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Trade Places With You

I want to trade places with you.  You know that you have thought that before in some way form.  At home, at school, in your career.  It happens to each of us at some point in life when we lose focus on what is most important and the blessings that are right around us.




👑 🙌🏻

During times of trial or hardship I tend to think about and try to focus on ALL that is good in life.

Here’s a little lesson I taught to my kids after reading scriptures this morning🙏🏻

The thing is they started fighting and arguing over who reads which verse. Exactly the thing you want as you’re teaching your children right😱😂( it happens ya’ll)  I told her that there are many people who would love to trade places with you.

And then I shared this with them before they headed off to school🔑💡

💡If you have food in your refrigerator 🥘 , clothes on your back, and a roof overhead for sleep 🏡….

🔑YOU are Richer than 75% of the world’s population 💰

💡If you have a little money in the bank OR even just some spare change in a dish someplace….

🔑YOU are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy 💴

💡 If you can drink water from your own kitchen faucet whenever you want….

🔑 YOU are more fortunate than 1.5 BILLION people who have no access to clean water at all. 💦 💧

trade-places-with-you, trade places with you, royally blessed, less fortunate,

💡 If you can attend a church without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death….

🔑 YOU have the kind of freedom that is denied to more than THREE BILLION people in the world.

💡 If you can read this message TODAY……

🔑 YOU are more blessed than 2 Billion people who cannot read at all 📚

If YOUR everyday problems and trials are weighing you down TODAY 😢

REMEMBER that there are MILLIONS of people on this Earth 🌏 who would gladly trade places with you right now and feel like they have been ROYALLY BLESSED🙏🏻🙌🏻