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Important Steps to Understand in Life

Important Steps to Understand in Life

“Life is just like a camera.

Focus on what’s important,

capture the good times!

Develop from the negative,

and if things don’t work out,

take another shot.”

These past two weeks I have been reading more books than I ever have before and want to be honest with everybody that follows us on this blog, Youtube, or Facebook.   A major focus and purpose I have as a Team Beachbody Coach is to be the BEST Father that I can be.  To never miss a moment of my children’s lives and to make a lasting impact on them and any other parents that want to follow in our lead.  What I have come to realize over the past few weeks and months is that I did NOT have my priorities lined up like they should.  I had them lined up like this.

1. Kids/Business (an equal split)

2. Wife

3. God

4. Our Band Peak Theory

In order to live a balanced and successful life where I can fulfill my purpose to the FULLEST extent and make the biggest impact in my life, my family’s life, and to those around me I have to change this order.  This is the order that I will be working on throughout the rest of 2014 as I work daily to change some current habits.



2. Wife


3. KidsMy_why

4. Business



5. Peak Theory Band


Some of the books that have helped me realize this are “A Purpose Driven Life”, “Greater”, “Strong Fathers”, “Strong Daughters”, “Grooming the Next Generation For Success”, and the Bible.  If you are working to find your purpose in this life and are missing some things  in your life balance these books will help you.  They have helped me and I want to recommend them to you as well.   You can have all the success in the world but if your family is NOT intact at the end you’ve lost everything.  I’m blessed to have so many uplifting people in my life that I have met through Team Beachbody and super excited for those that God will bring into our lives.