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Why Join Team Beachbody as a Coach?



I did a poll on my Facebook page  on how our friends, family, and coaches found Team Beachbody whether they are customers or have become a Coach themselves and the answers were fun to see!  As a coach you can use this to see the most effective ways to share your message and reach people to help on their journey to a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.  Why join as a Team Beachbody Coach?  The short and simple testimonials below show you simple responses on how they found Team Beachbody and what they feel about it so far.  We would also love to hear how YOU found Team Beachbody!  Feel free to post in the comments below how you were connected to your coach and Team Beachbody!


1. You saw someone’s transformation 29

2. You saw someone’s financial success as a coach 19

3.  You saw it on an infomercial 13

4. You searched online for fitness help/inspiration 12

5. A friend invited you to join them as a coach or in a challenge 48

6. Any other way, please share 18



“Transformation photo!!!”


“My  coach’s transformation and inspiration.”

“First #1, that’s how I started my journey.  Then #5, that’s how I started coaching.”

“A combination of 1-4,  what really did though was seeing your transformation and hearing your story on YouTube Scottie Hobbs

“Josh and Misty Hult”

“I saw my own transformation with insanity”

“Watched my good friend Lara’s transformation then learned she was making money with it. That certainly got my attention!”

“1 and 2. Watching you guys over time planted the seed… Plus, I loved all the programs. Finally, I decided to quit wishing for success and made the commitment to do something about it.  Thanks for asking the question! It’s nice to hear what got everyone else motivated…”

“Transformation photos kept popping up in my news feed, and I was ready for a change.”

“Saw someone else’s weight loss, which inspired me to try it which lead me to becoming a coach. Obviously the financial part is for sure an incentive, but making a change for my own good to lead others to their goals is number one:)”

“All of the above!!! Mostly saw someone else’s transformation.  Was hoping to help others as my coach helped me.  Not working out, but I still love the products.”



“I saw my own transformation through the programs and also saw financial success in so many ways.”

“Financial success of my coach! To actually be able to make a living and more doing what I absolutely love! Helping people live a healthier lifestyle.”



“#1 Insanity infomercial got the idea in my head.  #2 Random Beachbody coach I met on a hiking meetup.  #3 tons more Insanity infomercials while I was being lazy and fat in bed at noon on the weekends!  Couldn’t keep saying no…my life has been sooo much better ever since.”

“Honestly, it was the infomercial of Turbo Fire.  I was going thru a rough patch in my life and I decided to order it and start Turbo Fire.  I had NO IDEA about being a coach!”

“Infomercial for Hip Hop Abs.”

“I needed a workout I could do at home. Getting to the gym was not working! then 2. The business opportunities. I saw Lindsay Matway success. I won’t stop until I’m where you all are.  Successful!”

“INSANITY infomercial pulled me in. Had no idea at the time there was such a thing as a BeachBody coach until I received the program, created a profile, and was assigned a coach. 7 months later, I became a coach.”

“3, I Didn’t know the TBB company behind Insanity or Shakeology. Then I found a Coach that introduced me to it.”



“I have been doing Beachbody workouts since Power 90!!! What got me too join was seeing my now upline coach’s like page.  I started following her and then it started from there.  I bought the T25 challenge pack.”

“I saw a like page and joined it and began talking to her.  I was really down on myself and she helped me by introducing me to Beachbody.  She really helped me out a lot!”

“I answered an ad on Craig’s list about fitness instructors, but I was looking for another health and wellness company. I responded with an email.  She responded back, I responded with yes I’d like to learn more.  She didn’t get back to me.  So I waited, a couple of weeks.  Found her on FB. She wasn’t posting much online about Beachbody on her FB page so I didn’t think she was serious.  I knew I wanted to team up with someone who was serious. So I started searching/stalking other coaches by typing in Beachbody coaches!  Scottie seemed serious!  So I messaged him!  The girl never has called me or emailed me!  Can you imagine??”

“I searched for online help with fitness as it related to my low thyroid.”

“I had P90x for a few years and had done the workouts off and on never being consistent or sticking with it.  I got fed up with quitting and was trying to figure out how to motivate myself and be accountable for working out every day. I started searching for people who had done it and how they stuck with it.
Over and over I kept finding people talking, posting and sharing videos about their journey and Beachbody. The more I read and watched videos the more I found people who committed to the program, lost weight and then, they began to help others do the same.  I knew that was what I wanted to do, I knew I could do it.  So I began researching and adding all these ‘coaches’ and watching their videos.  I kept coming back to Scottie’s YouTube channel and learning that this business was even helping people financially. After 2 weeks of searching and stalking the top coaches & 1 phone call with Scottie, I wanted to be a part of changing people’s lives!
So I guess it was a combination of 1, w & 4 plus seeing the amazing support everyone had for each other, it lead me to what I was searching for.”

“I did P90X and then wanted to get connected to a coach, so I just signed up through Team Beachbody. Was assigned a random coach, and then he brought me into the coaching world!”

“I was looking for a new job opportunity that would allow me to work from home and was within the health and wellness world…ask and you shall receive, craigslist ad!”

“Responded to an online ad to make money while getting fit .  I was looking to stay home with my baby at the time”

“I was actually looking for a second part time job and came across someone’s post about being a coach on I did a lot of research on it and ended up finding out one of my good friends was a coach. So I joined her team even though I was SUPER skeptical. And here I am… 7 months later and loving it!!”

“My coach placed on ad on facebook and it popped up in my newsfeed.”



“I wanted to help out my friend and he knew I was interested in improving my health and Shakeology interested me…as a teacher.  I wanted to save money so BOOM = COACH.”

“My best friend’s wife invited me to join her as a coach and I haven’t looked back since.  My program and Shakeology did wonders for me and now it is doing the same for my clients.”

“I had been drinking Shakeology for almost 4 months. Then I met my current coach, who I actually met through a FB babysitters site, and her passion for what she does shined. She saw my pd books that I posted on FB and she immediately FB messaged me and told me that was one of the things that Beachbody coaches do and she said she thought i would be great at it! So happy I put my trust in her, it has been an amazing 3 months already!!”

“It honestly was a push from my coach.  I didn’t want to be a coach. What I didn’t realize was that I was already doing it. So I took a chance, and I am forever grateful that I did.”

“My sister-in-law invited me into a challenge group and love it!”

“My trainer suggested it.  I fell in love with Shakeo and the coach community is amazing!”

“My coach invited me to join her first group.”

“A friend told me about the Insanity program.  Loved that I didn’t need any equipment.  I bought the program and loved my results.  Then entered a challenge that Rosa had.  After the challenge was over, I decided that I wanted to help inspire and motivate others as my coach did for me. Love all the support from the Beachbody family.”

“A friend invited me to join her  challenge group.”

“Family.  My cousin is a coach and showed me his transformation, then helped me get started on my journey, then helped me become a coach. Now I can pay it forward to others”

“My results from my first challenge as a participant had so many people asking what I was doing that I had to jump from discount coach to working – I knew the products rocked – they had changed my life – I wanted to change others lives too.”

“One  person’s inspiration, passion and story. ”

“Saw somebody posting about Shakeology all the time and when T25 was coming out I finally got curious enough to approach her to order”

“I went to school to become a Health Coach before I knew they existed.  A friend became one (I’ve used BB products for almost 10 years) and I started ordering from her and then she found out why I was in school and invited me to learn more.  Still took me another year to say Yes.”

“First #1, that’s how I started my journey.  Then #5, that’s how I started coaching.”

“You invited us!”

“I used p90x and had great results and then a coworker and I were talking and he introduced me to his wife who is a diamond coach and that is how I got started!! I love helping others!! This is a great business”

“Friend invited me to be a coach. I really didn’t know what it was, but wanted to help her out. I was a coach for awhile before I really had time to see that this is actually a pretty awesome opportunity and would make it so I could stay home with my kids, (I’m a single mom).”

“I have always used Beachbody products to get in shape but never paid attention to the coaching part. After my battle with cancer, I had a hard time losing the weight from the surgeries and steroids.  My friend from high school asked me join her challenge group. I had amazing results and decided to become a coach when she informed me of the opportunity. I need this for me to kept reshuffle for my fitness goals and also financial. I lost my job of 7 years while I was sick.”

“My friend told me to do it since I was already doing Insanity – I had no idea what I was doing. It really kicked in after summit 2012 that this is a lifestyle that I want for the rest of my life”

“I babysat the King.  (Scottie)”

“My sister lost 25 lbs of her pregnancy weight in 6 weeks with clean eating and T25, she inspired me!!”

“That’s a great question. Makes us realize we all got into it when we were open to hear it. It was in front of me for a few years but don’t know if I didn’t care or realize it was even an opportunity. It’s strange how we can’t see what’s right in front until we need it. I have been very sick with a rare disease and this summer I was so weak my niece almost forced me to order a bag and drink it. After a few weeks I slowly started to feel better. I’ve been drinking shakes now for six months and I’m off all meds. I live day by day but it gave me enough energy to start moving again. I had no idea there was a business with great rewards ready to share. I had no clue there was a business even though my own niece was a coach for two years. She only was drinking the shakes because she has a colon disease and it slowed it down. We discussed the business side and I have been stalking BB coaches to learn what they do so we can duplicate like you. I know there are a lot of coaches that just haven’t heard what this is about. I even work at a university and stay current and sit on a computer all day and I am always looking for the next opportunity and still missed this. Makes me wonder how I can share even more. Thank for you inspiring post. You are such an inspiration.”

“It was my upline’s HAPPINESS that pulled me in. She just seemed so fulfilled.”

“Invited to a challenge group”

“He invited me to join her as a coach.”

“I met a coach with so much heart that I wanted in on that!”

“A friend had been inviting me for about a year (the beginning). Kicking myself squarely in the tush for not joining then to this day LOL! *sighs*”

“invited me to challenge group & then to be a coach!”

“I saw a post on my wall from a friend about her challenge group and I was pretty curious because I really wanted to lose weight”

“Started with a friend letting me borrow the first P90X. I loved it but took on an awful job working 6 days a week/16 hour days.  Stopped working out for over 6 months.  Tried starting X again while working a new job with 4 days of 10 hour shifts, but the hour long commute both ways soaked up workout time. Then an old friend from high school told my wife about X3…jumped right in and found out our friend was a coach and loving it. Now I’m addicted to my fitness! 20 days left on X3 and jumping right into Les Mills Combat.”

“Financial success and personal transformation of friends who were coaches”

“I was given P90X and saw how my transformation went and spoke to a great coach that told me about the coaching business…Thank You Coach I can’t thank you enough.”

“My friend shared the opportunity with me.”

“Invited by a friend to join a challenge.”

“Our kids are Beachbody coaches (Scottie Hobbs and Heather Hobbs)”



“I needed Shakeology, but wanted a discount.”

“The Slim Down Challenge in 2011, I believe.”

“#1, 2 and 5.  Plus I knew there was more out there for me than just working an 8-5 job.”

“Random Beachbody coach I met on a hiking meet up.”

“Was looking for something to do while at home with my daughter as my ACE Taekwondo was running evenings only”

I” “acquired” Insanity, lol, I did it completely on my own and the results were crazy!  I didn’t use shakeo or a coach, but I seriously learned to love myself and had a crazy amount of confidence!”

“I wanted Shakeology (easier than building my super shake every morning) and wanted to save the 25%.”

“SUMMIT got me. Not the fitness, not the inspiration, seeing my coach at Summit looking healthy and connected. As a stay at home mom, it was HUGE for me”

“I was insanely in love with Insanity lol, and a lot of coaches suggested that I should be a coach but I never thought I could be one, never really took it seriously until I saw aninterview with Carl Daikeler .. I was REALLY INSPIRED.  One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life? I think so!”

“I lost 100 lbs and wanted to help other people reach their goals, coaching gave me the best tools for the job!”

“It was a combination of things but the support and accountability kept me interested. Everyone is so supportive and trying to get you to succeed”

“I wanted to get hands-on experience with people, because I wanted to be a personal trainer.”

“I had used P90X and was a personal trainer. I loved the program! Started to research coaching and finally decided to get back to my passion. Once I learned of the real potential for financial freedom that drove me more. Love helping others and grow a sustainable business.”

“Instagram hashtag,  Not a fitness hashtag, but police wives hashtag.”

“I wanted a discount on Shakeology  and then I went to Summit!!!!”

“I have celiacs and needed something nutritional that didn’t make me sick. (SHAKEOLOGY ROCKS!)”

“I started following coaches. Started to read their posts, Loved their positive attitudes and stories, tried and loved a little P90X and now I’m hooked. Coach Steven Cartagena, speaks directly to my sub-conscious keeping me on track and Arnel Banawa, leads our team to get as muddy as humanly possible. What an amazing group of people! Beachbody figured it out, It’s about the people!”

“Seeing people make money while helping people with products people were going to buy anyways.”

“Shakeology discount.”

“I joined team Beachbody because of the P90X program.  Then Scottie found me and invited me to be a coach.”


1. You saw someone’s transformation 29

2. You saw someone’s financial success as a coach 19

3.  You saw it on an infomercial 13

4. You searched online for fitness help/inspiration 12

5. A friend invited you to join them as a coach or in a challenge 48

6. Any other way, please share 18