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The world needs people like you |

The world needs people like you


Everyone wants to know the secret to success in life whether it’s in relationships, business, or your personal health. As a matter of fact the world needs people like you who want to become better and make a difference in this life.

The problem is we as a society are short term thinkers and to be honest we, for the most part, are a little bit soft. This is my current transformation to-date. My before picture I weigh 179 lbs and current photo I am at 177 lbs.

Many people ask how we are so successful in ourbusiness and with our team. One of the simplest answers is that I am a LONG-TERM thinker and that I don’t QUIT. If it takes me 10 years to get to my goal and it could take somebody else 2 years, I don’t care and I will keep moving forward.

You see. If you quit on something because it’s hard, your selfish and it’s only about you.

I SHOULD be MUCH farther in my transformation since I started just a few days over 6 years ago but I am not going to beat myself up about it.


results may vary

Here are a few of the things that have stopped or slowed me in the past 6 years.

-Working 12 hour days and building an online business on the side
– A torn Rotator cuff that took 8 months to heal.
– A surgery to fix a degenerative cornea in my right eye.
– Another injured Rotator cuff in the same shoulder.
– A Collar bone shattered in 7 places
– A Torn bicep

Some things that I have learned in the past 6 years are that life will get hard… like REALLY hard. There will be deaths in the family, illness, things that happen to our children, people making fun of you, injuries, and anything that you can think of. The way to get through all of that? Strengthen your mind and straighten your body. God created us to MOVE. That is why we have these amazing bodies that we have. He doesn’t want us to be idle. A daily 30-60 minute workout has gotten me through trials that I might not have been able to handle if my body was weak.


Your friends will tease you when they see you have a snack they’ll tease you when you try to do something out of the ordinary with your life but You cannot please everyone. You have to establish YOUR GOALS. It’s time to stand up for yourself and stop worrying whether everyone else “gets it”. To be the best at something, I think you have to be willing to not be the best at everything. Some people might not appreciate that. But once you choose, it’s up to you to go after your greatness with such relentless ambition that everyone around you sees you are serious. That focus will serve you. Being willing to say “no” will serve you. And taking your life back from those who think they can decide what’s right for you will serve you. Take your life back. Right now. Take deliberate action to create the life that YOU will love. The world needs more of that.