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Beachbody Challenge Winner

I want to take a minute and share the accomplishment of our good friends Jeff and Machele Necker.  Machele texted me yesterday  to let me know that she has some awesome news.  That morning she woke up to an email saying that she had won $500 for being the coach of the monthly Beachbody Challenge winner that was going to receive $1,000.  That person that is the Monthly Beachbody Challenge winner this month is her husband Jeff Necker who has lost over 85 lbs and gotten into the best shape of his life.   I will share with you the interview that Team Beachbody did with him and featured on their website front page today.

Check out BOTH their results HERE


results may vary

Learn how to BECOME A COACH

“My biggest challenge? Overeating, definitely! I did not eat to satisfy my hunger, but rather my constant cravings for cheesy, or salty, or crunchy, or sweet. I had seconds (and thirds) almost always. I was the guy who ate a bag chips or container of cookies while watching a P90X commercial. I liken it to an addiction that I still struggle with. I still get cravings, but Beachbody makes it pretty easy to maintain good nutrition by simplifying portioning with their portion control cups and simple and tasty recipes in the programs and online. Shakeology has also been a factor in my success. It is a light yet filling way to start my day, and keeps me satisfied until I get my mid-morning snack or lunch.

Throughout my life my weight has fluctuated, but I can’t believe where I had gotten to in 2014. I was 50 years old, but felt like I was 150. My before pictures pretty much tell the story- total lack of energy, bouts of feeling unhappy, not to mention the physical issues. I had instances of severe back pain that would put me down for several days. It would just come out of nowhere and, bam, I couldn’t stand, let alone walk. Then there was a few trips to the ER with heart concerns, racing heart beats, palpitations, fluttering, and pounding. Not a good place to be with a wife and young children.

We started with T25. I would have to say that I really liked the thought of getting done in 25 minutes. It makes a difference mentally to think you can achieve what others have in such a short amount of time. Once we got through that program (twice) we were inspired to try other programs, even ones that were 60 minutes. Both T25 and 22 Minute Hard Corps are fascinating workouts in that you can achieve so much in such a short amount of time each day.

I lost 84 pounds and 11 inches off my waist in two years. I am at the lightest weight I have been in 20 years and at the same weight that I was when I graduated high school. However, what I am most proud of is that you can actually see abs. I did not have these in high school.

First off, I have very little to wear these days. Lucky for me I did store away a couple pair of jeans from 20+ years ago way back in the corner of our closet. To be serious, I simply feel great. I go out and don’t feel self-conscious. I tuck my shirts in now. I can take walks through the neighborhood or a mall without feeling winded. I can actually keep up with my youngest practicing football. I have a pretty good outlook on the future when it comes to fitness and nutrition and know that I have created good habits to take me through the next 50 years, because as Tony tells us, “Aging is for idiots.” The best thing is, people notice and comment. It feels pretty good. Based on my most recent exam the notable improvements are: My waist dropped from 48 inches to 35 inches (though my jeans are 34). My total cholesterol has improved. My Triglyceride levels were always in range, but they also fell 20 points. My blood pressure also improved. “