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Garbage Truck Santa- A JOB, CAREER, or a CALLING?

Garbage Truck Santa

Garbage Truck Santa picking up your garbage 🎅🏼

For 11 years now our friend Nic Greer has been picking up garbage as Santa Clause🎅🏼. Watch this 45 second news clip to see WHY he is doing it and what it does for the people around him 🙏🏼

Then let me TEACH you something that may help YOU in your current job that you can also see in the Garbage truck Santa, Nic Greer.


Your mental conception of your job WILL affect your performance. I can guarantee you that Nic the garbage driving Santa Clause is the best, happiest, and most productive employee at his company.

Employees have 3 types of “mindsets” about their work.


People that have a “JOB” see their work as a chore and their paycheck is merely a reward. They go to work because they HAVE to and are constantly looking for an escape of time away from their job.

People who view their work as a “CAREER” don’t just work out of necessity but are serving to advance and succeed. They are well invested in their work, put forth good effort, and do well.

People with a “CALLING”. Their work is fulfilling not because of the external rewards but because they feel it contributes to a greater good, pulls out their strengths, and gives them more meaning and purpose.

As you could guess, people that have a “CALLING” mindset work harder, feel more rewarded, and work harder and longer because of it.

These are the people who are MORE LIKELY to get “LUCKY” or get more ahead in life.

So what if you don’t see your JOB like this?

Don’t despair, you can do what is called Job Crafting. It will have just as much to do with the mindset as it will have to do with the actual job itself.

So if you are unhappy and unfulfilled you can find ways to improve that don’t involve QUITTING, changing jobs, or going off to “find yourself”.

Here is what you can do.

Ask yourself what potential meaning and pleasure already exist in what you do. Take this for example.

There are two janitors at your local elementary school. One focuses only on the mess he has to clean each night, while the other one believes that he is contributing to the cleaner and healthier environment for the students.

They both do the same “JOB” but their different mindsets will determine their work satisfaction, sense of fulfillment and happiness and ultimately how WELL they will do their job.