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High Performance Academy- Own FIVE 1/2 Million Dollar Homes

High Performance Academy

Brendon Bruchard

I’m sitting in the hotel lobby here in Phoenix Arizona while my beautiful wife Gabby sleeps by my side and we are full of JOY and ready to honor the struggles that we will face as we fiercely follow our dreams and aspirations.  I want to let you into my life and share some of my dreams and aspirations in hopes that I can help you dream a little bigger.  This is the second time that I have been to Brendon Bruchard’s High Performance Academy and the 5th time that I have seen him teach live.  Brendon is a master at telling stories that really make you think about your life and ask yourself, “Did I live? Did I Love? Did I matter?”.  You are going to see me living my life more LIT🔥 ( with LOVE, INTENTION, and TRUST)

high performance academy, brendon bruchard, live love matter

Two true bombs dropped by Brendon that I know will immediately help me begin to take the steps I need to take in order to achieve my goals and dreams are:

First, that I have gotten SO good at what I do as a health coach and life coach mentor that I am often just going through the emotions and not doing it with my heart and soul. 

Second, I am always mentoring and not being poured into myself.  I need to spend more time with those who are High Performers like myself.

high performance academy, high performance , brendon bruchard

Million Dollar Earners

For the past 7 years I have been to personal development seminars all over the world and this is the first time that my beautiful wife Gabby has come with me.  The thing that I want to share with you is that the things we learned in this conference together from Brendon, in social learning groups, and through self-discovery has already improved our marriage and helped us take giant steps forward in our relationship. I want YOU to involve your spouse in your journey and to be a part of the growth that you are going through.  Don’t wait 7 years, BEGIN now. 

high performance academy, hpa18, brendon bruchard, lindsay matway

As many of you know I am involved in a test group with an amazing timed nutrition meal plan specific to me with challenging and new workouts over the course of 80 days.  During this past week of travel I did not miss one day and was up at 5:00 am every morning.  My meal plan was a 7 out of 10 and I have no regrets.  I will forgive the mistakes of this week and make smart and intentional choices today and as I move forward into the next week.   Here is a photo of my progress and the results from some members of the test group that I saw this past week in our group.

80 day obsession, high performance academy

change your lifestyle, 80 day obsession, autumn calabrese

lifestyle change, 80 day obsession

If you are still reading I am grateful for you.

You are my people.  This is my DREAM that I want to share with you.

hpa18, high performance academy, brendon bruchard

After putting GOD and my FAMILY first these are my 10 year goals and the goal for this year.

MY 10 YEAR GOAL is to own ( paid in full) 5 1/2 million dollar vacation rental properties and my wife’s DREAM HOME without holding back. This is important to me because I want to raise my 5 children teaching them how to manage, run, and operate them as a business which will provide them the opportunity to pursue a career doing something that they LOVE vs choosing a job or career pursing money.

MY TWO goals to finish this year are: Build my part-time home business to $1.25 Million Dollars and achieve the highest position in our company.   This is important to me because in order to achieve both of those goals I will need to bring the LOVE and conviction back into my career and it also means that thousands of lives will be positively impacted making them better spouses, parents, and mentors to others.

My dream is LOVE. 

My dream is Happiness.

My dream is deep intimacy with loves ones.

My dream is Eternal relationships.

My dream is wealth of mind, body, and spirit.

My dream is freedom from the past.

My dream is Contribution.

My dream isis abundance of time, energy, and love.

My dream isis seeing myself and others grow to full-potential. 

My dream is friendships that are deep and genuine.

My dream is mastering who I truly am. 

My dream is raising an incredible and righteous family.

My dream is to write a book to help others find their true self  including joy, love, and happiness in this life.

My dream is to give others the opportunity to realize THEIR dreams.

My dream is to give without ever fearing if their will be enough to give in the future.

My dream is o love ever moment and interaction of every day. 

My dream is to honor my past and have respect for who it has made me into. 

My dream is to be wildly in love head over heals with my spouse mutually.

My dream is to live a very long and very fulfilling life of love and contribution.