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Avoid Social Media Distractions- Staying Focused

Avoid Social Media Distractions



It’s SO easy in this day and time to feel and look SUPER busy all of the time right?  So how to we avoid social media distractions?  We have social media, we have a ton of devices that track our every move from how many steps we take, calories we burn, and hours we sleep. We are constantly “checking in”.   So many of us document our every move with photos, videos, and updates yet we know nothing about ourselves. If we are to start somewhere and measure and/or monitor and improve things in our lives let it be our story, our character, and our conduct. Learning to pay attention to WHO WE are and how we are relating to the world and situations that we are experiencing in the world around us.

How many of us pull out our phone before we leave the bed? How many pull out your device at the stop light? How many scroll your feed while at work? At your child’s performance? At a restaurant? At a movie? In line at the grocery store? Do you see where I am going? This is an addiction to social distractions. Are we any better off than a gambler who can’t stay away from the casino? Are we better off then the alcoholic who can’t avoid the bar on the weekends?

When we are addicted to our devices it’s like we are constantly in fear that we might miss something that is going on in somebody else’s life. The 2nd thing that this does to us is that instead of using this time to pursue our dreams, goals, or ambitions, we are constantly responding to the needs and requests of other people around us. We end up spending our time frantically trying to respond to and reply to everything as if they all had equal importance in OUR lives? Its an addiction to meet other people’s demands and we have no priorities set in life.

As Brenden Bruchard taught me at a seminar 2 years ago we are, “Busy accomplishing nothing but responding to everything. There is no vision, only reaction. A self-imposed terror that we are falling behind.”

Do you feel like you are falling behind and/or can never catch up?  Do you need more meaningful goals and control of your time? If so, I am challenging you to be more intentional with what you TRULY want and what should deserve your attention and focus.

If you need a little video so see how I can be so present on Facebook and Youtube yet get more accomplished in less time giving me the ability to spend time with those things that matter most please watch this video below and SHARE with somebody that may need help in this area.