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I'm not good enough

I’m not good enough

Have you ever asked yourself the question,  I’m not good enough?


I want to talk with you all today about this topic. Have you been that person that over evaluates your performance? This could be in your personal life, your family, as a parent, or perhaps as you are building a business? So many times I see people falling into this self-defeating trap that will eventually lead to frustration and a lack of joy and happiness. It’s kind of like keeping score of how you are doing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know if you are improving daily but you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. It seems that EVERY time that I help a leader course correct it’s because they are spending more time and energy thinking about how they are doing and the things that are NOT going right. There is a huge problem that lies in this way of living. When you track your performance like this, you’re focusing first and foremost on what you could be doing better. This will SURELY give you added pressure. You will rarely feel as if you are GOOD ENOUGH. I know that when I am acting like this, I feel like I only deserve to be happy when things are perfectly in order. Which 99% of the time they are NOT!

So now that I have shown you the problem, I want to teach you what I focus on to make sure that I have happiness and joy every day that I wake up and work as a father and also a leader to our team of coaches in our business. Keep FULL attention in the PRESENT moment and make the decision to do the VERY BEST that you can in any given moment.

I can ASSURE you that I felt a little overwhelmed coming home from coach Summit with 25,000 coaches, a to do list from not working my business, a TON of new inspiration and training, 4 kids that need their Daddy, a 36 week pregnant wife, a house that needs taken care of, and two big shows with my band in the next 7 days.

So today I am PRESENT in writing this post and have set hours for each priority. I don’t CARE if I can’t complete my entire list and get everything perfectly aligned. I will do the BEST that I possibly can with each situation. There is a sense of peace about running your household, your family, and your business when your mind isn’t filled with overwhelming thoughts about how you are not good enough and how you could be doing better. Keep your focus and attention on THIS MOMENT, by doing this you will eliminate stress and increase your potential to be productive. You’ll be able to find happiness and joy in your daily activity. Like I always say. When you live like this, you are living in faith. Do the best that YOU CAN DO and let God take care of the rest.

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