing to grow because I am learning ways that we can contribute and give back. It creates time for me to give my heart and soul to others that are wanting to make big changes in their lives as well.

We have goals, dreams, and things we have always wanted to do but I kept putting them off in the past because of this fear I talk about above. What if we lose it, what if this and that, what if!!?!?!?!?! Speaking with Gabby just a couple of days ago we realized that we have not bought any Christmas gifts for each other or the kids. Right then I was like, “lets go to Hawaii and take the kids instead. We’re always traveling and leaving them with Grandparents. Let’s take them to the beach and do something we have wanted to do for the past 8 years.” How many of you, just like me, are putting off things we want to experience out of fear that we won’t have enough? I know this has been me. My kids are my LIFE and I want to experience things with them that they will remember for their entire lives. The kids don’t know yet but we have booked flights from Christmas morning to Maui and will be traveling back on January 1st and all 6 of us will be spending their days off from school in Hawaii!

I want to thank first and foremost God for allowing us to grow and make an impact with so many people. 2nd I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that believes in us and trusts us to live the example of a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

If you have lived in fear and have been searching for something to help you and your family stop living paycheck to paycheck or you know somebody that NEEDS something like that. Please send me a message as we will be having a webinar on Thursday night that I would like to invite you to listen to so that you can learn how you can do this with us