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Body Beast Infomercial

Body Beast Infomercial

Scottie Hobbs

I have had a huge goal to be in the Body Beast Infomercial and being clear on that goal really helped me to stay focused on my journey with Body Beast over the past 90 days.  I am not officially in the Body Beast Infomercial but just finished my 90 days of Body Beast and submitted my story to the Beachbody Challenge and am super excited to get the free shirt and a chance to win the daily $500 prize that they give out to one person per day.   I hope that these photos and my story inspire you to take your health and fitness to the next level.  If you want some help and motivation from me you can make me your free coach.

I am 5’11” tall





DAY 90 CHEST 43″





DAY 1 ARMS 15″

DAY 90 ARMS 16″

Before I started Body Beast I always felt like that skinny kid that was destined to always be the skinny guy.  I love my friends to death but they would literally say things like, if you had more meat on your bones you wouldn’t be freezing to death.  When I was younger I never got into contact sports because I was so skinny compared to other kids my age. I was definitely the “bean pole”.  As many of you know, we are condition to believe that who and what we are is what we are supposed to be for ever so I couldn’t ever image being the bigger or the stronger kid.  So as I became a Father and got into my 30’s I thought I was destined to always be that skinny dad with the little gut.
I believe the thing that inspired me most to start my journey was the fact that my first 3 children were girls.  I wanted to be a strong man and role model for them and to be honest, I didn’t want to feel intimidated by the guys that they would be dating when they get into their teen years.  I heard about the Body Beast program and at first thought that those guys had always been fit and that a program like that wouldn’t work for somebody like me who was just built to be small.    That day came where I was watching the preview for the program and just realized that I could give 100% for 90 days and had really nothing at all to lose.  I began the program and was in love with how fast my Body was changing.
The greatest challenge that I personally faced before beginning the program was my beliefs.  I thought I was always supposed to be the “skinny” guy and that is always how it would be.   Body Beast helped me believe in myself and that I could do and accomplish hard things in life.  It taught me to be more disciplined in all areas of my life and really gave me something to focus on every day where I was beginning to fall in love with who I was becoming.  I struggled with self-esteem my entire life.  I tried to fit in everywhere I would go and that caused me to make poor choices in my lifestyle and Body Beast really gave me something to be proud about.  Body Beast really made me gain confidence in myself and helped me be proud of the man I was becoming.
The thing that I loved most about Body Beast is that it took all of the guess work out of how to get stronger and gain muscle.  I tried for years to figure out how to get bigger and never found a simple easy solution that I could follow.   I honestly felt like Sagi was my personal trainer and in my home gym with me every single day.  I felt like he was my friend and accountability partner pushing me to do more than I thought was possible and helping me have a good experience while going through this transformation of mind and body.
Life got really hard for me. I got a few weeks into Body Beast and i crushed my collar bone in 7 places while snowboarding and had to have intense surgery to rebuild my collar bone with plates and screws.  Normally knowing my mindset I would be depressed and wondering why this happened to me.  The thing that really helped me make it through the surgery and the 10 weeks of rehab was knowing that when those 10 weeks were up, I would have the chance to start my Body Beast journey again.  This inspired me to give 100% to myself and my transformation.  In the past 90 days I have gained 20 lbs and I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been in my entire life.  I had a goal to be a solid 175 lbs and thanks to Body Beast I CRUSHED that goal and ended up at 184 lbs.  I thought 175 lbs would be the biggest I could ever get.  Body Beast helped me realize that this is just the beginning for me and that I can become and be whatever I want.  I am so proud of myself for showing up.
My life has completely changes since I began my journey with Body Beast.  When I run into an old friend or if I meet somebody new I am confident in who I am and who I am becoming.  I have so much confidence in myself that I can’t wait to go the the beach or pool.  It was this past January that I was on a cruise and was sitting with the kids in the kiddie pool and looked down to see my belly hanging over my shorts.  I was so embarrassed that I went back to the room and put a shirt on before coming back out.  It feels amazing to be proud of the work that I did these past 90 days.    The thing that I really think will make the longest and most lasting impact is that my kids want to jump in and do workouts with me.  My kids show off Daddy’s muscles to their friends and are always flexing to show me their new muscles as well.   I know that I can do this program again and again and continue to grow and challenge myself.  I am happier than I have ever been and I owe that to Body Beast
Participating in a challenge group was a huge motivator for me. A few of my friends and I really wanted to challenge ourselves and try our hardest to be in the Body Beast Casting call so we created a challenge group to hold ourselves accountable.  It was seeing them show up daily as well that helped me to challenge and push myself harder than I thought was possible. I feel that they inspired me and that I inspired them as well.  There was something powerful and amazing about the friendships that we gained during these past 90 days.
I started off every single day with Tropical Vegan Shakeology and some Energy and Endurance.  I mix them together (YES, call me weird) and it really set my path in the right direction every single day.  I also used the Body Beast Supplements for 2 of the months and ways really blessed to be able to be in the Test Group for the Supplement line BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE.  I feel that these supplements helped me rest better and have more energy to give everything that I had in my daily workout with Body Beast.
Being able to use the Beachbody Performance pre-workout as well as E&E and Shakeology got me to quit drinking Energy drinks and I know that those energy drinks were doing my body some serious long term damage that I couldn’t see at the current time. They gave me so much clarity and natural energy from real dense nutrients that I no longer had the cravings for those highly caffeinated energy drinks!
results may vary
Do you have results with Body Beast or another Beachbody Program and want to learn how to be a COACH like me?