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Humor as Stress Relief

It took me about 1 hour to get started this morning.

I have never felt like I do right now and it’s difficult for me to find the strength and energy to GIVE to others but a message in my current Universe keeps popping up. “Forget yourself and go to work”

So this post is an attempt at me forgetting myself and going to work so I’ll share some REAL feelings with you this morning. When life is hard, humor can help. It’s a POWERFUL and amazing aspect of the human personality.

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Humor, It can help break the ice when there are tensions with your kids or your spouse. It’s great to use when meeting somebody new or making new friends.

Humr as Stress relief?
It’s a NATURAL, God-Given stress reliever. It’s helped myself and others I know endure and experience life at a higher level during times of extreme difficulty.

But humor can be dangerous and damaging to your important relationships if used in the wrong way and I believe many people don’t understand when and if they may be doing this.

Humor can be devastating to a relationship if it is not used in the right way. One of the most dangerous or harmful ways to use humor is with Sarcasm. It can be destructive to any relationship. It’s important that if we have something important to say that we don’t use humor to say it. It can and will cause more harm if you use humor as a code to speak to the people that you love.

Sarcasm is often used to say something in a passive aggressive way when we lack the actual courage to face a problem in a mature way.

You have a choice every day. Use humor to grow your relationship or to damage it. In the end your goal should be to help the people around you become the best version of themselves, so if your agenda is NOT that, maybe the problem lies within