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“There is good news and there is bad news Scott.”

“Let’s hear the good news”

“First, our concern about possible tumors or warning signs of an aneurysm are cleared and your scan looks NORMAL.”

forget yourself and go to work , stress levels, high stress


The bad news is we don’t know exactly what is causing your problems. ( I will get back to this topic but first let’s focus on Gratitude.)

 This past week has been hard. Like REALLY hard on me. My team knows as I let them know last week that I am going to take my business at a “walking” pace these past two weeks and it’s been amazing to see the tribe help each other in my absence.

Today I am focusing on two blessings alone. 1.) The ability to go to the doctor and to not stress even more about the cost of going to get MRI’s done to make sure that everything is okay. 2.) The ability to say YES and play tag running through the house with Papi laughing to distract me from what I was feeling.

You see, prior to building this Part-Time Coaching business in the evenings while I worked a 12 hour day job I don’t know how extra expenses like this would even be taken care of and I didn’t see my kids that often.

The part-time income that I am able to build provides the ability to pay the extra un-expected bills like this one with a little less worry. For that I am grateful.


Now onto the bad news. We don’t know the answer as to why I experienced headaches over the past week that put me on the ground and unconscious on two different occasions but we have some clues.

I didn’t want to share this but maybe others have felt the same, I’ve had a message come into my head that keeps me “working”.


We are suspecting, that I am stressed. I told the doctor I don’t have stress. Maybe it’s a man thing. But after talking with a friend and also with my Dad. Maybe I am.

One conclusive thing that the doctor found was that I have high blood pressure. We are assuming that the high blood pressure and then having SPIKES ( during physical exertion) in my blood pressure is what caused the headaches.

I’m going to figure this out and I am currently on High Blood pressure medication which is frankly making me sad and depressed although I haven’t had any of these headaches since starting.

Please, I don’t want sympathy. Trust me it’s the LAST thing that I need

I cried alone in my office for 30 minutes this morning before I could even get started with my work. Nothing particularly triggered it as I just woke up feeling like that and continued to feel like that after doing a workout and reading a good book.

I’m thinking I need to do yoga daily which I haven’t done in a year.

I need to do more things that are FUN and not “work” related”

I never TURN off.

As I write this post I am reminded of this message from a church leader.

What is most important in our responsibilities, he said, “is not the statistics that are reported or the meetings that are held but whether or not individual people ministered to one at a time just as the Savior did–have been lifted and encouraged and ultimately changed.”

We as people need to weed out the excessive and ineffective busyness that sometimes feels required. Our programs should focus on what is best (most effective) in achieving their assigned purposes without unduly infringing on the time families need for their “divinely appointed duties.”

My friends and family. I need accountability in these things