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I Seek Opportunity not Security- Do you think God can't use you?

I Seek Opportunity

Do you see your name when you read one of these? I do but I will no longer define myself by any of these terms. I am a son of the Most High God and I seek opportunity and not security.

Having a moment of reflection this morning as I see people arriving in the Dominican Republic for our annual reward trip. We fly out in 2 days and I’ve been asked to sit and speak on a panel. If you would have asked me 6 years ago if I believed it was possible that people all across the world would tell me in emails and private messages that the can’t wait to meet me and hear me speak, I would have called you crazy.

If you would have told me that I would have hundreds of videos that people use as “personal development” ….. I would have laughed at you

If you would have told me that people would be inspired by me and my life… I would have laughed at you.

If you would have told me that I would never work for somebody else again…. I would have laughed at you.

If you would have told me that my words and message could bring somebody to tears and take massive changes in their life… I would have laughed at you.

If you would have told me that I would be financially free and providing for others before I was 35….. I would have laughed at you.

If you told me that I would be speaking in front of thousands of people at events …. I would have laughed at you.

Making a million dollars a year for the past 3 years was the easiest thing I have done. Believing that it was possible for somebody like me was the hardest thing that I have accomplished in my life.

You see success is an inside game. Success is NOT the money and there have been moments and seasons where I’ve been the POOREST I’ve ever been in the past six years and I’m not talking about financially.

I’ve struggled with:

-Self-esteem issues
-Bring a College drop out
-Quitting career of dental lab
-Ex-drug addict
-Hurting those I love most

But those days are over💡

i-choose-opportunity, choose opportunity,

“I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon — if I can. I seek opportunity — not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations, and to face the world boldly and say, this I have done.”