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Who Am I- Scottie Hobbs

Who is Scottie Hobbs

Who Am I?


I wear my hair in a Mowhawk at 33, I play rock music, I am a Dad, a Husband, I teach the 13/14 year old youth on Sunday at my church, I hunt, I fish, I LOVE to be alone, I do public speaking, have shirtless pictures on the internet, a Mormon, and I sale products that improve peoples appearance, body, and mind ( Some call that vain). 

I don’t fit into the mold of most religious Fathers.


I was reading an article about a nurse who has taken care of hundreds of people as they lie on their death beds and she always asked them what their number 1 regret was. “I wish I had been true to who I was and not just lived to meet the expectations of others” I read that and think about my life and wonder if I live to be the best me or if I work hard to please others and fit into the mold of what they think I should be. How many of us today are not being true to who we really are in fear that we might disappoint somebody?
We can’t live the life God wanted for us if we are trying to be the person that our parents want to be, our Boss wants us to be, and or our friends want us to be. We have to be true to who God made you to be. I believe that God has called you to this life with a purpose and it’s unique. It’s so unique that it’s unlike anybody else in this life. If you let people try to define who you are and what your reality is, or you try to please critics in your life, this will take away your uniqueness and keep you from being who you really are.
If you can stay true to who you are and what God has placed in your heart eventually people around you will see what you stand for, and God will help you excel. You may lose some friends early on and people may not fully understand why you don’t take their advice. Everybody will have an opinion about you and your life as well. They will tell you how you are supposed to live your life. ( Or talk about you to others and share their opinions about you.) What you should wear, what you should drive, how you should spend your money, what you should do for work, what music you should listen to, and how you should raise your kids. Don’t take the time and try to please everyone, you will be so lost and confused. You’ll end up super frustrated and life will be miserable. You won’t be able to find true happiness because you are not being YOU.
As you step into your role and figure out who you really are, God will begin to bless your life and help you excel in the areas of your purpose. Some people in your life will never accept that and try to squeeze you and fit you into the mold of what they think you should be. Don’t let them. Everybody has the right to an opinion but their opinion does not define your reality. Some will never accept your role or purpose. Love them anyway but don’t waste your time trying to prove to them that what you are doing with your life is what you are called to do.
Is there something or somebody keeping you from being happy? Don’t let their issues ruin your life. Encourage them, pray for them, but don’t let them keep you from YOUR destiny and your Purpose in life. Is there somebody that you are allowing to control you or make you feel guilty if you don’t live up to their expectations? Cut the puppet strings and set yourself some boundaries. Don’t miss your destiny trying to please everybody