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Beachbody Millionaire Club- What is this?

Beachbody Millionaire Club

I have been debating on sharing this information on my blog but after it was spread through Facebook this past week I decide that I would share it here as a means to help you realize the potential that you have with building a business with Team Beachbody as a Coach.   I give all credit to God and our incredible team of coaches across the country.  They inspire me to work harder and to become better as a person and leader for them.  As many of you know my original goal with Team Beachbody was to make $10,000 a year so that my wife Gabby would no longer have to work evenings and that we could for once spend time together instead of having a relationship of merely saying hello as I would visit her at the front desk of the Hilton garden Inn.  In all honesty I told my coach on my first day, “I need to make $10,ooo”  She responded with, “I can’t promise you $10,000 but I can promise that your income will be a direct reflection of the number of lives that you can help change.”  So I went to work with that huge vision of retiring my wife.  I found joy in the process and fell in love with helping and serving people.  That is why you will see that I share publicly all of my training videos and team calls.  Generosity is doing something for somebody else and expecting nothing else in return.  It makes me feel good to know that I can help somebody achieve their goals and the vision for their lives.   I will share my thoughts in a video as it’s much easier for me to communicate that way over writing you this post.


I want to also share with you the heart-felt messages that I received from My Coach and a couple of our Leaders as they are the inspiration for this video. 


“Wanna talk about a CRAZY, SURREAL, INSPIRING, MIND-BLOWING moment…
I am here to announce Scottie Hobbs of lil ole Idaho Falls, ID as a MILLION DOLLAR EARNER in Beachbody!!!
Before I celebrate though… I want to share something PRETTY INCREDIBLE about Scottie’s journey to get to this achievement! 
Scottie found me back in 2010 on YouTube from my initial P90X transformation and we talked back and forth about him possibly becoming a coach for NINE MONTHS before he actually took the leap of faith and did it!
He and his wife were like most of us… In over their heads with their mortgage, trying to work for the “American Dream” while also taking care of their family’s wants and needs… and at the time, he was worried that the $15.95 monthly business fee was just not an expense his family could afford to make to pursue this venture.
When he finally DID make the call to join, he had LOTS of questions… (right Kati Heifner? HAHA!) #1 – His goal was to make $10,000 in a year to retire his wife from her job as a hotel receptionist so that she could stay home with their kids and they could actually SEE each other again… (Because up to that point, he would work 12-16 hour shifts during the day and she would work at night) — and he wanted to know how he could get there and how I would help him.
I told him that his INCOME in Beachbody would be a direct reflection of the number of lives he changed. If he focused on the money it would elude him, but if he focused on helping OTHERS get what THEY WANTED, he would very naturally get what HE needed.
If you know anything about the amazingly CARING man that Scottie is, you would know that he took that advice to heart and RAN WITH IT!
He bought & re-sold X-Box systems for a profit in order to come up with the $115 to sign up and went ALL-IN from DAY ONE, seemingly smashing every goal he set forth to achieve…
There are a few things that have ALWAYS inspired and impressed me about Scottie:
#1 – He is SOLID in his FAITH & his absolute love and adoration for his wife, Gabby Sanabria Hobbs and their family!
#2 – He leads from the FRONT! He NEVER asks his team to do ANYTHING that he, himself is not doing!
#3 – He is THEE MOST CONSISTENT PERSON I know… He puts his mind to something… and he may not be the most talented by nature to achieve it… but through CONSISTENT HARD WORK… He passes even the most talented, simply by out-working them.
4. He is HUMBLE and has been SO SMART with the success he has achieved.
5. He doesn’t mind being completely surrounded & out numbered by all of the GIRLS on our team! lol! I guess his 3 little girls prepared him for that all along! Haha!
It’s been blessed to be able to be a part of your journey, Scottie… to see you RISE UP to God’s calling in your life in ways I don’t think that guy I first met and talked to would ever have believed… but man, I AM SO PROUD of you, Gabby, and your ENTIRE TEAM and so BLESSED to call you guys my friends!
CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a MILLION DOLLAR EARNER — just as I said when we first talked… that # represents the MANY LIVES you have made an impact on and changed… and beyond anything financial, THAT is truly why this is SUCH an incredible milestone to hit!  We love you! “- My Coach Lindsay
“I’ll never forget the first time I saw the name “SCOTTIE HOBBS”. 

I was scrolling Facebook one day and this random post popped up in my newsfeed. 20 of my friends had commented on this photo from this guy – Scottie Hobbs. I saw he lived in Idaho Falls Idaho like me, but I had no idea who he was – we just had a bunch of mutual friends. At the time I had 200 friends on Facebook and this post had over 200 likes, and TONS of comments which just BLEW MY MIND. I was lucky to get five likes on a post. lol.

“Who IS this guy?”, “He MUST be a celebrity.”

Four months later I got to meet Scottie in person as he sat across my kitchen table for a Get Started Right meeting. And I learned he’s FAR from a celebrity, just a genuine guy next door. He wasn’t this polished professional guy wearing fancy clothes driving a fancy car, being careful with what he said so he could ensure I was impressed …. he was just REAL with me.

And honestly? That’s exactly what I needed. It gave me HOPE that if this REGULAR guy could be so successful in this business, then maybe I could do it too.

He’s always done that VERY well. Scottie is unapologetically, authentically, just plain SCOTTIE. He doesn’t try to have these fancy training videos, or edit his photos so they are perfect and pretty. He showed me that I didn’t have to be perfect… I just had to work hard and be consistent with the small and simple things. It was EXACTLY the example I needed for ME.

And ya know what’s really cool? The example Scottie has CONTINUED to set with what is possible. In just three and a half years of being a Beachbody coach Scottie Hobbs has joined the Millionaire Club.

>>>> THREE AND A HALF YEARS people. Most people start/buy a business and are barely climbing out of the hole in three years! Or they go to school for 3-4 years racking up DEBT only to graduate HOPING they can now make a six figure income. And Scottie…… he just become a million dollar earner in three and a half years.

This regular guy from little old Idaho Falls has shown that ANYBODY can do this. You just have to DREAM BIG and be willing to stay consistent with those small and simple activities that you know you should be doing.

I know the sky’s the limit. Thanks for being the one to show me that Scottie. I can’t imagine how DIFFERENT my life would be today if it weren’t for you! You were the one that inspired me to start dreaming again. You have created a ripple effect that is immeasurable. Thank you……AND, congratulations my friend. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more. ” Brigitte Linford

Scottie Hobbs, congrats on hitting the Beachbody Coach Millionaires Club. I had to use this picture, because it defines our bro-lationship PERFECTLY. 

To anyone that saw the millionaire club announcement in the Beachbody world, DON’T lose sight of the fact that Scottie is one of the most down to earth, fun, passionate, loving, hard working, consistent, caring, generous, Camoflauge-cargo-shorts, flip-flop wearing people you’ll ever meet. He loves his family. He loves his team. He loves people.

The money? Being in the millionaire club with Beachbody? I’m sure it’s great. But I’m also sure it hasn’t and won’t change a dang thing about Scottie, and that’s why he’s a success to define all successes.

So blessed to call you my brother, dude. Can’t wait to bear hug you again.” – Caleb Thomas

“Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.”