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Life Lessons- I laughed, Cried, and put my life into Perspective


It’s an hour later and I am re-writing this post.  This is the year of being as REAL as possible as I can with you as I go through my journey of life and learn lessons along the way.  This week I laughed harder than I ever have, I cried multiple times, I put my life into perspective, and was able to look at my priorities with a deeper view.  I will share these perspective;  Overcoming the need for affirmation, how short life really can be, being around people who are further in life than you, and picking yourself up after failure.

The First Lesson.

life lessons, lessons in life

A good friend of mine sent me a text when I was in Big Sky Montana letting me know that our team is ranked #39 in the health and fitness company for the USA, Canada, and the UK.  Over the past 7 years I was driven by recognition and NEEDED to be told I was good enough and doing well.  This is the first time that I have received news like this and looked at is as a mere , “We deserve that. We are working hard, we are attracting the right people, and peoples lives are being changed.”  Tomorrow I will let the team know where we are at and challenge myself and them to raise to the Top 25.

The Second Lesson.

life-lessons, lessons in life, life lessons

It’s a little strange how life can take unexpected turns. One day you have a life, one day it can be taken from you.  For 10 years an amazing family has lived 4 houses down from us. For the 1st time in those 10 years a young man named Camden sat in our living room with my family of 7. He and his Father were called as our home Teachers. They brought an amazing spirit into our home and some moments that I will remember for the rest of my life. Gabby and I talked afterward about how we would love for our girls to marry a young man like Camden. On February 8th we received news that he lost his life to a brain Aneurysm at the age of 14. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Taylor and Price families during this time.  I’m left wondering what the lesson for me is in this piece of my life here on earth.  Please hold your loved ones a little closer tonight. If you are facing a challenge or difficulty in your life, know that there are millions of people out there who would gladly take your place and your struggle that seems so difficult. ( Help Camden’s family) 

Gabby and I have been through what have seemed the hardest trials over these past 18 months but while talking at dinner tonight realized that this trial above would be much harder of a burden to face.  We are grateful for the plan of Salvation and that families can be together forever.

My Priorities in life are GOD, FAMILY, then BUSINESS.  We made sure to watch our sweet Ellie read to her class before hitting the road and heading to the mountain.  You never know when your end will come so live each day as if it were your LAST <3

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The Third Lesson

beachbody coach big sky montana, big sky montana, montana's, big sky

During our 5 day retreat at Big Sky Montana we spent time with 6 other amazing people.  First we have our dear friends Michael and Jennifer Greenberg.  Jennifer is a 9 Star Diamond, 3X Elite coach, and Million Dollar Earner with our health and fitness business and team.  Michael is following his passion of building wealth through vacation rentals and managing those rentals in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg TN.  Next we have Brad Winget.  Brad Winget is considered a good friend of Gabby and myself but is also a very successful business owner from SLC, Utah (Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals).  He’s ahead of us in life and is willing to guide and mentor us as friends and business partners.  Next we have Josh Spencer.  He was the #1 coach in our company in the year 2010 when I was watching from the sidelines and skeptical about if this was something I should do or not.  He is continuing to overcome Lyme Disease, is former Top Coach, Elite, and million dollar earner with our company.  Last nut not least we have CJ and Kiera ward.  Kiera is a diamond on our team and excited about building a strong team and company.  CJ is the owner of Z Clear an Anti Fog product and company with great insights on running a business and company.  YES, I learned a little bit from each one of these amazing people but what I loved most was being able to cook and eat meals together, play silly board games, and laugh as we went through each day’s adventures in a home with close quarters.  I’m leaving that experience WANTING to do more and give more of myself as a friend, coach, and mentor.

The Fourth Lesson.

team beachbody, big sky montana, guys retrea, business retreat

I have two choices that I can make as I reflect back on this week and as I continue forward into the next.  I can forgive myself and make a re-commitment to follow 100% the meal plan and the workouts in my 80 day test group starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 am, or I can continue with the poor choices that I made Saturday evening as I ate some trail mix, pop corn, and a couple of energy drinks.  We spent Wednesday through Sunday with some dear friends at the Big Sky Ski resort in a beautiful Ski in and Ski out house with the best of intentions to stay 100% on our workouts and our timed nutrition meal plan.  We did fairly good but to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what to do as far as adding meals with the extra 1500-2000 calories I burned on a 8 hour ski day on the largest ski resort in America.   I’m choosing to do a meditation tonight, set my intentions for the week, and get a good 7-8 hours of sleep before I hit my workout and meal plan to start fresh on Monday morning.

If I were to rate my week 4 on a scale of 1-10 with workouts and nutrition, I would give myself a 8.5 on nutrition and a 8 on my workouts only because I skipped leg day and Cardio Flow after two long 8 hour days on the  mountain. Life is about balance.  Living this healthy lifestyle is NOT about perfection but about being in love with the process and living the best and healthiest life you possibly can.  When I want to feel sorry for myself for messing up my timed nutrition on some days and skipping two workouts I have to think back to before where I would drink, eat cookie dough, and endless bags of chips and salsa.  I would come in from the ski hill and devour the biggest burger and fries.  This time however, I came prepared with hummus, carrots, and an amazing spinach and tuna wrap and I felt so much better with those choices.

Remember that TODAY, as you read this message that you as well have a CHOICE to make. It’s time to WAKE UP and STAND FOR SOMETHING. If you want to be a part of our next Test group or one coming up each month make sure to fill out the form below.