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Who is Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs?|

Scottie Hobbs – Beachbody Coach

I am a soft spoken person that makes friends with anyone and everyone.  I can’t think of one person that I truly dislike.  I do not allow negativity in my life. Positive, positive, positive!  I am the father of three gorgeous little girls and the husband to the best wife ever.  As a matter of fact, she is the one that got me started with working out just about one year ago.  I have a drive and desire to succeed that is unmatchable.  When I set my mind to something, there is no turning back!  This is why I love the movie “Over the Top”.  I live by the quote from this movie.  “If you want it, you have to take it!”.  This is where i came up with the name Scottiesoverthetop blog!  My dad always taught me, “If you are going to do something, do it right the first time.”  This is what I’ll do.

    In May of 2010 I tried something I had heard about for a few years, P90X.  This program sparked something in me that is unstoppable.  I love the challenges I face daily through the Beachbody programs.  I love the support of my P90X/Beachbody family.  I post pictures to try and motivate people on facebook.  It’s sad how many people let themselves go and don’t care.  I got this comment from a lifelong friend on a post yesterday, “To much beer to drink and who cares if you have a six pack or not once you are married and have the one you want? 

Jamaica 2010
I take pride in feeling better about myself physically, emotionally, and mentally all thanks to staying in shape. I am proud to have a healthy body and proud to look good for my wife.  Life is more stress free, there is more joy, and I will be able to keep up with my kids as they continue to grow.
     Some may get annoyed at the fact I post so many blogs about fitness, but I continue to do so because if I help one person, I feel that I am successful.  I want to take as many people on this journey with me as I can and help them to reach their fullest fitness potential.  I will be with them 100% of the way.


    I am forever grateful for the opportunity that Beachbody has given me to spend more time with my wife and kids.  During the 5 years that we have been married, my wife has worked evenings as a receptionist for the Hilton to help pay the bills.  I have worked daily from 5-5 and most Saturdays as well.  I have taken care of, played with, fed, and put to bed my little girls all on my own this whole time while mommy is at work.  I am excited that this year, thanks to Beachbody, my wife will be able to stay at home in the evenings so we can be together more often.
   I will lead my team to the top and insure that if they put their hearts into it they also will find new opportunities of a lifetime!  I do not want to leave anyone out of the chance to join us on this journey!