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Sample Beachbody Recognition Posts

Thursdays are rank advancements and Beachbody Payday so with that being said I want to take the opportunity to give you some sample Beachbody recognition posts from my Facebook wall this morning.  All of these coaches are my Personally Sponsored coaches who have advanced their business in some way or another this past week.   If you know one of these coaches please comment below and share with them how proud you are.  If you have done Beachbody workouts yourself and feel overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated I want you to know that our team is a place where you have no limits on your growth and a place where you will be recognized for the hard work you put into your business.  Learn how to join our team by filling out the form at the bottom of this post!

tate cox

This guy gave himself a 133.5% raise from June 2019 to June 2020. That’s right. With his HARD work, diligence, effort, and skill, he gave HIMSELF that raise.
Did you know that 6 2/3 hours of Minimum wage work in our state of Idaho will pay you the same amount as selling ONE challenge pack to a customer.
That’s nearly an entire’s 8 hour shift of work. In order for me to sale that challenge pack, I don’t have to leave my 5 kids and wife at home, I am challenged to improve my own health, and have the ability to empower somebody else to also make positive changes in their life in a world where Obesity is an epidemic.
I will let you read that again so that it PROCESSES.

Tate Cox

is officially 1 Star qualifying with his team Health and Wealth but he’s working HARD because their first baby is due soon and he wants to be able to allow his wife

Peyton Rae Cox

to stay home and raise their child vs having to put them in Daycare.
I LOVE seeing the success Tate is having but also I hurt because some people don’t think that they have what it takes, let past circumstances hold them back, or quit before they even REALLY try.
The first year was the absolute hardest for me. My first video on my Youtube talks about all the sacrifices that I had to make in order to build my business to a 6 figure income and I will never say that it’s a “walk in the park”. But heres the thing, once you stay consistent, transform yourself, and begin to believe in yourself everything begins to click. Selling a challenge pack, sponsoring a coach, and helping people through their transformations. When it gets to that point, it doesn’t feel like work rather an OBLIGATION TO SERVE and a PASSION.
I spent thousands of dollars to go to Dental Lab school and for what? A school loan and $22,880 a year income with no insurance or benefits as we brought our first daughter into this world?
That is BULL CRAP.
We need Dental lab techs, we need teachers, we need people in all these jobs but in order to live a good life without worry of bills and living pay check to pay check they need to get PAID MORE. YOU need to get PAID more. You Deserve to go on that vacation, you deserve to put that down payment on your home, you deserve to Travel to that place you always wanted to. So guess what, I’m going to coninue to work hard myself to hopefully help YOU give your family a raise. One that you don’t have to lobby your bosses for. One you don’t have to go back to school for or leave the home for. One that YOU EARN yourself by helping others in health and fitness, all while improving your own health and fitness.
The opportunity is real, it’s better than ever, and I am ready to take it to the next level with those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Let’s do this.
Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity.
Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent
Coach Earnings located at for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

best beachbody coaches 2020

Helping people live a HEALTHIER more FULFILLING LIFE.

That is what THESE incredible people are doing.

They are nurses, school teachers, factory workouts, stay at home moms, politicians, college dropouts, social workers, receptionist, wives, and husbands that spend their spare time HELPING PEOPLE vs watching the news and spending endless hours browsing social media and watching tv shows.

I want to recognize these leaders of the DYNASTY for the hard work and effort that they put into serving their friends and families in their challenge and accountability groups.

We are recognizing the fact that they earned success club and a webcast with John C Maxwell. I am super blessed that each of these coaches is in our lives and helping us work hard to end the TREND OF OBESITY in the US and Canada and soon to be expanding into the UK this Autumn.

If you know one of these coaches, please take a minute to shout them out and recognize them for their efforts in helping YOUR life in some way ♥

sample beachbody recognition-posts


YES! You heard that right. Every YEAR about 25,000 people travel to an event called Coach Summit where we workout together with the celebrity trainers AND learn how to become better coaches in 3 days of workshops.

Christine Kozlik AND Joshua Kalil have earned a FREE ticket to next year’s Beachbody coach Summit for hitting a goal called Success Club in their first 3 full months of being a coach.

Christine Kozlik and Joshua Kalil I am super proud of you for the hard work and effort you have put into your business not only learning from our trainings and groups but APPLYING what you are learning and being out in front of helping us end the trend of Obesity.

Michelle Sanchez Jones is a busy mom works in politics who has found a passion in working on her own personal transformation and bringing others with her. In her first month of being a coach she has helped three people get started on their heath transformation and hit a goal called Success Club and has officially earned a conference call with Carl Daikeler the CEO of Beachbody.

You’ll want to watch out for these 3 amazing people and if they have blessed your life in some way, please share a comment of love and encouragement with them below ♥

sample beachbody recognition posts

Leaders don’t create followers. Leaders create other leaders.

This is Dwana Olsen. There are basically 3 phases to growing into a success mentor and coach with Beachbody.

1. Focus on your own transformation and hit success club.
2. Teach others to hit success club
3. Develop other leaders that teach others to hit success club

Dwana has officially advanced up the Leadership ladder to “Team Builder” and is beginning to build a team of people that are just life her.

Did you know that Beachbody has BLESSED Dwana Olsen‘s life FAR more than with an extra income? It’s helped her overcome anxiety and battles with depression. She is becoming stronger EVERY day and the people around her can see that and want some of that light that she is bringing to the world.

Dwana. You are incredible and Gabby and I are so blessed and honored to have your growing leadership in our team but more importantly the friendship and love that you carry with you always.