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Best Beachbody Team in 2020 |

The DREAM DYNASTY.  You see the fancy picture at a team retreat but what I want to show you is WHO these people are OUTSIDE their roles as coaches on our team. I want you to see what the Best Beachbody team in 2020 is compiled of. The PEOPLE behind the role of Team Beachbody Coach.  

@iambethisbell  is the leader of this team. She is a wife and mom to Tilley.  She was an academic advisor for the University. She’s former Mrs United States and she coaches full-time while working on her PHD. This team she is leading is number 5 in the ENTIRE company.  I’d say it’s the best Beachbody team in 2020 from my 9 years of experience in this company.

@malloryruthfit works full time in advertising sales for ab alternative rock station! She loves hiking and is a mom to 6. “I coach because I want to be more in control of my income as well as have the time freedom to be more available to my children and our family adventures!”

@ashleegilchrist is a full time international trade compliance professional and loves to teach dance. “I coach because it helps me live a healthier more fulfilling life, and gives me the financial resources to be a blessing to others.”

@that_oneblonde_mom was studying Respiratory Therapy and is a mom to a NICU baby.  She stays at home with her little one and has a hobby of making jewerly.  “I decided to do coaching because I loved the way that I felt after having my one on ones. Beth has allowed me to see my vision, full potential and push past the barriers of insecurity that I have built over the last two years. I want others to feel the same way.”

@brittany_adele01 owns a technology company, helps run her husbands 2 companies, and creates custom meal plans for clients. “I coach because i want to be the best version of myself and inspire all those around me to be their best version as well as guide them to finding what that means for them. I want other women to feel how empowering this weekend was to be in a room with supportive, loving, likeminded people!” is a full-time Ag Teached and FAA Advisor.  She also owns a photography business that she works on as a hobby.  I coach because I love the community I’ve come to find. I coach because I’m obsessed with the programs and products. “I coach because I’m passionate about seeing other women achieve their goals and dreams in life!”

@cay.christopher.xo was an FAA Advisor and AG Teacher and left that career to pursue Beachbody Coaching full-time.  She loves Rodeo and does Barrel Racing! “I first started coaching (last April)  because I wanted to make some extra income on the side because let’s be real rodeoing and teaching wasn’t the best decision. Rodeo and horses are expensive and teachers in Arizona get paid nothing. But recently I’ve realized it’s more than just a side hustle. It has changed my life. My faith has gotten stronger, I’ve made amazing friendships, and I know that it is so so much more than just health and wellness. It just makes you a better person overall. I love my life which I hated now that I’ve invested my time into coaching.”

Best Beachbody Team in 2020

@elaine_mcwhorter is a 7th Grade Science Teacher and she loves being in the outdoors. “I coach to hold myself accountable and share the self love I have learned for myself with other women!”

@feryljyork is a full time Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) & Adjunct Faculty for the PTA program & Group Fitness Instructor. Her hobby is Philanthropy with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. “This community changes my life.  I have a passion for health & wellness INSIDE & OUT – Coaching affords me to continue to work on being the best version of myself while inspiring & empowering others to do the same.”

@heather.fronk left her 14 year career in banking to be a Beachbody Coach full-time.  She LOVES live music and her hubby and her seek out jazz lounges and venues at any opportunity they get. “I coach because women need what we offer. As women, we live by ‘we’re fine’ but soooo many women are broken and go through life with the weight of having it all together. The physical transformation is amazing but that won’t happen in a healthy way until we heal from the inside out. Once you experience being around other women who believe in this as well, you crave reaching as many women as you can for them to also see how special God made them”

@themeganwells  is full time school counselor and part time therapist. She loves crafting and watching movies. “I coach to hold me accountable and help others change their lives the way mine has been changed by Beth.”

@rachellynnwendt  is a full time elementary Special Education working specially with students on the Autism Spectrum. She helps students raise their swine for FFA and 4-H around the state of Texas. Her daughter also shows as well. “I coach because I find it important to help others. I want to empower women to know that it is possible to find a place in their life for health and nutrition. I specially love to help women who are on a journey battling with infertility issues.”

@tansyoung is a full-time nurse.  She loves to gardening, fishing, and cooking.  “I want to give everyone the gift that was given to me. I want everyone to feel what it feels like to fall in love with yourself again, to build their confidence, to feel like they belong to such an empowering community forcing eachother to level up and become the best version of themselves.”

@tishicannon12 is a a student and also a dance teacher. She loves to dance and to travel with her family as much as possible. “I coach to retire my mom with lupus, travel with the fam and graduate seminary school debt free!”

Best Beachbody Team in 2020

They are all committed to leading healthier more fulfilling lives and committed to creating a community where others full safe to grow into their fullest potential. They each have BIG dreams and this coaching family gives them that opportunity to BUILD and WORK on those dreams together part-time. I’m grateful for this team and for each one of you. We all have unique gifts. Your gifts don’t have to be perfect to for God to use it and bless you and others. We would rather involve thousands of regular ordinary people in this ministry than have a perfect team run by a few “Elite”. This team is the best Beachbody Team in 2020 because these ordinary people have decided to live extraordinary lives.