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Focused Life - How to find purpose in all areas of your life

Focused Life

Without a clear purpose in this life, you will keep changing the direction you are going in life, your jobs, relationships, churches, or any other aspects of your life. ✌ You MUST live a focused life. 

There are times during my life where I have not been focused on the right priorities and with that, I have wanted to change, run from, or subconsciously destroy what was there and not placed as a priority.

What happens is that you hope that with the change, will come a settling of your inner confusion⛅️ or fill the emptiness in your heart.

You think, maybe this time it will be different.

What happens though is that you don’t really solve the core problem which is something inside of YOU and a lack of focus and purpose in your life for that area.

There truly is nothing quite like somebody with a focused life.❤️

focused life, focus, life priorities

I can attest to this because I have been more focused over the past year on the areas of MY priorities.

1. God

2. Gabby

3. Kids ‍‍ ‍‍‍

4. Business

A life that is lived with purpose. ☀️


The people we look up to in life who have made the most impact or the biggest difference in our history are the ones who were most focused.

If you want YOUR life to have an impact on the people around you and the people who come into your life. GET FOCUSED.

Stop dabbling in what you do, stop trying to do it all, get rid of activities that don’t move you forward and do the activities that matter most with a focused intensity



I’m Scottie Hobbs. I’m a husband and father to 5 beautiful children. I love the outdoors and playing the guitar. I’m a an entrepreneur who invests in people. I love personal growth, health, and fitness. I love serving people. I love helping people overcome their fears and obstacles. I love teaching them to use their personal life story and experiences to help others believe in themselves and find more happiness, joy, and purpose in life. I help fathers and Mothers who know deep inside that there is a better way to live life and provide for their families. I do it so that children can grow up knowing their parents and so that these parents can be great role models to their children. These parents need more positive relationships and role models in their lives. They need people who support them in going after their dreams, love them for being vulnerable about who they are, and who encourage them to face their fears. They need a way to get out of debt, build a retirement, and to have more time freedom to spend their live with loved ones. They want more time with their children and less time at work. When they embrace this way of life, They find a sense of purpose. They find happiness and joy in everyday encounters with life. They become victors rather than victims. They become more healthy, fit, and vibrant and bring a spirit of hope and positivity to this world. The find a positive channel to funnel their energy and share their story and message which makes a real difference in this world. They are then able to create a life by design which means they become the CEO of their own lives. When this happens, they are able to reach and impact more people on a bigger level and spend time with those that matter most.


I am a man who loves God first and foremost. Because I love God, I obey his commandments. I love who I am as a person and the only approval I need in this life is God’s approval.  My marriage is sacred, I honor my marriage vows with complete fidelity and Gabby comes first before any of my own needs. I love myself and Gabby unconditionally until the day that I die.

I make all decisions in my life together with my best friend and spouse and we ask God for direction in not only the big decisions but also in the small decisions.  We talk with God not only when we need something but on a daily basis. We start our days with Prayer and scripture to invite the spirit into our home.  I stand for strong morals and values and do not accept anything else in our lives and in our home. I am bold in expanding my knowledge of the gospel together with my spouse and teaching those principles to our 5 beautiful children.  God has entrusted us with these little ones and I must express the importance of the gospel and it’s teachings as a way to find true happiness in life and eternity and teach that principle before play.

I will be held accountable before God for my duty here on Earth to love my wife and to raise my children in love and righteousness.  I must not only provide for their physical needs but place more emphasis on their spiritual needs.  Happiness in our family will be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and not by the ways of the world. Our family will be maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.