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Get Paid Doing What You Love- 75% live Paycheck to Paycheck

Get Paid Doing What You Love

Do you know how RARE it is to find something to do that you LOVE and actually get paid to do?

You see 75% of our middle class live paycheck to paycheck and HATE going to work.

That’s why when I fell in love with that “home fitness program” and had a friend ask, “bro what if you got paid to help people get results like you?” I began to open up my mind 💡 and stop being so skeptical and scared.

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It was in 2011 a couple months later my friend Lindsay said, “Hey… you know that you’re doing exactly what I’m doing but you’re just not getting paid for it”

Finally I had to look at myself in the mirror and say “You know what bro, why not do it? You’ve been looking for a way to save for your kids college and Mission Funds, you have to work 3 to 4 overtime hours every day, you have to send your wife to work, your kids are being watched by babysitter, Half the times you can’t fill your gas tank all the way up, The bumper keeps falling off your car, And you spend half your Saturdays at work.

It’s time to Wake up.

Today I stop for 10 minutes from setting people up for our health and fitness group to reflect on this incredible blessing.

Make a side income doing something that you love❤️

work from anywhere, get paid doing what you love, dream job, work from home

It’s pretty cool that I can sit in this lobby of this car dealership with a laptop and a cell phone and make a difference in the life of somebody else and at the same time be compensated for that to pay for the $50 oil change that used to stress me out.

I have a genuine smile on my face and bounce in my step.

Maybe it’s for you maybe it’s not. But if you’re anything like me. You need to have more fun, build for your retirement, and be the healthiest that you can so you can enjoy this life to the fullest