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Pay off Debt

Paola Ramirez

It’s the third HUGE goal that I had as an ambition new coach back in 2012.  I had just left my full-time job along with my wife who was working late nights at the Hilton Garden Inn.  There was an announcement from Beachbody about a Financial Freedom award you could earn and all you had to do was pay off debt.  I was in. The reason I fought so hard to build this business after I was able to walk away from my job was that lingering Mortgage payment that came ever single month.  It’s the bill that kept me up late at nights afraid of the future and the next 30 years.  I don’t want to see somebody be a “six figure earner”, I want to see somebody become responsible with their current finances AND create something for the future by becoming smart with their money.

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All the tears
All the late night drives
All the work
All the melt downs
All the arguments
All the anxiety
All the stress
We would do it ALL over again. Because without it, I wouldn’t have pushed out of my comfort zone. We wouldn’t have started a business that has CHANGE our whole life!

2 years of commuting and I was so angry at first, bitter and did not understand why this would happen to us. (There is a back story to us having to move and many wondered why we just wouldn’t move back closer) it was easier said than done and I will soon share with you all.

But see I NOW know it was all for a reason! 2 years of commuting 2 hours each way to work and in those 4 hours, we grew a business. Yes, WE ! Because Danny sacrificed, so did our kids. We are thankful to every person who let us crash on their couch when we just couldn’t drive one more night.

It was been WORTH IT ALL! God never closes one door without opening up a better one ! 🙌🏼 I absolutely, cold heartily believe this!

& I know that we would not be here without God leading me to Beachbody & this opportunity that has brought blessings, people and a mental mind shift into our lives!

We are MOVING! We have OUR OWN LITTLE HOME! 🏡 yes, we are renting and gosh do we feel blessed that god choose this place for us at this MOMMENT! We have prayed for this day almost every night!

We paid off debt and made this happen on our very own ❤️

It’s finally happening ! No more late night drives, wondering where we will sleep if we stay out too late too far from home, no more living out of our car literally! Our whole life is going to change and we couldn’t feel more blessed!!! ❤️

Faith & hard work ALWAYS, Always pays off!

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.