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Don't be Fooled by Before After Photos |

I recently did an 8 second reel that had the words saying “I took a picture every day since I started working out”. I literally stood in front of the mirror, slouched and stuck my belly out, and then slowly started sucking in and improving my posture while flexing. It has over 6 million views and thousands of comments. Don’t be fooled by before after photos was the point of the video with a little humor.

The caption literally said, “Don’t be fooled by just a before/after and certainly don’t compare yourself to a perfectly posed and fasted IG pic.”

The amount of people calling it fake is actually stunning. Of course it’s fake. The caption literally tells you to not be fooled by before/after photos on IG or Instagram. It was a fun social experiment to say the least. However, what we do is real work. No diets and no quick fixes. Real nutrition and consistent hard work.

With that being shared, I want to share the transformation of my friend Scott Cluff. He’s down 31 lbs in 2 months now, but what I want you to notice is the strength and conditioning and how it’s improved his hikes.

“My first hike around Sprague Lake I weighed 260 pounds on July 10th. I weighed in at 229 this morning and am down 31 pounds in just 2 months! I’m so freaking excited and love life again with more energy and being active loving the mountains! The 6.5 mile hike I did last month took me 7 hours. I did a comparable 6.5 mile hike this week that now took me 4 hours! I have an awesome coach that supports me with a lot of cheering and advice. Scottie Hobbs. This weight loss is large part to drinking Shakeology every day and doing Liift 4 workouts in addition to hiking!”

We are looking to help a few more people get started OR re-started on your health and fitness journey so if this person is YOU. Send me an email at

If you want to join our team and help build this SUPERSTAR Team you can JOIN with this LINK and then I will text you once you have officially joined.

If you have QUESTIONS first please APPLY with the FORM HERE and then I will reach out to you.

Don't be Fooled by Before After Photos