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How to Avoid Stress- 3 Tips to avoid the overwhelm

How to Avoid Stress

how_to_avoid_stressMaybe you feel like giving up. Your’e overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated. You are raising a family, trying to build a business, and working a full-time job or even two. I was thinking back today on how HARD it was to stay happy, motivated, and driven on my goals with fitness and building a business. I had made the decision that I would never quit. I will never give up no matter how hard it gets. But I know that we are all the same in the fact that we may say that but you wake up and talk to yourself, “It’s just not worth it” “maybe my life isn’t so bad” “maybe I was never meant for this”, we start to give meaning to those feelings that aren’t true.

So I want to teach you what I do and how to avoid stress

1. First Gratitude. Whenever I have that overwhelming feeling and want to quit at something, I take time to see how far I have come and to celebrate the small victories. Show gratitude for good health, a home, clean water, food on the table, a family, and friends that care. 

2. Take time for myself. Often we get caught up in an overwhelmed feeling and we begin to have that conversation with ourselves about how bad it might be or how hard it is. This is when I go for a walk, play my guitar, or roll on the floor and play “tickle torture” with the kids. It brings me back and snaps me out of those thoughts.

3. I’m going to give you an example of a kid spilling milk with, lets say, a hard time or struggle in business. It helps me to now live in peace through trials. When we expect something to happen, we are less surprised and therefore less reactive or angry when it happens. On the flip side, when it doesn’t happen or the milk doesn’t spill, we feel grateful. Think of the last time one of your kids spilled milk or something on the floor. If you are in business think of a time when employees or partners didn’t show up like they should. What are your reactions? If you were like me, it was disappointment, frustration, anger, and a TON of stress. How do you think your reactions would change if you “expected” these types of things would happen? That these things were inevitable. This doesn’t mean that you LIKE when the spill happens, only that it’s OKAY when it does. You accept it. 

So to recap, you have no idea when the spill will happen, only that you know it will at some point. It could be later today, next week, next month, or in a year, but it’s inevitable and will happen. Now some of you may be confused because I talk about “you get what you focus on” in life. By doing this, you are not visualizing it and therefore going to make it happen in your life or business. We are talking about the gift of acceptance. It’s learning to accept things as they are instead of making our happiness depend on things that are inevitably going to happen( spilled milk, employees leaving, when somebody doesn’t do his/her part).

I love building a business and a brand but I love my family and kids more. So if you want to live more relaxed and stress free as you build a business, expect that things will happen.

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