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My DREAMS are coming true!

When I decided that I wanted to be a Team Beachbody coach, I looked at these big name coaches that were extremely successful with their businesses and I wondered how long it would take me to be like them.  I dreamed of the day people would say…. ” I want to be like coach Scottie Hobbs!”  I didn’t know how long it would take but I was willing to put the effort in.    It wasn’t until Craig Holiday came to Idaho Falls with Alethea that I realized WHY NOT ME?  Why not now!?!?!  We create our own futures by what we do on a daily basis.  This day was the day I changed.  “The way we live our hours is the way we live our days, and the way we live our days is the way we live our lives.  I doubled the amount of  time I was putting into Beachbody by helping my coaches become successful as well.   I am on 3 way calls and GSR interviews with my coaches and their new coaches every day.  I am telling EVERYONE I contact about this amazing opportunity they have if they are to put their all into helping others.  I want everyone to know that this is a business that ANYONE can succeed in.

There was a post on my facebook wall just a few days ago though that said “If Scottie Hobbs, Wayne Wyatt, and Josh Spencer can do it… Why not Me?!”  It is so true.  Nothing can stop you if you follow the plan and find a mentor that will guide you to the point where you reach your goals!  This is a recording  of a call with the CEO of Team Beachbody where I was mentioned.  This made my day and makes all my hard work worth it!

I personally am in this to win it and the only way that is posssible is to make sure that I build STRONG leaders on my team.    Who wants to be a leader on this team!?