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Dynasty Strong

dynasty-strong, strong dynasty, team dynasty

Gabby and I are sitting here in Indianapolis after our 7th Coach Summit with full hearts and a sense of joy and excitement as we get ready to head back home to our 5 kids with a desire to work hard and accomplish some pretty incredible goals.  This has to be the most rewarding and fulfilling Coach Summit that we have ever experienced in our 7 years with this company. It is an AMAZING time to be a coach. We have the big momentum and an incredible line up of product launches over the next 18 months.  We have been known as Team Dynasty for 7 years but as we leave this Summit we are DYNASTY STRONG.  Why Dynasty Strong?  Because we are creating a tribe of incredible strong humans passionate about living life to the fullest, working hard, and having FUN.

dynasty-strong, dynasty strong, strong dynasty, team dynasty

When you spend time with somebody remember it’s not what you leave them with when you are gone but what you leave in them.  Each day you have the opportunity to make a difference and we don’t know that we are making history in the moment.  To be a part of Dynasty Strong you must be Respectful, Hard-Working, and Compassionate.  You have got to have HEART and HUSTLE, you’ve got to be an optimist, and love being a part of a community.  You don’t have to win, but you will REFUSE to lose because you are STRONG. You are Dynasty Strong.

dynasty strong, strong dynasty, shine dynasty, dynasty shine

This year we will be an Elite Team for the 6th time.  We WILL develop 10 new Diamond coaches in the next 6 months and be a Super Star (15 Star Diamond) team.  We have incredible leadership. YOU will provide more leadership and we will continue to stand above the crowd. This coaching career is not what I do, it’s who I am.  We are Dynasty Strong. 

dynasty strong, strong dynasty, team dynasty

NO regrets my friend.  It’s your time.  How can I show up and serve the world better? Being different is your POWER. You are stronger than you think you are and every time we face obstacles we are going to FIGURE IT OUT and grow to be even stronger each year.

dynasty strong, strong dynasty, team dynasty, coach summit indianapolis

It was April 11th 2011, 18 days after the birth of our 3rd daughter Elina that I was sitting in a cubicle before work started, going through our mail. I opened the hospital bill, the Baby Doctor bill, the Anesthesiologist bill, and a few others.
I was working 10-12 hours a day and Gabby worked nights. But she was home with the new baby and we had to make that decision.
Does she go back? Do I get another job ? Do we pay more for a baby sitter for 3 kids now?

I remember this day as if it was yesterday and I was spinning. I felt like I was drowning and I was afraid. I work hard. I do more than expected at every job I have ever had. I’m a Good man. Why can we not keep up?

I am grateful for that day because it’s the day that my fear of knowing how to take care of my family became greater than my fear of failing as a Coach and so I started my own business after playing with the idea for 8 months. The programs CHANGED my life and helped me lose 38lbs!

I had no smart phone. No internet in my home. No laptop. No extra money to sign up and what would seem like no spare time. I refuse to make excuses in life.  What I did have was a HUGE REASON or WHY. I would do whatever it took to bring my wife home from work and not have to take every overtime hour available just to “make it”  I know you’re like that too and I want you to know that you team up with us, you’ll be stronger and you’ll move forward to those things you know that you and your family deserve. Let’s build a legacy, let’s help our kids go on missions, let’s support them as they go to college, and let’s change some lives.

dynasty strong, strong dynasty, dynasty coach, team dynasty

Our mission takes people like Megan and completely CHANGES their lives but in order to do that work, you must be DYNASTY STRONG.

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