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Make Income with Fitness

Laura Thiel

If you are like me, you may be struggling to find a way to take care of your family and wondering if there is a way to Make income with Fitness from home.  I remember in 2010 writing Men’s Fitness and many other magazines at the suggestion of a good friend of mine and then learning that Team Beachbody actually pays people to share their results with their top-of-the-line fitness programs.   I originally started with P90X, then Insanity the Asylum, and now LOVE Body Beast.  The most amazing part for me as a coach is to see people completely change their lives and then start a process of paying it forward as a coach themselves.  I want to share the results of one of our fellow coaches Laura with her amazing results.  But I want you to learn about how she felt before, what she went through, and where she is at now in here life with her own words.  She now makes an income with fitness and sharing her journey but the part that is most amazing is that she is doing something she loves and really making a difference in the lives of those around her. Congrats on your 40 lbs lost and also on being a coach to help end the trend of obesity.


“I received so many questions yesterday about how I did what I did so here goes.  I like probably many of you had a friend who had decided to become a Beachbody coach. They would post about her journey and invite others to join them.  Well one day she posted her transformation story and I was stunned I remember seeing it and saying WOW I want that!!!!  So I sent her a message and asked “how can I do this?”  She explained what the 21 Day Fix was and clean eating and Shakeology – my first thought was ok well you are telling me if I work out 30 minutes a day not 3 hours a day, eat clean and drink this shake thing I can lose weight?!?!?!?!  Sounds seriously too good to be true so I said yes I am in.  I was so excited when I received my box in the mail from Beachbody, excited and scared.  I was scared because I knew I was going to have to work but I also knew that I needed to do something.  I started my first round of 21 Day Fix on October 10, 2014 and WOAH haha I thought I was going to die I was so out of shape and I even followed the modifier.  I remember going to work the next day aching everywhere thinking great now I am supposed to go home and work out again.  My legs hurt so bad I thought they were going to give out on me I joked with my friend and said if you hear a loud crash when I am in the bathroom don’t worry its just me crashing down on the toilet they burned that bad!!!  So I got home from work changed into my workout gear and pushed play over and over again.  Did I want to give up YES!!!!!  During my first round I skipped workouts but thankfully my coach knew when I wasn’t pushing play and she would reach out to me….. how did she know? Well because I wouldn’t check into our private challenge group to rate my progress for the day—- how embarrassing right?  Can you imagine me, Miss fatty, checking into a group of ladies who are having the same struggles as me and saying hey everyone so I ate good today drank my water and my shake but I was too lazy to push play. Heck no so I figured well I just won’t post so nobody will notice 😉 She noticed!!!!  During one of the workouts the trainer Autumn says don’t quit when you’re tired – quit when we’re done. You bought this program for a reason don’t just put it on the shelf and never look at it again.  Yes I still remember that and me being the logical thinker said hmmmm your right that would be a waste of money.

During the beginning of my journey I was going through a really hard time emotionally. I was going through a breakup with a man I had been with for about 2 ½ years.  This was part of my drive – I was hurting so much on the inside that I needed an outlet and my workouts became my outlet.  As time went on the workouts actually became easier (well not easier  – I was getting stronger).  It started to become a habit and not a job to push play every day.  And when I didn’t want to because life had gotten busy I had my kids saying mom you didn’t work out yet!!! Yes they were watching and there was no way I was going to let my minions down.  My kids have seen me on my good and bad days they have walked into the living room mid workout when I am on my knees crying because I want to give up and I would see the look in their face and just keep going.  Life hasn’t been easy for me sure I put on a smile but inside I was breaking to pieces.  I honestly felt like a failure and I realized that the only person who could fix that was myself.  I completed a few rounds of the 21 Day Fix and by the time I moved on I was actually able to make it through the workout without feeling like I was going to drop dead!!

Around that time this new program Insanity Max: 30 was coming out and that was all my new Beachbody friends were talking about so I went ahead and ordered it thinking hey it’s only 30 minutes how hard can it be? I have come this far!!!!  HAHA that joke was on me but I had joined a new challenge group and again everyone was posting about the workouts so I said well I don’t want to be the one that quits this time. So as much as I really disliked the program and not because it was bad, but because it was just “hard” compared to the 21 Day Fix I kept on trucking along.  Before I knew it I had made it to month 2 (Insanity Max:30 is a 60 day program) WOAH—- that means I have 4 weeks left I can do this!!!!  By this point in my journey other people started seeing the change in me my friends and family would tell me wow you are looking great so I knew something had to be working.  I finished that program and moved on to the next and newest 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I was so excited to be training with Autumn again! She is so nice (yes when I workout I feel like the trainer is right there with me encouraging me along).  Her favorite line—- “you can do anything for 60 seconds” HA!!!  Well I am just about done with my second round of Extreme and you have all seen my results by now.  I can proudly say I have lost a total of 40 pounds and 33.1 inches!!!!  I am not done being healthy and fit is a lifestyle not a diet. I still have weight I want to lose and I WILL have abs like Autumn before I go to Nashville this summer.”

Progress- Down 40 pounds and 33.1 inches!!!!!!!!!!